Show Notes for Thursday November 7, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday November 7, 2019

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Dear John,

I recently took a new position at a family owned business. I've never worked in a small company. I've always been part of bigger companies and I've climbed the ladder pretty quickly. This was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. But I'm starting to wonder if I made a horrible choice. I have two bosses and they're related. They each tell me something different. I never know who to listen to. I've done what one owner told me, only to have the other owner scold me. I have asked advice from one partner and was later told that I should leave him alone and ask the other owner if I have questions. I asked if there was an employee manual, since every job I've ever had has had one which answered the majority of the questions I had in the early days at each company. When I asked this in a meeting the whole room erupted with laughter. I'm taking that as a hint that we do not have one. My mom told me I should consider going back the the company I used to work for. I think I could probably get my old job back. Do you have any advice before I make that decision?


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November 7
National Cash Back Day
National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day
National Men Make Dinner Day (Must Cook. No BBQ Allowed!)

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A survey by the Census Bureau found that 67% of Americans speak a language other than English at home. (

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Police report that a Washington State man whose rap sheet includes nine drunk driving convictions was arrested on his tenth DUI charge after being spotted driving a minivan erratically. 59-year-old David Triplett was arrested last Saturday after another motorist told Montana cops that he drove on a sidewalk after nearly causing an accident. Triplett was nabbed in Hamilton, a city forty-five miles south of Missoula. When police pulled Triplett over, an officer detected the “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on the suspect,” who “denied the allegations of erratic driving.” Triplett claimed that someone from the Bandidos motorcycle gang had called in a complaint because they were “after him.” While Triplett declined to perform field sobriety tests, he agreed to provide a preliminary breath sample. He was arrested after that sample showed his blood alcohol content was .114, above the .08 legal limit. In light of his criminal record, Triplett was charged with a felony DUI count and booked into the county jail on $20,000 bond. (


Arnold Schwarzenegger was forced to evacuate his home because of the California wildfires. (
Film Critics are calling the new film by Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino, “THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR.” “The Irishman” is over three and a half hours long. (

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The model who flashed her breasts during the World Series has been blocked on Twitter by Astros Pitcher Gerrit Cole.(

A video of a Minnesota Vikings fan who threw a paper plane from the upper deck that made it all the way to the field has gone viral. (

A video of California Police chasing a female shoplifter and tackling her has gone viral. (

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson have reworked the song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” to make the lyrics more friendly to the #MeToo Era. (

The NFL continues to face an attendance shortage that has players taking the field in half-empty stadiums. (

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While trying to find a cure for AIDS, the Mayo Clinic made glow in the dark cats. This is due to their use a specific protein that was fluorescent green. They used this protein to find out if their tests worked: if the animal glowed, the outcome was successful.

Dateline.... North Korea

North Korea fired two ballistic missiles into the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan. (

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The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in Florida said a 56-year-old Tampa man is accused of throwing nunchucks through a car window at a traffic light. Leonardo Fernandez has been charged with throwing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle, criminal mischief, and violation of probation. Investigators said Fernandez is accused of getting out of his car and throwing a pair of nunchucks at the victim's car while stopped at a traffic light. Deputies said nunchucks shattered the victim's rear window. The victim told investigators Fernandez cut him off in a van while driving on Linebaugh Avenue. The Sheriff's Office said the victim told investigators he pulled up next to Fernandez and told Fernandez to put his phone down. According to investigators, the victim thought he was texting and driving. The victim told the Sheriff's Office that Fernandez exited his vehicle with nunchucks.(

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Police are searching for a man who walked into a bank in Nebraska this week and tried to open a checking account with a fake $1 million bill. Staff at the Pinnacle Bank branch in Lincoln reported the Monday morning incident to police. The Lincoln Journal Star reports that bank employees say the man was adamant that the bill was real despite tellers’ attempts to convince him otherwise. The man eventually left with the bill, but without a new account. Police are reviewing surveillance video to try to identify the man. Police say they want to check on his welfare and make sure he was not the victim of a crime. The largest denomination note ever issued for public circulation was the $10,000 bill. (

I read a headline and Heidi (and you) need to guess if the story is FAKE NEWS or something that really happened in the state of FLORIDA.

An 85-year-old Jacksonville woman was arrested for domestic violence after hitting her husband with a toy pirate ship ….. FAKE NEWS
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Man Wins $200,000 Lottery Prize On Way To Final Chemotherapy Treatment