Show Notes for Friday August 30, 2019

Show Notes for Friday August 30, 2019

Papa Joe Aviance about his new book Balancing The Scales: How to transform and balance your mind, body and business Available now -

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August 30
National Toasted Marshmallow Day
National Grief Awareness Day
National College Colors Day

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Scientists at Edinburgh University are creating mutant sheep that can help humans fight against disease. (

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A Jacksonville lawyer who insisted his clients could legally grow marijuana, only for them to later face numerous felony charges, must now pay them about $370,000 for his bad legal advice. Ian Christensen, who lost his law license thanks to what the Florida Supreme Court called his “incompetence and extremely serious harm,” told Scott and Marsha Yandell that they could legally use and grow marijuana if it was for a medical purpose, even before the state legalized medical marijuana. “If a patient can prove to a law enforcement officer that cannabis is the safest medication available to treat their diagnosed condition, they are NOT subject to arrest,” his website said at the time. Despite his insistence that they had this legal right, the police, the government and a judge disagreed. The Yandells ended up pleading guilty and agreeing to three years’ probation, a $15,000 fine and 100 hours of community service. Marsha Yandell also lost her nursing license. (


Fox News was the number one rated news channel for the month of July, with the network also boasting the top five most watched shows in all of news.

Martin Scorsese’s latest mob drama, “The Irishman,” will only be released in theaters for four weeks before it begins streaming on Netflix.

The Venice Film Festival is being called the “most divisive event ever” and people trying to sell movies there are having an impossible time.

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NASA has named a piece of Mars rock after The Rolling Stones song, “Tumbling Dice.” The rock is believed to be a thousand years old. (

Scientists in Tel Aviv are developing an app that will let people bid on parking spots in crowded cities. (

An Oregon woman was rescued after being trapped in a septic tank for three days. (

Federal Authorities revealed that footage from the cameras outside Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell is completely unusable. (

A growing number of Americans are trying to disconnect from electronic devices in an effort to maintain their sanity. (

A study by the Academy Of Sciences found that optimists live longer than pessimists. (

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The Deepest (Non-Ocean-Covered) Place on Earth Is in Antarctica
Bentley Subglacial Trench Antarctica Planet Earth Facts. Technically it’s not covered by ocean…but it is buried under deep layers of ice. The Bentley Subglacial Trench in Antarctica goes down 8,382 feet below sea level.


A Steve Jobs lookalike was spotted in Egypt, sparking new conspiracy theories about the Apple Founder’s death.(

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A young girl discovered something slithery at a New Jersey airport security checkpoint: a 15-inch-long snake. Transportation Security Administration officials at Newark Liberty International Airport said in a release that it appears the thin, black snake with a yellow ring around its neck was forgotten by a traveler Monday night. The girl alerted a TSA officer and a grey checkpoint bin was placed over the snake that officials said was harmless. Officials closed the security lane temporarily and Port Authority police took the snake away. New Jersey Federal Security Director Tom Carter said in the release that Newark has a robust lost and found system, but that the owner of the snake should not call them or expect to be reunited with the reptile. It’s unclear where the snake was taken. (

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Provincial police in Canada say a man rolled through cow manure in an effort to evade officers in Prince Edward County this week. OPP allege the 23-year-old man was involved in an early morning collision on Friday and ran from the scene. They got reports around 1:00 a.m. of a grey vehicle found in a ditch, and a man hiding in the bushes. Police say the man had rolled or crawled into cow manure while trying to evade officers. The man is facing several charges, including failure to stop after an accident and driving while under suspension. (

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'Defeated' Mom Gets Support From United Airlines Crew And Passengers 
During Child Meltdown -