Show Notes for Tuesday October 1, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday October 1, 2019

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A study by Johns Hopkins University found that a growing number of New Yorkers are using a psychedelic drug that’s made from illegal TOAD VENOM. (

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California police saw a woman struggling to push a baby stroller — but it wasn't a baby she was trying to move. 29-year-old Darrin Fritz was pushing roughly $6,000 in quarters that she had allegedly stolen during a burglary. Officers with the Bakersfield Police Department noticed Fritz struggling with the stroller, and went to conduct a welfare check. But inside the stroller wasn't a baby — just money. When police saw all the change, Fritz tried to flee the scene. Authorities said after she was apprehended, Fritz led police to the home she had allegedly just burglarized. Fritz was arrested and charged with suspicion of burglary, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tools, possession of methamphetamine, resisting arrest, and two outstanding misdemeanor warrants. $6,000 worth of U.S. quarters is 24,000 quarters and weighs approximately three-hundred pounds. (


“Jersey Shore” star Vinny Guadigno says he recently lost fifty pounds.

“Saturday Night Live” has promoted Heidi Gardner and Chris Redd to full-time cast members. (

Netflix has launched a new hip-hop competition that will take place on the streets of Chicago. (

Here’s some news from the TV world - Matt Lauer’s accusers are joining forces to tell their stories in a new “TELL ALL” book. (

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A Tesla Police Cruiser ran out of battery power during a high speed pursuit in California. (

A Maryland woman divorced her video game playing husband and remarried their wedding DJ. (

A video of a black bear sleeping in the closet of a Montana Home has gone viral.

A Connecticut nursing home was fined after four residents tested positive for cocaine. (

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Billy goats urinate on their own heads to smell more attractive to females. Billy goats, or bucks is the name given to male goats. Generally they urinate on themselves in late summer through fall, and for humans, it’s not a pleasant smell.


Metallica has postponed its entire tour of Australia and New Zealand so lead singer James Hetfield can enter rehab. (

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A Wisconsin woman allegedly stashed her mother’s corpse in a plastic tub in the basement while living off the mom’s Social Security checks. The woman, 60-year-old Paula Bergold, hatched the plan months ago when her mother, Ruby, died and she didn’t have a steady income to support herself. A neighbor called police and told them she hadn’t seen Ruby since May and was concerned that Paula was “being evasive to where Ruby might be.” Police responded to the home last week and found a note taped to the door that said, “Ruby has gone out of town to visit some friends of ours. Paula.” Cops noticed a stench of a decaying body while standing at the door and saw mothballs near the entrance. Paula eventually came clean, telling cops her mother died in a chair and she couldn’t bring herself to alert authorities. When the corpse started to smell, she said she put her it in a plastic container and stashed it in the basement. She was arrested and charged with hiding a corpse, failing to report a death and obstruction. (

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43-year-old Heather Mayeux was arrested for domestic battery after allegedly snubbing out a cigarette on her boyfriend’s forehead during an argument in their Florida residence. Cops allege that Mayeux got into a “verbal altercation” with the 46-year-old victim upon his return home from work. After pushing the man several times, Mayeux “took her lit cigarette and extinguished it on the victim’s forehead.” After being read her rights, Mayeux reportedly copped to using her beau as an ashtray. Police noted, “Mayeux admitted to being frustrated” and said she “may have put the cigarette out on the victim’s forehead.” Mayeux was booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. A judge has ordered her to have no contact with the victim. (
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Cashier Pays For An Elderly Man's Groceries Without Telling Him