Show Notes for Tuesday December 24, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday December 24, 2019

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December 24
National Eggnog Day
Christmas Eve

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A poll found that 78 percent of Americans believe in miracles.
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A picture from an Alabam Christmas parade has caused an uproar among parents, WAFF reported. During a Christmas parade in the city of Madison, prescription bottles were passed out to kids with candy inside. "It’s just concerning to disguise candy in a pill bottle,” said parent Tom Hopf. WAFF reported Hopf and his wife attended the parade with their daughter. Hopf said the bottles were handed out by someone representing Walgreens in the parade. The prescription bottles were labeled "Anti-Grinch tablets" and were full of hard candies. "For one, you know it’s a controlled substance container you know people have been arrested for having their own prescriptions on the nightstands just not in the pill bottle in such a tight control area,” said Hopf. WAFF reached out to Walgreen's corporate office but said they have not received a response.


In theaters: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (PG-13); Cats (PG); Bombshell (R, goes wide)

“Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” brought in $195 million at the Box Office. That is a considerable drop from The Force Awakens’ then record-breaking $247.9 million and The Last Jedi’s $220 million. (

A massive Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker leak has revealed every major character who dies.

“Cats” tanked at the box office, bringing in just $8 million on a budget of $95 million. (
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Parents of young children will be getting a rude awakening on Christmas Day, as their excitable kids get up at 6:44 AM. Unsurprisingly, teenagers are least likely to be up before their parents, with just 15 percent waking up before 7 AM.
Yahoo News has found some of the most spectacular Christmas trees from around the world and now they are sharing them in a 67 second video.
A new report (from Bloomberg News) analyzed the data of approximately 30,000 drivers and found distracted driving rises during the summer and during the holidays.
TO GIVE OR NOT TO GIVE (From Men's Health magazine)
  • Postman: can't accept gifts worth more than $20, so get him a couple of movie passes or a restaurant gift certificate.
  • Trashman: Five bucks each in a nice card.
  • Paper Carrier: $5 minus the cards.
  • Secretary: Work related. Fancy pen, classy desk clock or a nice organizer.
  • Co-Workers: Gift certificates, picture frames, a pretty candle.
  • Boss: Go in with everybody else for a group gift. Anything else is just schmoozing.

We've all seen the cat zapped by Christmas Lights in "Christmas: Vacation." In the spirit of the season, California veterinarians remind pet owners to be extra cautious so the holidays don't send their pooch or kitty to the animal hospital's emergency room... or up in smoke. To ensure your pet's holidays are safe and carefree, the CVMA offers a few safety tips to keep in mind:
  • Keep all sweets away from pets. Chocolate, in particular, contains theobromine, a caffeine-like ingredient that can be potentially lethal to dogs. Gobbling up too much chocolate can result in vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and in severe cases, death. Do not place gifts of chocolate under your tree or on a tabletop where an inquisitive pooch might find them enticing.
  • Keep wrapped candy away from pets. Small candies can cause choking, and the crinkly cellophane or aluminum wrappers can lead to stomach obstructions, if swallowed.
  • Avoid tying yarn or ribbon around your pet's neck. If you want to dress him/her up for the holidays, buy a festive, seasonal collar.
  • Holiday plants -- particularly poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, and amaryllis -- can be toxic to pets. Keep them out of your dog or cat's reach.
  • Feed your pet nutritious snacks rather than "treating" them to high-calorie holiday foods. Our pets can put on extra pounds as quickly as we do during the holidays! Also, keep plenty of fresh water available for drinking. Pets should not be allowed to drink Christmas tree water, as it may contain pesticides or bacteria from the tree.
  • Keep a careful eye on holiday decorations. All the extra cords for lighting can be tempting targets for chewing by pets. If possible, hide or tape them to the floor to prevent shocks or electrocution. Styrofoam decorations that look like candy or berries can be appealing to puppies, but can cause distressing consequences if chewed and swallowed.
  • Christmas trees can become climbing posts, particularly for new kittens. Be sure your tree is secure and stable; consider anchoring it to the wall with fishing line, if necessary. To avoid pets shattering glass ornaments, hang breakable ornaments higher up on the tree. Loose tinsel is especially dangerous for cats, who consider it a play toy, but swallowing the metallic string can cause severe intestinal distress and damage.
  • If you're traveling for the holidays, bring along your pet's favorite blanket, toy, and foods so he/she feels as comfortable as possible. Bring your veterinarian's phone number with you, in case of an emergency.

RE-GIFTING SURVEYThere’s a good chance a gift under your Christmas tree may be re-gifted.
26% of respondents say they’ve re-gifted an item once in their life.
33% of women say they’ve done it and 19% of men admit to giving second-hand 
People in the North Central and Midwest are twice as likely to be a “frequent 
re-gifter” compared to people in the North Eastern and Western parts of the U.S.
People who have completed the least amount of education are the most likely to re-gift.

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Santa didn't get a sleight until 1822. He wasn't fat before then either. Originally Santa Claus was not regarded as the rotund gift bearer in an airborne sled that we all know today. It was Clement Clark Moore's 1822 poem that first promoted this image.

Dateline.... Vatican
A Vatican Insider claims that Pope Francis plans to step down in 2020.

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Police say that a thief stuffed a total of thirty bags of frozen shrimp down his pants in back-to-back burglaries of a Southern California grocery store. The man took the shrimp from a Vons market in the city of Riverside by entering the store three times in a span of fifteen minutes on December 14th. Riverside police said in a statement that each time he went to the frozen food section he concealed the shrimp in his pants. The stolen food had a retail value of more than $500. Security video of the suspect in the market was posted on the Police Department’s Facebook page. (

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A Detroit demolition group has allegedly demolished the wrong building for a second time. The Detroit Building Authority issued a violation notice on Wednesday morning to Adamo Group for a wrongful demolition. It was first reported by the Detroit Free Press. According to the DBA, the contractor has seven days to appeal. DPA Special Projects Director Brian Farkas said that on June 18th, the city awarded Adamo a $25,201 contract for the demolition of a fire damaged structure at 14661 Alma. The city alleges that on Nov. 22nd, the contractor mistakenly knocked down the structure at 14461 Alma. Both of them are owned by the Detroit Land Bank. Earlier this month, Adamo allegedly told the Detroit Land Bank of the wrongful demolition, and on Dec. 11th, the DBA was notified by the land bank. The DBA said that there was no asbestos survey connected at the home before the demolition, but all environmental procedures were followed during the demolition. In May, the city has previously suspended Adamo for demolishing the wrong home. (

I read a headline and Heidi (and you) need to guess if the story is FAKE NEWS or something that really happened in the state of FLORIDA.

Bradenton Police caught two 10-year-old kids driving their parents car to McDonald’s after they were ratted out to police by a man who was also driving a stolen car ….. FAKE NEWS

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An Alabama second-grader didn't want her fellow classmates to go without this holiday season. So she took it upon herself to give everyone a present. Abby Henderson gave each of the 430 students at Southview Primary School in Opelika, Alabama, a gift that included a toy, pencils, candy and a holiday cup. Her mom says the 8 year old paid for the $200 in supplies by doing jobs around the house between Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas break.