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April 21st
National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day
National Kindergarten Day
National Yellow Bat Day
National Library Workers Day

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A very small percentage of the population can safely drive while talking on their phones, but chances are high that you’re not one of these “super-taskers.” In a study, psychologists identified a group of people who can successfully do two things at once. These people are called “super-taskers” — and you’re probably not one of them. The researchers (from the University of Utah) said super-taskers make up about 2.5 percent of the general population.

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According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, an argument over passing gas and a request for a “courtesy flush” after using a jail toilet led to a Florida man beating his cellmate. Deputies said 53-year-old Gilford Joseph Abshire was sharing a cell with a 65-year-old man on April 6th when the man got upset with him for passing gas. A few minutes later, around 7:30 a.m., Abshire used their shared toilet and afterward, the victim asked Abshire to provide a “courtesy flush” to help with the overwhelming odor. At that point, deputies said Abshire started kicking the victim, who was on the bottom bunk. The man got up but then Abshire grabbed him by the throat and threw him across the cell before deputies came in and detained him. The victim, who was in jail for violating his DUI and drug possession-related probation, suffered three broken ribs and a broken nose. Abshire is facing battery-related charges in connection with the incident. (


Lifetime is producing a spinoff of “Married At First Sight” that catches up with the couples who tied the knot on the show. The new one checks in on the couples who are still together and they’re filming it themselves during lockdown. (
Tom Hanks hosted “Saturday Night Live” in his first performance since contracting the Coronavirus. (

U.S. Movie Theaters are planning on welcoming back customers in late July to kick off a belated summer blockbuster season. (

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A photo of a 93-year-old Pennsylvania woman who held up a sign in her window that said “I need more beer” has gone viral. (

Madonna continues to post bizarre “Quarantine Diaries” that are being mocked online. (

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says he secretly fathered two kids with a female lawyer.(

Rob Kardashian is alleging that his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna once pointed a gun at him during an argument and threatened to shoot him. (

Here’s some positive quarantine news: Al Roker’s daughter Courtney got engaged to her boyfriend Wesley Laga on Easter. (

Miley Cyrus gave her boyfriend Cody Simpson a quarantine makeover that includes a short haircut and Mascara on his eye lashes.(

A 93-year-old Pennsylvania woman who went viral for holding up a sign in her window that said “I Need Beer” received a massive delivery from Coors Light.

A growing number of “Virtual Dance Parties” have begun charging people to get into their Zoom events. The most popular destination is a place called “Club Quarantine” and charges people $10 to get in.(

Online nightclubs have become the hottest trend for partiers during the Coronavirus lockdown. (
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A 70-year-old woman once completed seven marathons in seven days, across all seven continents. Chau Smith was always an avid runner, and, in 2017, she decided that for her 70th birthday, she would complete seven marathons in one week across all of the continents. Traveling made it challenging—for example, Smith made the race in Egypt just minutes before the start because her plane to Cairo was delayed. But despite the obstacles, she completed her goal.


Dateline.... CAMBODIA
A video of a group of apes chain smoking at a zoo in Cambodia has gone viral.

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A man caught driving at 130 mph on a motorway in Surrey in the U.K. said he was trying to avoid catching Coronavirus. Officers stopped the driver on the M25 road on Tuesday. Police described the incident on Twitter, posting: “An officer stopped a driver who was speeding on the #M25 at 130mph.” “His reply to why he was speeding was 'I thought the faster I went the less chance I would catch coronavirus'. Driver reported to court. #slowdown.” Incidents of speeding have become more common as a result of the quieter roads around the U.K. during the lockdown. The British government has banned all non-essential travel as part of the strict measures put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus, but some people are flouting the rules. The general public has also been asked not to socialize with people outside their homes and to avoid visiting other people's houses. (

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A naked woman jumped on top of a police car in Spain after a court appearance for violating the country’s Coronavirus stay-at-home mandate. Video posted Monday shows an unidentified blonde standing with her hands held above her head while completely nude atop a patrol car outside a police station in Torremolinos in southern Spain. The woman stripped down and hopped on top of the cruiser after being released on bail for flouting Spain’s strict lockdown mandate. The video shows that three officers soon took her back into custody. She was taken to a hospital for an evaluation. The 41-year-old was first picked up by cops after neighbors reported that a woman had been streaking during a daily tribute for emergency workers in Torremolinos. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me
The City of Lake Worth accidentally sent out a ZOMBIE ALERT on its official Facebook Page ….. FLORIDA (
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New Jersey Landlord Waives 3 Months Of Rent For Tenants