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Dear John,

So this is a weird thing, but several little boys walk through our backyard with BB guns shooting at birds. My wife followed them to their home about a block away. She approached the parents and explained that there were a lot of little kids that play in that area and that it seemed a little dangerous. The parents said, “oh well they are just BB guns” and acted like it was a total non issue. What are your thoughts?

Signed - GunOwnerButConcerned

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June 4
National Clean Beauty Day
National Old Maids Day
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A survey found that a growing number of New Yorkers are abandoning city life in the wake of the Coronavirus and moving to the suburbs. (

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Each day we share stories about people doing dumb things under the influence, but ADDICTION IS NO LAUGHING MATTER! If you or someone you know needs help, we're here! Learn more at
A suspected DUI driver spent the latter half of his Memorial Day weekend in a stinky situation after crashing into a liquid manure storage pond in Sacramento County, officials said on Monday. The California Highway Patrol said the driver called dispatch around 1:30 a.m. asking for help after crashing into what was at the time an unknown water source at a dairy farm on Franklin Boulevard near Elk Grove. He had not yet realized what exactly he was submerged in. Forty-eight minutes after the initial call, firefighters from the Cosumnes Fire Department found the driver and his vehicle, which was well submerged in the manure pond. Officers later discovered that -- on top of showing signs of intoxication -- the driver had been trying to pull his vehicle out for about an hour before calling 9-1-1. That's two hours the driver spent in liquified excrement. He was then arrested on DUI charges. (


Hollywood Studios are now hiring Covid-19 Consultants who can help keep movie sets safe for filming. (

Apple has landed the rights to Martin Scorsese’s next film starring Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s titled “Killers Of The Flower Moon” and tells the story of a series of murders that took place in Oklahoma in the early 20th century. (

Cee Lo Green says he’s hoping to come out of quarantine thirty to forty pounds lighter. (

Director Doug Liman has signed on to collaborate with Tom Cruise on the first movie shot in outer space. NASA and Elon Musk are also attached to the project. (

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New York City Comedians have begun performing at Drive in Movie Theaters. (

A video of a Ukrainian woman who took her panties off and used them as a face mask after she was denied service at a store has gone viral . (

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have agreed to pay for their own security after multiple drones flew over their home in the Hollywood Hills. (

Kate Middleton says she feels exhausted from the enormous workload left behind by Harry and Meghan’s departure from the Royal Family. (

A video of a 12-year-old boy calmly strolling in the hills of Italy as a massive bear follows behind him has gone viral. (

A leading Cosmetic Surgeon says Khloe Kardashian’s appearance looks radically different because she received a large dosage of injectables.

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Hitler had a flatulence problem. In 2012, Adolf Hitler's medical documents were being auctioned to the public by Alexander Historical Auctions. According to the files, The Telegraph reported, flatulence had become such a pervasive issue for Hitler that he had to regularly ingest 28 different drugs to keep it under control. But some of the anti-gas pills he used contained a base of strychnine, a poison that caused further stomach and liver issues.


Dateline.... SOUTH KOREA
In South Korea, two men were arrested after stealing what they thought was a pile of scrap iron in front of a women’s college. The iron turned out to be pieces of “modern art” valued at $45,000.

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A California man was busted for breaking into a bank so he could use its microwave to heat up Hot Pockets on Wednesday — and he doesn’t regret a thing. “Hell yeah it was worth it,” the alleged snack-loving scofflaw told television reporters as he was being hauled away. The man, who was not identified by cops, was arrested after allegedly shattering the window of a San Diego Wells Fargo branch around 3:30 a.m. Surveillance cameras inside caught the perp entering a break room and using the microwave, the alarm company told police. According to the ABC affiliate, Cops eventually broke through the branch’s front door and found the man after he had spent about an hour inside. (
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An MSNBC reporter was humiliated live on air when he tried to shame passersby for not wearing masks in Wisconsin — even as most of his crew were also unprotected. Cal Perry was doing a live segment from Lake Geneva where he complained that “no one” was wearing masks as they enjoyed the Memorial Day sunshine. The masked reporter then turned his cameraman to shoot a man walking past, saying on air, “As you can see, no one is wearing them.” “Including the cameraman,” the local shot back, soon adding that “half your crew’s not wearing them.” Clearly embarrassed, Perry appeared to cut the segment short, looking down to the ground as he admitted, “There you go, including the cameraman. Yeah.” (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me
A Coral Springs man was attacked by a python that was hiding in his toilet ….. FLORIDA (
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'She's One Of The Best People I've Known': 7-Year-Old Hosts Prom For His Nanny