Show Notes for Tuesday August 20, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday August 20, 2019

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August 20
National Radio Day
National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

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A study at the University of Chicago’s Brain Laboratory is working on a pill that cures loneliness. (

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One Air Wisconsin flight attendant is allegedly out of a job after being intoxicated while recently on duty in the high skies, reportedly slurring the safety announcement, dropping things, stumbling around, and ultimately falling asleep in the jump seat. Charging documents detail that the woman’s erratic behavior made some passengers feel “scared for their lives” during the flight from Chicago to South Bend, Ind. Now, the woman can face up to six months in jail. On August 2nd, Air Wisconsin flight attendant Julianne March was working a United Express flight from O’Hare International Airport before things quickly took a turn for the worse. Later evaluated in a private airport office, the 49-year-old Wisconsin woman was found to have bloodshot eyes and the smell of alcohol on her breath. The woman was released on August 3rd and was charged a few days later with misdemeanor public intoxication. An initial hearing is set for Aug. 29, with the sentencing range for the charge up to six months.(


Ratings for the Teen Choice Awards fell by 28% from last year to hit an all-time low. (

Halle Berry posted a wet t-shirt picture on Instagram to celebrate her 53rd birthday. (

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A Florida couple got into a fight while they were driving, only to have their SUV swerve off the road and fly fifty feet high. Luckily, they’re both okay.

Researchers in London have developed a bodysuit with live bacteria in it that fight off the unpleasant smell of body odor.(

A monkey was caught on video sipping tap water in India.

Guns N’ Roses have settled their copyright lawsuit against the makers of “GUNS N’ ROSE” Beer. (

A video of a Florida man beating up a convenience store clerk who refused to sell him beer has gone viral. The man caused $1,000 in damages before fleeing. (

The Arizona Cardinals revealed that the team’s Vice President, Ron Minegar, was arrested on suspicion of DUI early last week. (

The Olive Garden is selling a “Lifetime Pasta Pass” that lets customers eat there as much as they’d like for the rest of their lives. The Lifetime Pass goes for $500.(

UBER announced that it will not be buying its usual amount of celebratory balloons for this year’s anniversary. (

A new study claims that watching soccer is good for your heart.

A Los Angeles woman crashed her car into an LA Fitness and landed in the swimming area. The video footage is CRAZY. (

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Earth Might Still Have Two Moons. That’s right—some scientists believe we still have a second moon. That’s not to say another giant white planet in the sky, more like a small asteroid that has been pulled into the Earth’s orbit. This was found by a team of scientists running simulations on a supercomputer that determined that at least one mini-asteroid (about three feet in diameter—compared to the moon’s three thousand miles of diameter) circling the planet at any given time.


A video has gone viral of UFC Star Conor McGregor punching a man in a Dublin bar. (

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A man entered a restricted area at an Arizona airport on Tuesday and activated an emergency slide on a plane, a report said. 39-year-old Zackaria Mudasir allegedly walked into the secure area of Terminal 2 at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix at about 2:15 a.m. According to the report, he then somehow activated the emergency slide on one of the planes that was parked on a runway. It was not clear if any passengers were on the plane at the time. Cops responded to the scene and arrested Mudasir, who gave them a false name. Mudasir allegedly admitted to causing the raucous and was hit with criminal trespassing, criminal damage, and refusing to provide a true and lawful name. (

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When Sergeant Kyle Smith of the Washington State Patrol last night spotted a car on the shoulder of a road near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, he assumed the vehicle was somehow disabled. But when Smith approached the auto, he discovered that the male driver had pulled over while playing Pok√©mon Go simultaneously on eight separate phones. The driver had the phones secured inside a makeshift foam carrier rig. Cops say the driver agreed to put the phones in the car’s rear seat before resuming his commute. The motorist, who was not identified by police, was not cited for distracted driving or any vehicular violations.(
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First, Legal, Hearing (Answer: Aid)

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'It Doesn't Take Much': Trooper's Act Of Kindness Caught On Camera