Show Notes for Thursday August 8, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday August 8, 2019

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Dear John,

My neighbor is upset with me for asking him to keep the noise down. He was having a party a few weeks ago. It was very late and they had music cranked up. I had to work at 5am, so I asked him to turn the music down a little. He did for about 5 minutes, then it was even louder. I tried to just turn on some sleep music and somehow get back to sleep, but then I noticed flashing lights. The police were called by one of the other neighbors. He thinks I called them. We have had a great friendship for the three years we've lived together. I would have been at the party myself if I didn't have to work the next morning. How do I get him to understand it was not me who called the police? I already told him, but he apparently doesn't believe me. He's been pretty short with me. What do I do to mend this friendship?

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A survey by Self Lender found that 1 in 4 people have lied during a date about how much debt they’re in. ( )

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According to a domestic battery complaint, upon discovering that his “work pants containing marijuana in the pocket” had been laundered, a Florida teenager threw a can of Mountain Dew at his mother. Cops allege that 18-year-old Adam Dominger argued early yesterday morning with his mother after realizing that his pot was destroyed when his mother did the laundry in the family’s Tampa-area home. The 6:00 a.m. dispute turned physical when Dominger threw a can of Mountain Dew at the 51-year-old victim, causing “the liquid to make her shirt wet.” Dominger’s mother told police that while she was on the phone with a 9-1-1 operator, her son attempted to knock the phone out of her hand. The teen, she added, missed the phone, but succeeded in “striking her face.” Dominger was arrested for domestic battery and booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor charge. According to his Facebook page, Dominger works for a landscaping company. (


The set of the new James Bond movie has been hit with a second peeping tom incident after a female crew member saw a male hand come under a bathroom stall while she was in there. ( )

Kevin Spacey participated in a sidewalk poetry meeting in Rome Sunday.
( )

“The Lion King” is being called the biggest blockbuster of the summer.

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A video has gone viral of French inventor Franky Zapata flying across the English Channel on a Hoverboard. ( )

Danish golfer Thorbjorn Olesen was arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting a female passenger on a British Airways flight. (

In a recent interview, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Camille Kostek got candid on dating Rob Gronkowski. (
The practice of live-streaming funerals has recently exploded in popularity and the president-elect of the National Funeral Directors Association estimates that 20 percent of funeral homes now offer the service. The service caters to those loved ones unable to travel on short notice to pay their respects.

At the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, a pilot was removed from a Delta flight and booked for intoxication. Authorities say that they first became suspicious when they smelled his breath.

Police in Germany are planning to bill a 71-year-old woman for going to her house to investigate who was playing the loud music that was disturbing her. They discovered the music was coming from her own radio. She’d been playing the radio full blast in her garden earlier in the day and forgot about it.

Holiday Inn announced that it will stop stocking its bathrooms with those little plastic bottles of shampoo, lotion, and so forth.

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Humming is good for your sinuses. On the other hand, humming, while annoying to the people around you trying to do work, is a good way to fight off sinus infections. Since keeping air flowing steadily between nasal cavities and sinuses is the key to preventing infection, humming is an ideal way to keep your sinuses healthy. One 2002 study published in The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found that humming resulted in a 15-fold increase in nasal nitric oxide in the airflow.


A North Korean soldier defected to South Korea by making a daring midnight dash to freedom across the DMZ. (

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Passengers aboard a Newark-bound Spirit Airlines flight were in for a surprise during their journey on Wednesday when a bat appeared and flew back and forth through the cabin, causing chaos, confusion, and delight. Peter Scattini who was onboard the flight tweeted a video of the bat, writing: “Me, twice a year: 'I'll never fly spirit again.' Me, this morning, after deciding I'd rather save 12 dollars.” Scattini, who said his Spirit flight cost just $57, followed up: “I also want to make clear that this bat appeared WHILE WE WERE 30 MINUTES INTO OUR FLIGHT.” A spokesman for Spirit Airlines told Newsweek: “Spirit Airlines can confirm a stowaway bat was located on one of our recent flights from Charlotte to Newark. The bat was eventually corralled into a lavatory and removed once on the ground by animal control officers.” He added, “The aircraft was disinfected and searched as a precaution. It is believed the bat started its journey in Charlotte, flying into an overhead bin while our crews were doing overnight maintenance. No one was hurt in this incident, including the bat.”

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A California woman whose Instagram page is filled with photos chronicling her world travels was arrested this week for the unglamorous crime of stealing a Juul vaping device from a Florida gas station, a heist from which she first sought to flee in a Lyft car and then an Uber van. According to investigators, 23-year-old Kate Lamothe asked to purchase a Juul device around 11:00 p.m. Tuesday at an Exxon in Pinellas Park, where she was staying in a home about three miles from the gas station. Lamothe, who arrived at the Exxon in a Lyft car, allegedly took the $42.79 Juul device from a clerk and bolted from the convenience store. When she attempted to flee in her Lyft, the driver declined the opportunity to be Lamothe’s wheelman. When cops arrived, they found Lamothe inside an Uber van in a parking lot adjacent to the gas station. Lamothe, who reportedly confessed, was charged with retail theft, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. (
What do these 3 things have in common:
Palm, Christmas, Apple (Answer: Tree)

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Firefighters Set Up A Ladder To Help Raccoons Escape Warehouse Fire