Show Notes for Tuesday September 17, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday September 17, 2019

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September 17
National Professional House Cleaners Day
National Apple Dumpling Day
Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
National Monte Cristo Day
National IT Professionals Day

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A Nextgov poll found that the majority of Americans trust the Government to use “facial recognition technology” responsibly. (
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A 17-year-old Florida girl is behind bars after she twice tried to hire someone to kill her parents. Alyssa Hatcher, an Umatilla High School student, made two separate withdrawals with her parents’ debit card, the first for about $500 and the second for about $925, and tried to pay two different people to kill her parents. Hatcher told officials that she spent $100 of the withdrawn money to buy cocaine, then gave the other $400 to a friend to hire a hit man. When that failed, she gave the other $900 to another man, who also did not follow through. The teen’s parents pressed charges and Hatcher was arrested on two counts of criminal solicitation of murder. It’s unclear why Hatcher wanted her parents dead. Umatilla is about forty-five miles northwest of Orlando.(

A new law that was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s prison reform push helped a $70 million dollar Wall Street scam artist go free. (

Kim Kardashian’s new “SKIMS” line of bodywear made over $2 million dollars in sales in the first minute it went on sale this week.(

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A video of New York Jets fans attacking two Buffalo Bills fans during last Sunday’s game has gone viral. (

NFL sources say Antonio Brown met the woman who accused him of sexual assault at bible study. (

Britney Spears took a tropical vacation by herself this week in the Caribbean.

A new report claims that the Triple Crown winning racehorse “Justify” failed a drug test prior to running in the Kentucky Derby. (

A video of a Swedish dog who stole his owner’s Go-Pro Camera and ran around the yard with it has gone viral. (

The U.S. Air Force dropped forty tons of bombs on an “ISIS infested island” near Iraq. (

A CNBC survey found that Popeyes sold over 1,000 chicken sandwiches per day before running out of supplies. (

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Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers. It’s also a fear of feathers themselves. The word “ptero” is the Greek word for feather, and “phobia” is also Greek, meaning fear.


A mechanical lion that Leonardo da Vinci made for the King of France over five hundred years ago has gone on display for the first time ever in Paris.

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A man was arrested in Florida over the weekend after unsuccessfully attempting to flee from chasing law enforcement officers in a stolen golf cart. The suspect, who has not been named, was “immediately captured by deputies” after stealing the slow-moving cart from golfers who were playing at Hammock Creek Golf Course in Palm City. The person was one of three or four individuals who fled on foot after allegedly bailing from a car which had been stolen from a Palm City gas station. The suspects led officers on a pursuit before crashing the vehicle. The Martin County Sheriff's Office said it is believed that the suspects stole a number of vehicles at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Stuart before stealing the vehicle. Investigators confirmed that the hunt remains ongoing for the remaining suspect, or suspects, and noted a handgun had been stolen from one of the vehicles at the Cracker Barrel. The group of thieves are also suspects in crimes in counties south of Martin County. (

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A Florida Woman assaulted her wife after discovering the victim “sleeping in her spot on the bed.” 33-year-old Ashley Crampton was arrested for domestic battery following an altercation in the couple’s room at a Budget Inn in Clearwater. Crampton was booked Sunday into the Pinellas County jail on the misdemeanor charge. According to an arrest affidavit, Crampton’s spouse told police that her wife “was upset she was sleeping in her spot on the bed.” Crampton “kicked the victim off the bed with her feet.” When the 26-year-old sought to “get back up onto the bed” several hours later, Crampton allegedly punched her multiple times in the back of the neck. When the victim later sought to give Crampton a donut, “the defendant slapped the victim’s hand to make her drop the donut.” When questioned by Clearwater police, Crampton reportedly “advised she ‘snapped’ and did slap the victim.” (
What do these 3 things have in common:
A TOYOTA--RACE CAR--DAD?... (They are PALINDROMES, words or phrases that can be spelled the same forward and backward)

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Justin Timberlake, Tiger Woods Create Fund And Pledge $6 Million To The Bahamas.