Show Notes for Friday August 2, 2019

Show Notes for Friday August 2, 2019

As we wrap up SHARK WEEK, we visit with William McKeever, author of Emperors of the Deep: Sharks--The Ocean's Most Mysterious, Most Misunderstood, and Most Important Guardians.

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A new survey found that 4 in 10 people regret how they lived their life.(

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According to charges filed late last week, a Missouri man got drunk last Wednesday evening and shot 115 rounds into the trees in his backyard facing a city park. 56-year-old Joseph Manley was charged with three felony counts of unlawful use of a weapon while intoxicated. Overland police said they were called to reports of gunfire last Wednesday evening. Upon arrival, officers heard constant gunfire coming from behind Manley's home and ordered all the residents out. Manley left the house and admitted to police he had been shooting the guns. Police allege Manley fired 115 rounds into the trees behind the home from three guns: An AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, a FNH semi-automatic handgun and a 12-gauge shotgun. Manley was shooting into trees in his backyard which borders Wild Acres Park in Overland. Police say in charging documents that Manley appeared to be drunk and told officers he had been drinking. A breathalyzer test showed his blood alcohol content was .148. Manley was in custody Thursday at the St. Louis County jail. (

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s wife Lauren revealed that she got a nose job for their wedding. (

In a recent interview, Charo described the details of her husband’s suicide.

MTV has announced plans to start airing serious documentaries.

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According to a recent study, breastfeeding may lower the risk of stroke for mothers. (

$350 million of cocaine has been seized while being smuggled into American borders. (

A Wisconsin farmer was arrested for murder. (

A video has gone viral of an American Airlines baggage handler dancing on the runway at the Nashville airport. Unfortunately, a plane backed up and hit him a few minutes later. (

Canadian murderers are on the run from the cops. (

This week in 1954, the first volume of “Lord of The Rings,” titled “Fellowship of the Ring,” was published. The books went on to inspire a movie franchise that generated over $5 billion dollars in worldwide box office revenue.

While filming in a Washington D.C. prison Saturday, Kim Kardashian posed for several selfies with inmates. (

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The world’s smallest wasp is tinier than most one-cell amoebas. The Megaphragma mymaripenne wasp has muscles, guts, wings, eyes, a brain, and genitals. However, this teeny-tiny insect—which is the smallest wasp in the world and the third smallest insect in the world—measures around 200 micrometers, which is a fifth of a millimeter and smaller than many one-cell amoebas.


In Germany, the former head of Audi has been charged with fraud for selling cars that enabled cheating on emissions tests. (

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An Indiana woman was busted for stealing dentures this week — after she showed up to a probation meeting with the prosthetics “that were clearly not hers,” according to the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office. The meeting with the alleged thief, Joann Childers, came the same day that the dentures’ rightful owner contacted police to report she had stolen them. Deputies spoke with Childers’ probation officer, who told authorities that she believed the woman may have been wearing stolen teeth. Officers visited Childers’ home Wednesday where they confronted her about the alleged theft — and found the chompers had the original owners’ name on them. The dentures were returned to their owner and charges were filed against Childers for theft. (

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British media reports say six people have been assaulted onboard a P&O cruise ship after a passenger dressed as a clown sparked a brawl. Richard Gaisford, an ITV journalist who was onboard the cruise ship travelling from Bergen, Norway, to Southampton, England, said security staff rushed to the buffet restaurant onboard after the late-night melee. He tweeted Saturday that the brawl apparently started when a "passenger dressed as a clown" upset a group of passengers. A P&O Cruises spokesman said all passengers have disembarked from the Britannia ship and police are investigating. The BBC quoted Hampshire Police as saying that six people were assaulted in the incident, which took place in the early hours of Friday. Police said two people were arrested. (
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