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Dear John,

My husband has lunch with another woman a few times a month. I've never had an issue with it until recently. They worked together for about 15 years. He used to refer to her as his “work wife”. I've spent time visiting with her many times at their company Christmas party and other work events. She took a different job about a year ago. I had no idea they were still getting together for lunch. It was about a month ago that a friend told me he saw my husband with “another woman” at lunch. When I asked him about it he told me right away who it was. He said they still get together for lunch often and I shouldn't be concerned. My friend thinks there's something MORE going on, but I trust my husband. After thinking about it more, I'm beginning to wonder if I should though. What do you think? Is this OK? Should I be worried?

Signed – Should I Be Concerned?

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January 23
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A new study found that women prefer men with beards because it makes them look more dominant and attractive. (
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A guy in Germany told authorities he was too intoxicated to recall whether he spray painted women as authorities allege. The man told police he consumed nine beers before going out to buy a can of spray paint. Police said that the suspect spray painted four passers-by on his way home.


Supermodel Gigi Hadid was dismissed as a juror in Harvey Weinstein’s trial Thursday. (

Model and martial artist Mia Kang hosts SPY GAMES on Bravo... a new competition series, in which ten individuals compete to outplay one another in spy craft. Real-life intelligence experts will observe the contestants around the clock, train them in spy craft, and judge their progress.

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Researchers at the University of Michigan are developing a new pill that would prevent the need to exercise. (

Two Florida psychics were charged with fraud and forced to pay back $1.4 million in damages to their victims. (

An Alaskan Dentist who shared a video in which he removed a sleeping patient’s tooth while he rode on a hoverboard has been found guilty of “unlawful dental acts.” They fined him $100,000 and they took away his license. (

Pope Francis has appointed a woman to a Senior Vatican position. (

A video of a car that got stuck in rising storm waters after the driver mistakenly drove straight into them has gone viral. The guy told cops he got distracted while he was rocking out on the radio. (

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The total weight of ants on earth once equaled the total weight of people. Entomologists have estimated that there are at least one million trillion insects and only one percent of that number is ants, according to the BBC. And if you took all those ants (about ten thousand trillion) and put them on one side of a giant scale, you could almost put all of the people in the world onto the other and balance things out. Unfortunately, as humans have become heavier, this probably wouldn't hold up today—but it once did. Francis Ratnieks, professor of Apiculture at the University of Sussex, told the BBC this might have held true around 2,000 years ago.

Dateline.... England
Prince Andrew could lose his 24-hour security detail because of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal. (

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A Florida man wearing a pair of self-balancing hover skates recently rolled into a Walmart, filled up his cart, and then glided out of the Florida store without paying for the merchandise. In a bid to identify the “futuristic thief,” cops have released surveillance video showing him zipping into and around the store on January 8th. According to a Winter Haven Police Department report, the suspect made off with $551.08 worth of merchandise, including paint, a trash can, a vehicle battery, a bouquet of flowers, a Roku TV, and a Motokicks hoverboard. A cop noted that the perp used a “hover board to push the shopping cart through the store by standing on it and hovering while selecting items.” The thief, who has a large tattoo on his forearm, drove away from Walmart in a late-90s Nissan Maxima sedan with “two different sets of aftermarket chrome wheels, and slight hood damage.” The suspect appears to be wearing a pair of Voyager brand Space Shoes. The shoes, which cost about $200, use self-balancing technology and are the “next generation of E-mobility, with two skates that are independent of each other.” (

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A Portland International Airport traveler decided he needed a bigger screen for his video games. And he found one, it just happened to already be a monitor used for official airport business. According to Port of Portland spokesperson Kama Simonds, a traveler plugged his Playstation 4 into a monitor that showed a map of the airport. Simonds said that Operations supervisors approached the gamer “and very kindly asked this person to unplug and cease using the monitors at the airport.” According to Simonds, the man asked “very politely” if he could finish his game. Sadly for him, the answer was no. “Apparently it was a very polite and cordial interaction,” Simonds said, calling it “a good reminder of what not to do at the airport.” (
I read a headline and Heidi (and you) need to guess if the story is FAKE NEWS or something that really happened in the state of FLORIDA.

A Florida woman was arrested for poising neighborhood dogs who “went” on her lawn. FAKE NEWS

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Chic-Fil-A Employees Rescue Family From Storm