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May 26th
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A British study found that the average person will spend thirty-four years of their lives staring at screens. (

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A Vero Beach, Florida area couple’s afternoon in the park grilling oysters ended with each in jail on battery charges. According to their statements in Indian River County Sheriff’s Office police reports, 53-year-old Jerry Harris’ weapon of choice was beer and his failed weapon was the beer bottle. 44-year-old wife Latrece Harris’ weapon of choice was a screwdriver. Jerry and Latrece both told deputies they’d been grilling oysters in the park when an argument started involving Litisha McGriff, Latrece’s sister. Latece and McGriff decided to leave the park, but Jerry caught up to her, began dousing her in beer, and then hit her with the beer bottle. Latrece reportedly picked up the screwdriver Jerry had been using to shuck oysters and stabbed him on the top right of his head. Jerry was charged with misdemeanor battery and Latrece was charged with felony aggravated battery. (


Mary Kate Olsen is divorcing her French Husband Pierre Sarkozy after five years of marriage. Sarkozy is fifty and Olsen is thirty. (

The Daytime Emmys ceremony is coming back to broadcast. After streaming online the past four years, the Daytime Emmys will air on CBS this year. CBS and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences said Wednesday that the 47th annual show will air as a two-hour special on Friday, June 26. The Daytime Emmy Awards honor individuals and programs broadcast between 2 AM and 6 PM, as well as certain categories of digital and syndicated programming of similar content.

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Prince Harry is said to be feeling “rudderless” without his job and his friends now that he’s moved to L.A. (

Masktaken Identity: When you think you recognize someone, only to realize you are mistaken because half their face is obscured by a mask.

A Gallup Poll found that Americans are experiencing “less worry and more happiness” now that states have begun to ease lockdown restrictions. (

A British study found that dogs go through puberty at the age of eight months. They say dogs are harder to train at eight months because they’re experiencing sexually frustrated, teenage angst. (

A new survey found that 30% of Americans have raided their retirement savings during the Coronavirus lockdown. (

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There's a device that creates energy from snowfall. It's pretty darn impressive that scientists have been able to harness energy from the sun, wind, and water, providing us with all kinds of alternative sources of power. And now they've managed to create energy from snowfall. According to a 2019 study in the journal Nano Energy, engineers and chemists from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have developed a device made of silicone that can harness a charge from static electricity. "Snow is positively charged and gives up electrons, while silicone is negatively charged and accepts the electrons," IFL Science explains. "So, as the snow lands on the silicone, a charge is produced and then captured." Think of it like the spark of energy you create when you rub a balloon against your hair.


Dateline.... SOUTH KOREA

A South Korean Soccer Team filled their stadium with sex dolls to create the look of a crowd during Sunday’s game. (

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A practicing exorcist in England has claimed the “frustration and anger” sparked during the Coronavirus pandemic could lead to an increase in demonic possession. Buddhist priest Paul Devlin, who described his first possessed victim as having “pointed teeth” and “black eyes”, sensationally believes demons could take advantage of the current fear and uncertainty. In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, he said: “It is a very difficult time for everybody, the coronavirus has created a lot of fear and a lot of negativity. “There is not a lot of positive stuff around at the moment – that’s the kind of thing that dark forces use to their advantage.” Paul warned that people in self-isolation specifically may have negative emotions which could entice malevolent forces in. He added: “A vast majority of demonic possessions come from human emotions.” (
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Crazy customer incidents are not slowing down at fast food restaurants during the Covid-19 pandemic. You would think with the dining areas of all restaurants closed to help fight the spread of Covid-19, that we would see far fewer stories about angry customers losing their minds and attacking fast food employees. Well, that's not the case. For example, on April 29th in North Olmsted, Ohio a Burger King customer was not happy with the taste of his coffee. So, he did what any poorly raised 2-year-old would do - he threw a temper tantrum followed by throwing his food at the employee who was working the drive-thru window. According to, “The female employee and witnesses told police that a man picked up his food and began screaming at the employee about the quality of the coffee, saying it tasted old. The yelling lasted for more than a minute, then the man threw a bag of food at the employee.” The angry food thrower declined to speak with officers and was cited for disorderly conduct. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me
A Palm Beach golfer was busted for disorderly conduct after relieving himself in a sand trap ….. FAKE NEWS
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Albanian Beekeepers Having A 'Golden Year' Due To Coronavirus Lockdown