Show Notes for Thursday February 6, 2020

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Dear John,

I met a guy through a dating website. We talked online for a few weeks before we ever met in person. Online he was the nicest guy and had such a great sense of humor. We finally met in person this weekend and he was completely different that I expected. Some of his jokes were kinda creepy. Since the date I've been avoiding his messages. He knows where I work, where I live and which gym I go to. I keep having these weird feeling that he's following me. I told my neighbor about him and they're keeping an eye out for anyone. So far there has been nothing, thank goodness. I think I should reply to let him know that we're probably not best suited for one another, or do you think I should just not reply at all? His last message was a few days ago. He seems sad that I have not replied, but I just don't know how to reply or what to say that will not make things worse. Any advice?

Signed – SingleAndScared

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February 6
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A survey by Crispy Green found that the average American quits their New Year’s diet by February 1st. (

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According to court records, as he was getting his hair cut at Great Clips, a North Dakota man warned a stylist that he would kill her if “you don’t make me look beautiful.” Police say that 25-year-old Michael McKenzie appeared to be drunk and had a bottle of Fireball whisky in his back pocket when he showed up at a Bismarck salon. While his hair was being cut, McKenzie allegedly made “inappropriate comments” to stylist Samantha Gunsch, who told cops McKenzie “stated something to the effect of I’m going to kill you if you don’t make me look beautiful.” During a police interview, Gunsch recalled that McKenzie also told her that he was “going to look her up and come to her house if she doesn’t cut his hair right.” McKenzie’s comments, Gunsch said, left her so upset that “her hands were shaking.” A probable cause affidavit notes that Gunsch said she was “in fear for her life due to Michael making these comments to her.” McKenzie was arrested last Thursday and charged with a felony terrorizing count. (

Tamra Judge is leaving “The Real Housewives of Orange County” after twelve seasons.(

Al Pacino fell on the Red Carpet as he entered the British Film Awards on Sunday.(

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GMC has confirmed that an Electric Version of the Hummer is on the way in 2021.(

The State of Mississippi was named the worst state in the country for pets. (

An Italian cruise ship has been put on lockdown after two passengers contracted the coronavirus after boarding in Hong Kong.(

McDonald’s has scrapped plans to sell five cent Big Macs in Russia over fears of the coronavirus. (

Court documents show that R. Kelly blackmailed his accusers by filming child porn videos that he threatened to reveal if they came forward. (

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein's Madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, say her emails that contain sensitive information about several high profile celebrities including Prince Andrew were hacked. (

Aerosmith Drummer Joey Kramer is suing the band because they wouldn’t let him play with them after he suffered a short term injury.

Madonna was forced to cancel her concert in Lisbon this week so she could deal with injuries. (

An Al Qaeda leader who murdered two Iraqi police officers was arrested in Arizona. (

The United States now has eleven cases of the coronavirus after a California man gave it to his wife following a recent trip to China. (

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Playing the accordion was once required for teachers in North Korea. The most popular instrument in North Korea is the accordion, so much so that all teachers used to be required to play to get their teaching certifications. Because the accordion is portable in a way that, say, a grand piano isn't, it was thought of as the "people's instrument" that could be taken outside and played for laborers in the fields.

Dateline.... Hong KongNurses in Hong Kong who treat the coronavirus are threatening to go on strike if the country doesn’t close its borders with China. (

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A California man was arrested for burglarizing a business on the Arcata Plaza Saturday. APD Sgt. Keith Altizer told the Outpost that officers responded to a burglary alarm at the women’s clothing store Hot Knots at 3:16 a.m., where they found 28-year-old Robinson Carlton Ritchie on the sidewalk with one of the store’s mannequins. The man reportedly entered and exited the business through the front door and was not found in possession of any other stolen items. The incident was Ritchie’s sixth arrest this month, including multiple public intoxication charges and one resisting arrest charge, all handled by the Eureka Police Department. (

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A Florida Mother served as the lookout and getaway driver for her 15-year-old son who robbed a convenience store at gunpoint, according to police who arrested the pair on felony charges. Investigators allege that 37-year-old Amanda Chere Meador drove her son and two other males to a Circle K store in Winter Springs, a city about 15 miles north of Orlando. Wearing a mask, Meador’s son entered the store carrying a gun. The boy--who was not wearing gloves--handed “a note on paper demanding money” to a terrified cashier who “provided him with money and he left the store.” The underage gunman then departed the Circle K and headed for a 2002 Chrysler Town & Country minivan with Meador at the wheel. Cops investigating the October 31st robbery traced fingerprints left on the note to Meador’s son. During a search Friday of the family’s home a “mask and clothing which matched the items worn by the perpetrator of the robbery” were seized. Meador was arrested for armed robbery and child neglect, both felonies. (
I read a headline and Heidi (and you) need to guess if the story is FAKE NEWS or something that really happened in the state of FLORIDA.

A Fort Lauderdale man was arrested for DUI after he slammed his car into a police station ….. FAKE NEWS

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Chiefs Player Celebrates Super Bowl Win By Paying All Adoption Fees 
At Local Shelter