Show Notes for Saturday October 12 & Sunday October 13, 2019

Show Notes for Saturday October 12 & Sunday October 13, 2019

Joe “Joebot” Zadeh is the Vice President of Experiences at Airbnb, a business that launched in 2016 to offer travelers unique, one-of-a-kind activities led by extraordinary locals. He has one of the longest tenures at Airbnb, joining the company as the third engineer when the entire product development team worked out of a bedroom in a San Francisco apartment and had a single focus on home-sharing.

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October 12
National Savings Day
National Vermont Day
National Freethought Day
National Farmer’s Day
National Gumbo Day
National Chess Day
National Costume Swap Day
National Motorcycle Ride Day
I Love Yarn Day

October 13
National Train Your Brain Day
National Yorkshire Pudding Day
Navy Birthday
National No Bra Day
Clergy Appreciation Day (Pastor Appreciation Day/Ministry Appreciation Day)
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A Fashion Survey found that Millennials have officially brought back the mustache to mainstream society. (

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An Arkansas woman has been arrested after cops found a bag of methamphetamine dressed up as a bow in her hair. Flippin police officer Kenneth Looney pulled over Jessica Bernice Kropp and found the drug inspired hair piece on September 24th. The 38-year-old was initially pulled over because of an expired registration at around 6.40 p.m. Kropp told Looney that her driver's license was suspended when asked to provide ID. Kropp also told the officer that she did not have car insurance and didn't know where the registration for the borrowed car was. While at the scene, Looney learned Kropp had five valid warrants out for her arrest in four Arkansas counties. This included four failure to appear warrants and one failure to pay fines warrant. Looney ordered Kropp to step out of the vehicle and intended to place her under arrest. That's when he noticed the peculiar looking bow clipped into her hair, which happened to be a bag of methamphetamine. (

Alec Baldwin revealed on Instagram that he got hustled by a tour guide who sold him and his family fake tickets to see the Statue of Liberty. (

An Iranian woman who became famous on Instagram for portraying a “ZOMBIE ANGELINA JOLIE” has been arrested for encouraging youth corruption. (

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Archaeologists have uncovered a 5,000 year old New York City style metropolis in Israel. (

China has been secretly breeding giant pigs that are as heavy as polar bears. (

A video of a deer running through the front window of a Long Island hair salon has gone viral. Luckily, everyone was okay. The place is called the “Be-You-Tiful Salon” and they don’t get a lot of deer in there. (

Prince Harry is suing two British Tabloids for hacking his cell phone and stealing his voicemails. (

A survey by Platinum Magazine found that women in their 50’s are happier than women in their 20’s. (

A Texas man was arrested for robbing a bank so he could pay for his wedding.

An assistant principal at a North Carolina High School was busted for having sex with a male student on six different occasions. The bad news is the Judge set bail at $50,000. (

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Tennis players are not allowed to swear when they are playing in Wimbledon. Because of this, line judges have to learn curse words in every language so they know when a player has violated the rules.

Dateline.... Australia
A video of a kangaroo hopping through traffic in Australia has gone viral.

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An Oklahoma woman was shot in the thigh when a dog inside the vehicle with her jumped onto a back-seat console, causing a gun under the console to fire. The Enid News reports that Tina Springer was in the passenger seat of the vehicle that had stopped Thursday to wait for a train. The yellow Labrador retriever, which belongs to the 79-year-old driver Brent Parks, was in the back seat and jumped onto the folding console. That’s when the .22-caliber handgun under the console went off. Police say cloth from the seat covers could have gotten into the trigger well of the gun, making it discharge. The 44-year-old Springer, who is Parks’ caretaker, was taken to a hospital for treatment. Police stated that Parks told them the gun isn’t usually loaded. (

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A Florida woman wanted for shoplifting at a Big Lots store was arrested after trying to make her getaway through a less traditional route: the ceiling. 37-year-old Kristina Perkins was in the store, located in Port Charlotte, for several hours on Thursday night before she “entered the women’s restroom with a shopping cart full of merchandise.” The store manager tried to check on Perkins in the bathroom, but noticed “several garbage cans positioned in a manner to barricade the door.” Perkins was advised that she was caught and police were on the way, but she never left the bathroom. The manager went inside to check on her and noticed “tile missing from the ceiling” and Perkins nowhere in sight. Eventually, deputies spotted Perkins "several times by removing tiles from various points in the ceiling." She allegedly didn't listen to their commands to stop, and kept crawling through the ceiling. The store was evacuated “due to the danger of Perkins falling through the ceiling.” As they were trying to capture Perkins, a deputy found her purse, which reportedly had “three syringes and a spoon with white residue that tested positive for Morphine” inside. Eventually, around 1:40 a.m., Perkins was spotted coming down from the ceiling using a stack of shelves. She was arrested when she made it to the ground.
I read a headline and Heidi (and you) need to guess if the story is FAKE NEWS or something that really happened in the state of FLORIDA.
A Pasco County burglar told police his HORSE broke into a home and he only went inside to get it out ….. FLORIDA (

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Delta Flies 120 Girls To NASA With All Female Crew To Inspire Female Aviators