Show Notes for Saturday August 3 & Sunday August 4, 2019

Show Notes for Saturday August 3 & Sunday August 4, 2019

BEN COES is the New York Times bestselling author of international espionage thrillers.  Before writing his first novel, Power Down, he worked at the White House under President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush. He has a NEW BOOK out now called The Russians. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, some of the most hardened and capable criminals came to the United States. Over the past two decades, they have created a vicious and fearless underworld, breathtaking in its violence, disturbing in its efficiency, and destructive to society at large. With conventional law enforcement methods unable to stem the tide, the President issues top secret Executive Order 12-4b3 creating a small, deadly team to take on this fight behind the scenes—a kill team.
The head of the CIA’s Special Operations Group, Bo Coll, is picked to head this group and he, in turn, asks Rob Tacoma to be his deputy. Rob Tacoma—former Navy SEAL and former CIA agent—has a special reason to agree. Tacoma was raised by his grandparent’s after his own parents were killed by the Russian mafia. But before Tacoma can even start, Bo Coll is found murdered in his own home, as a warning from the Russian mafia itself. Now Tacoma is in charge of the team and they have their first mission, to achieve the near-impossible: find and neutralize the mob boss behind Bo Coll’s death. To do so means taking on practically an army in a battle where there are no rules and no limits.
Branching off from his bestselling Dewey Andreas novels, this is the first book in an explosive new series.
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August 3
National Georgia Day
National Watermelon Day
National Grab Some Nuts Day
International Beer Day
National Disc Golf Day
National Jamaican Patty Day
National Mustard Day
Mead Day

August 4
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
National Coast Guard Day
American Family Day
National Friendship Day
National Sisters Day

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A new survey revealed that many Millennials say they don’t have enough money to date. (

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A man in New Zealand accused of using a “road roller” to damage vehicles in an incident that injured a number of people in Wellington overnight has appeared in court. The 47-year-old man appeared in the Hutt Valley District Court on Saturday morning following the midnight melee, in which police responded to what they called reports of a “steamroller” being used to damage vehicles that had congregated at an industrial site. The man was charged with interfering with motor vehicles with reckless disregard for persons and property, and “driving with excess breath alcohol.” According to court documents, police alleged his breath alcohol was 560mcg per litre of breath - about twice the legal limit of 250mcg per litre of breath. (

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was writer/director Quentin Tarantino’s biggest box office opening weekend ever, as the film netted $41 million.

Fitness legend and action film star Arnold Schwarzenegger turnee 72-years-young Tuesday. (

At Alex Rodriguez’s recent birthday party, fiancĂ©e Jennifer Lopez “twerked” on him. (

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An Arizona man says his mother's body was blown up in a military detonation test without his consent.(

Pringles is selling two new flavors of potato chips for a limited time only. “Bacon Flavored Potato Chips” will be joined on the shelf by “Mac and Cheese Potato Chips.”(

In Detroit, a 10-year-old boy has been charged with aggravated assault for throwing a ball at a classmate's head. (

A Widow’s “healing trip” to Hawaii turned tragic when she died after falling off of a cliff. (

A Florida woman was arrested for smashing her mother in the face with a piece of lemon cake. (

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Peas are a popular pizza topping in Brazil. People in North America are fairly faithful to pepperoni pizza, but in Brazil, you’ll be able to find pizza with green peas on it. And in Germany, you’ll find pizza topped with seafood, such as canned tuna.


A Russian “Instagram Influencer” was found dead, as she was reportedly stuffed into a suitcase. (

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A Tennessee woman who stayed at a hotel in the state reportedly woke up Friday morning with a snake on her arm. Melinda Major told FOX 13 Memphis, “I felt something across my arm this morning. I looked over and it was a snake. It was laid out across my arm.” Major said she quickly shook the garden snake off. “It landed back on the bed," she said, "and I jumped up on the desk and called the front office for them to come.” The hotel’s manager told FOX 13 that staff at the Hampton Inn Memphis-Walnut Grove/Baptist Hospital East removed the snake immediately and alerted pest control. The hotel said in a statement, “The safety and security of our guests is at our upmost priority at all times.” Major said the hotel comped her room and she would consider staying there again.

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New Hampshire state police said a New Jersey man was arrested early Saturday morning after he was clocked driving 142-mph by the department’s aerial unit. State police said Trooper Sean Faherty, of the department’s Special Enforcement Unit, was monitoring traffic from the police aircraft on I-95 southbound in Greenland, N.H. He reportedly saw a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee “traveling at an extremely high rate of speed” and was clocked at 142 miles per hour — more than double the 65-mph limit. By the time Faherty radioed in the Grand Cherokee, the car had already passed by the ground trooper’s location. Troopers were able to subsequently stop 51-year-old Eric Joseph, of Short Hills, N.J., who was charged with reckless operation. When troopers asked why Joseph was driving at that speed, “Joseph stated that he was traveling home to New Jersey.” A spokesman for the New Hampshire state police told the Herald Saturday that, “There’s no degree as to how reckless it is, it’s just reckless. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.” (
What do these 3 things have in common:
A horse & buggy—a bride & groom—a truck & trailer
(They are HITCHED)

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Weezer Fans Hold Up Woman In Wheelchair During Concert