Show Notes for Thursday August 1, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday August 1, 2019


Dear John,

Until recently I was a single father raising my daughter by myself with no help at all from her birth mother. After 4 years I was finally awarded $500 a month in child support to help out. My daughter is a senior in high school, so she will only receive assistance from her mother for one year. Sadly my ex and her new husband have decided to vent on social media saying that I am a deadbeat and I am stealing from them because I can not support my new wife. This is very hurtful since I have struggled for years to make ends meet all by myself after she left my daughter and I for a man she met online. After years of my daughter and I enduring immense pain, very little contact and no assistance, I am called a deadbeat dad. How am I supposed to respond to this malicious attack, it is not in my nature to be petty or mean but I feel like I should defend my honor and the honor of my daughter. What do you suggest
sad dad

Signed – Sad Dad

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August 1
National Mahjong Day
National Raspberry Cream Pie Day
National Girlfriends Day
National Minority Donor Awareness Day
Respect for Parents Day
National IPA Day

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A survey by Pretzel Crisps found that 88% of Americans stare at their phones when they eat. (

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An Australian man was busted with more than $140 million of meth in his van — after crashing into a police car parked outside a station. 26-year-old Simon Tu was pulled over Monday morning an hour after his white Toyota HiAce crashed into a police car outside a Sydney station, also damaging a department van next to it. After finding him, officers searched his van because he was acting suspiciously, and spotted thirteen boxes packed with a total of 602 pounds of meth — with a street value of more than $140 million. Detective Chief Inspector Glyn Baker said, “This would be one of the easiest drug busts the New South Wales Police has ever made — incredible, absolutely incredible.” He added, “Crashing into police vehicles with that amount of drugs on board is somewhat unheard of,” noting that the suspect “has had a very, very bad day.” Tu was charged with supplying a commercial quantity of drugs, negligent driving and not giving his details to police. He was refused bail. (


Real Housewife of New York Ramona Singer has been seen partying with younger men in the Hamptons all summer. She’s 62 and she’s been making out with 20-year-olds. (

Faye Dunaway was fired from the Broadway Play “Tea At Five” after she slapped a male costume worker who was trying to put a wig on her.

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Massachusetts police released a video that shows a female jogger chase down a pervert who flashed her. (

A video has gone viral of a bear trying to drag awa
y a dumpster from a Colorado marijuana shop. The bear dragged the dumpster ten feet before panicking and running off.(

A video has gone viral of a man riding a motorized scooter down a Dallas highway. This, of course, is all kinds of illegal. (

A new report claims that Constance Wu demanded top billing on the stripper movie, “Hustlers,” that she stars in with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.

A Nike sneaker from 1972 has sold for $437,500 at a New York auction. The “Moon Shoes” were designed for U.S. Athletes before the 1972 Olympics and feature red, white, and blue accents that invoke the American Flag.

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Autological words are words that describe themselves—like short, unhyphenated, and word. Words are capable of doing all kinds of quirky things, including some terms that are autological, which means that they describe themselves. Take “short,” for example, which describes something that is small and is a small word itself. Or “unhyphenated” which is, in fact, spelled without a hyphen. And when you use the word “word,” it is definitely a word. Other autological words include English, noun, cutesy, suffixed, prefix, polysyllabic, and buzzword.


A town in Italy is fining residents 400 Euros every time they take the Lord’s name in vain. (

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Angered with the way her boyfriend “cut the meat and potatoes for their dinner,” a Florida Woman punched her beau in the face and then spit at him, according to a police report detailing the alleged domestic battery. 55-year-old Kimberly Jean Carroll was arrested last night following a confrontation in the Ellenton residence she shares with the victim. Cops described Carroll as the man’s “live in girlfriend of five years.” When sheriff’s deputies responded to the couple’s home, the victim reported that Carroll was “arguing with him about how he cut the meat and potatoes for their dinner.” The verbal dispute turned physical when Carroll “struck the victim in the face with a closed fist one time.” The victim, who declined medical treatment, told police that he did not want Carroll to be arrested and declined to prepare an affidavit describing the incident. Carroll was indeed arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge and booked into county jail. (

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A man accused of repeatedly stealing diapers from stores across Florida for several years has been arrested again. 27-year-old Vincent Pirozzi, also known as the “Diaper Bandit,” was arrested by West Palm Beach Police Department after allegedly stealing the items. The department wrote on social media, “‘The diaper bandit’ was captured again, but this time he faces a possession of heroin charge in addition to shoplifting charges. Yep, you guessed it, diapers.” Pirozzi was previously arrested on suspicion of stealing from a Walgreens on in Lake Worth, Florida, on June 8th 2018. He was also accused of stealing diapers from a West Palm-area Dollar Store a few weeks later. (
What do these 3 things have in common:
(They have GROOMS)

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Deputy Surprises Kid With New Toys After His Were Stolen