Show Notes for Thursday September 19, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday September 19, 2019

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Dear John,

I have an opportunity for a promotion at my current job, but I have a different company trying to get me to leave my job and come to work for them. I love the place where I work and most of the people here are awesome, but I'm not so fond of the person I would be working with if I take the promotion. We've never ever gotten along. Right now it's OK because we don't work in the same area, but if I take the promotion we will be working side-by-side. The company that wants me to join them is a newer company, my current employer is an older more established company. Should I try out this new company or should I stay here and work with someone I don't necessarily get along with?

Signed – WonderingWorker

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September 19
National Pawpaw Day
National Butterscotch Pudding Day
Talk Like A Pirate Day

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A study by the University of Dundee in Scotland found that having an empty stomach can lead to poor decisions. They say being hungry makes you more likely to choose something you can have immediately over something better you may have to wait for. (

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A man in Pennsylvania was living a nightmare early Monday after he fell asleep inside a dumpster and woke up screaming inside a garbage truck. The unidentified man told police he had gotten separated from a friend the night before and needed a place to go to sleep, choosing the nearby dumpster. A driver with Republic Services was emptying a garbage container into the back of his truck around 3:30 a.m. when he heard a man’s screams growing louder. The driver told police he left the truck and opened a sliding door in the rear when he discovered the man. Unable to get the man out himself, he called police for help. Pittsburgh firefighters eventually pulled the unidentified man from the back of the truck. The man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries to his face and knee. (


Hollywood Insiders claim Liam Hemsworth learned of his split from Miley Cyrus after reading about it on social media. Miley’s reps announced the separation while Liam was in Australia. (

Jersey Shore” cast member Mike “The Situation” told reporters that being out of prison is like a honeymoon. (

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Jeffrey Epstein’s former private chef, Adam Perry Lang, says he had no idea the millionaire was preying on younger girls when he worked at his island.

The BBC’s newest video in its “Children’s Teach” series tells kids that there are over one hundred genders they should know about.(

A solid gold toilet has been stolen from Winston Churchill’s birthplace in England.(

Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons has been banned from a New York Yoga studio because of #MeToo allegations against him. (

Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney have recorded a version of a John Lennon song that was unfinished at the time of his death. There’s no word on when it will be released. (

Meghan Markle’s nephew owns a pot farm that is honoring her baby Archie with his very own strand of weed. (

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A flock of crows is known as a murder. Some might say that a group of two crows is an attempted murder!


North Korea released a statement saying that Kim Jong-un could resumed nuclear talks with the U.S. in a few weeks. (

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A deliveryman stole nearly $90,000 worth of handmade cakes from a boutique Big Apple bakery touted by the likes of Martha Stewart and Oprah. 32-year-old David Lliviganay is accused of swiping 1,020 pricey pastries — which retail for up to $90 apiece — from his employer Lady M Confections’ Long Island City warehouse in the span of just four months. Lliviganay, who worked at the shop for two years, was caught on camera almost two dozen times going into the warehouse freezers empty-handed — and then sneaking out laden with up to eight black bags at a time believed to be packed with cakes. He then loaded the luxury cakes into a shipping cart and discreetly wheeled them to his waiting Dodge truck. Lady M only learned someone was stealing its cakes when it was told unauthorized dealers were selling them on the cheap. It sparked a “thorough and exhaustive investigation” that caught Lliviganay on surveillance footage, with Wi-Fi log-in records also placing him at the scene of all the crimes. He has pleaded guilty to petit larceny and will be sentenced at Queens Criminal Court on Sept. 24th. (

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Authorities say that a self-proclaimed fortune teller in Florida was sentenced to nearly 3 1/2 years in prison and ordered to repay $1.6 million to a Texas woman who was conned into believing she was cursed. 28-year-old Sherry Tina Uwanawich targeted a Houston woman, identified as “V.G.” in court papers, she met in 2007. The fraudulent fortune teller enriched “herself by obtaining money, jewelry, and other valuables based on false pretenses” as she was
“representing herself to have God-given powers that enabled her to help people afflicted with curses.” The victim was talked into directly depositing money into Uwanawich's bank accounts and the con artist also received money in Western Union wire transfers. Uwanawich, who also went by the names “Jacqueline” or “Jacklyn Miller,” pleaded guilty to wire fraud and was sentenced to forty months behind bars. (
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(Types of POLES)

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Plumber Is Praised For Offering Free Repairs For Elderly And Disabled