We try to produce a family friendly radio show... these stories were carried on 
other shows, but we choose not to air them. I know there are some who want to 
hear this... so here you go. Some funny... and DISTURBING stuff we didn't put 
on the radio! ;-) 

Apple apologized for the fact that its Siri digital assistant has been listening to people having sex. (

A new survey claims that a growing number of wives are bribing their husbands with sex in order to get chores done. (

West Virginia State Senator Mike Maroney has been arrested for soliciting a prostitute. (

A French strip club featured robotic dancers on stage this weekend.

A 23-year-old Wisconsin teacher was arrested for sending a teenage boy several x-rated videos and taking him home to have sex. (

A new report claims Facebook will be able to track how often their users have sex by scanning data from their new dating app. (

The state of Michigan approved a financial charter for the first ever “Gay Credit Union,” consisting of all gay members. (

A Pittsburgh Doctor claims Antonio Brown repeatedly farted in his face during a fat test and refused to pay his $11,500 fee. (

Millionaire Democratic Donor Ed Buck was arrested after a third man overdosed inside his West Hollywood home. (

A leading cosmetic surgeon revealed that a growing number of women are getting plastic surgery to help correct their, QUOTE, “resting bitch face.”

Former “Motley Crue” Drummer Tommy Lee posted a video to the internet that appears to show his famous “male member” on the lips of his new wife.

Former “Jersey Shore” castmember Angelina Pivarnick is now an EMT and she’s filed a lawsuit accusing her new boss of harassing her for sex.

A massage therapist who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault has died.

Kylie Jenner posed as a Playboy Bunny in a steamy photo shoot over the weekend. (

While her mother worked the pole inside, a three-year-old girl was roaming around the parking lot of a Florida strip club during the early morning. Responding to a 9-1-1 call about the unsupervised child, police found the girl--crying and confused--alone outside the all-nude Vegas Cabaret. The child had apparently been sleeping inside a Toyota Corolla that was not running and had a window cracked open for ventilation. In the rear of the car, cops reported, were toys and a car seat. Around 2:30 a.m., 23-year-old Manouchika Daniels approached officers and identified herself as the child’s mother. According to police, Daniels had left her daughter unattended in the parking lot for about three hours. Daniels was arrested on a felony child neglect charge and booked into the county jail, where the Miami resident is locked up in lieu of $5,000 bond. Daniels’s daughter, police reported, “appeared to be well cared for and in good spirits” as she and officers awaited the arrival of child welfare workers.

After being arrested, an accused serial flasher told Florida cops, “I am just an a--hole. What can I say?” 69-year-old Robert Digiacomo was collared last Thursday after he was spotted driving through the parking lot of a Target store near his Tampa-area apartment. Digiacomo was arrested in the parking lot of an adjacent Sam’s Club store. He was originally charged in May after multiple women reported that he exposed himself and masturbated while in his vehicle outside various businesses. When Digiacomo failed to appear for a June court hearing, a judge issued an arrest warrant for him. In announcing Digiacomo’s bust, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office noted that when the defendant was asked about the alleged incidents, “he would only advise, ‘I am just an a--hole. What can I say?’” He was booked into the county jail, where bond was set at $2,513. (

An undies-obsessed Suffolk County, Long Island judge has pleaded guilty to surreptitiously plucking his neighbor’s panties from her hamper last year. Robert Cicale, who was suspended after his arrest as a serial lingerie larcenist, confessed to the creepy crime Friday in Suffolk County District Court. The 50-year-old jurist entered his plea to a felony count of attempted burglary, and is likely to receive a sentence of five years’ probation at his Nov. 15th sentencing. Cicale was carrying a raincoat, its pockets packed with previously purloined panties, when he was arrested last May for raiding the hamper of his 23-year-old East Islip neighbor. Cicale confessed to raiding the woman’s hamper for her panties on multiple occasions before he was finally nabbed. The plea from the married father-of-three was expected to come with conditions imposed on sex offenders. (

A porn star known as “Bridget the Midget” was arrested in Las Vegas earlier this week after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend inside a central valley apartment. The actress, who also goes by the stage name Bridget Powers, was booked Wednesday into the Clark County Detention Center under her legal name, Cheryl Marie Murphy. The 39-year-old woman faces charges of assault, domestic battery and burglary — all with a deadly weapon. As of Friday morning, the records show, she remained in custody at the detention center. Murphy is described as a “dwarf adult film star” on her IMDb biography page. When officers arrived, they found a shattered window and the suspect’s boyfriend suffering from a stab wound to his leg. Metropolitan Police Department spokesman OcampoGomez said he was taken to University Medical Center for treatment and was expected to survive.(

A Florida Church has purchased a local strip club because they needed more space for their growing congregation. (

A Florida school secretary was arrested for sending a male student a graphic video of her pleasuring herself. (

Archaeologists have unearthed a giant penis statue in Sweden that was used by a cult.(

A burglar broke into a North Carolina residence last week and stole a 12-inch sex toy. Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded Wednesday evening to a reported break-in at a residence in Leland, a town ten miles from Wilmington. The burglary suspect, who remains at large, entered the Buckwood Court home and departed with the “12” electric vibrator wand,” two pieces of jewelry, coins, and several other items worth a combined $450. The stolen sex toy is valued at $30, which does not reveal whether the item was new or used. Or if it came with batteries. The victim is listed as the 38-year-old woman who owns the 1600-square-foot residence. If apprehended, the vibrator thief could face larceny and breaking and entering charges. (

Sunday morning shoppers in the New Zealand city of Auckland caught glimpses of the unexpected when a store’s promotional screen played pornography over several hours. The NZ Herald reported that sportswear retailer Asics stunned pedestrians as hackers played a pornographic video from the early morning until staff at the store turned it off at around 10:00 a.m. A spokesman for Asics confirmed to Reuters that the screen above the store’s entrance was hacked and apologized to those who saw the explicit content. “Our Shortland Street store was subject to a cyber security breach,” the spokesman told Reuters by email on Sunday. One witness, Tanya Lee, told the NZ Herald that she was on the way to breakfast with her 7-year-old son when she noticed the video. “I took a second look because I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Lee said. Police told Reuters that no report had been lodged in relation to the hacking.

A New Jersey man is accused of exposing himself to a female massage therapist last week at XNA. 68-year-old Steven Prager of East Brunswick, N.J., was arrested last Thursday in connection with indecent exposure and sexual solicitation -- both misdemeanors. A woman told XNA police that Prager came into “On The Fly Salon” seeking a massage. She said he entered the salon's private room and got undressed, but laid fully naked on top of the sheet. She briefly left the room to let Prager cover himself, but said he began to touch his penis when he flipped over for a stomach massage. The woman said Prager told her he would give her a “good tip if you make me relax, because I'm very stressed out.” Prager is due December 11th in Benton County Circuit Court. Indecent exposure is a Class A misdemeanor -- the most serious misdemeanors in state law -- and is punishable by up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.