Show Notes for Thursday October 17, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday October 17, 2019

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Dear John,

I just bought a home and have been so excited to finally move into my own place. I have a friend who is being evicted and she wants to move into my guest room. I know she does not pay her bills now and that's why she's being kicked out. She says she will pay me to live at my place, but I was kind of looking forward to having room to set up an office so I can work from home. I want to be a good friend. Should I let her stay for a few months to get back on her feet? Should I tell her to move back in with her parents and set up my office?

SIGNED – NewHomeOwner

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A survey by the University of Oregon found that the ongoing blackouts in California will not lead to a wave of “blackout babies.” The survey aimed to address longstanding claims that massive blackouts in New York and California in the 1970’s lead to more conceptions, but that turned out to be false.


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German police have revealed that hundreds of electric scooter users lost their driving licenses after riding while drunk at the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich. A total of 414 people were caught riding an e-scooter while under the influence, and 254 lost their driving licenses as a result. In thirty-two cases, police patrols intervened to prevent drunk driving. In Germany, e-scooters, which were only legalized in June, are categorized as motorized vehicles. This means that drink-driving laws apply to riders -- as some found out the hard way during the world's largest beer festival. Police identified e-scooters as a new challenge during the 16-day Oktoberfest -- an annual festival of traditional German food, dancing, beer and clothing that ran from September 19th to October 4th -- working to keep the festival grounds clear of the vehicles.


MSNBC President Phil Griffin is accused of showing off a picture of Maria Menounos’ crotch after she had a wardrobe malfunction on set.

“Sesame Street” is going to cover opioid abuse in an upcoming episode and some parents think that’s going too far. (

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Facebook is testing whether hiding like counts will make for better conversations. The company began to hide the number from posts in Australia Friday. A Facebook spokesperson says, “We are running a limited test where Like, reaction, and video view counts are made private across Facebook. We will gather feedback to understand whether this change will improve people’s experiences.”

A women’s clothing company is selling a bra that’s infused with CBD oil.

A Florida man was arrested for vaping marijuana and told cops he did it because he was preparing to hang out with Jesus. (

An All-Female Delta Flight Crew flew 120 young girls to NASA Space Camp. The flight took three hours. (

Justin Trudeau is continuing to campaign for re-election despite constant threats to his safety. (

85-year-old Larry King and his wife 63-year-old wife are unloading their $17 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion following their divorce.

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There is a species of spider called the Hobo Spider. Most bites from the Hobo Spider (Tegenaria agrestis) happen when the spider is accidentally crushed or squeezed by a human.

Dateline.... Australia An Australian woman gave birth to a thirteen-pound baby girl on Saturday.

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A bride-to-be in the U.K. was so devastated after losing her father to cancer just months before her August wedding that she decided to incorporate some of his ashes into her manicure on the big day. Charlotte Walton, of Staffordshire, England, cooked up the idea with her cousin Kirsty Meakin after Walton’s father Mick passed away in April. Walton said, “I was heartbroken when he lost his battle because I knew how much he wanted to see us marry.” “Having the ashes attached to my nails felt like he was holding my hand. I knew it wasn’t the same as him really being there, but it was as close as we could get,” she added. Meakin, a popular nail artist who shares her tutorials online with 1.5 million YouTube followers presented Walton with the unique idea of mixing Mick’s ashes into the manicure. Walton said, “The wedding was incredible, and everyone loved the nails.” (

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These days it's often the case that you have to expect the unexpected. But would you ever expect to see a man out for a run on a hiking trail, wearing nothing but a pink thong and a pair of work boots? Well, one group of hikers certainly weren't prepared to witness the strange sight and claim that the bizarre moment left them feeling rather “uncomfortable.” According to reports, the group of women were going up and down the Wild Horse Mountain trail in Queensland, Australia when they came across the unknown man. One of the members of the group, Maree Price, told the Bribie Weekly the experience was “off putting.” She said: “On his way down, when we were on our way back up, he was wearing a pink G-string and work boots, his clothes in his hand.” Ms. Price is said to have reported the man to the police, but was told he wasn't doing anything illegal. However, one officer did say that they would investigate the issue if further reports came in. (
I read a headline and Heidi (and you) need to guess if the story is FAKE NEWS or something that really happened in the state of FLORIDA.
A Palm Beach man is suing the TSA after agents refused to let his emotional support cow board an airplane ..... FAKE NEWS

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Florida Man Pays Off Lunch Debts For Every Child In 9 Schools