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June 16

National Fudge Day

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A study by the CDC found the Coronavirus doesn’t survive in chlorinated water, although you can still catch it if someone breathes on you in a crowded pool. (

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A drunken Attleboro, Massachusetts man was arrested earlier this week after police say he broke into a zoo in the city to “look at the monkeys” that live on an island exhibit. 52-year-old Joseph Villa was arrested around 11:00 a.m. as he walked along a city street after officers found his wallet at the Capron Park Zoo and reviewed surveillance video from the night before. The break-in was said to be discovered by zoo workers arriving for work last Tuesday morning. Villa admitted to drinking and breaking into the zoo around 7:00 p.m. last Monday. “He told the officers when he was asked what he wanted to accomplish, ‘I was drunk and wanted to go look at the monkeys,’” Attleboro Detective Lt. Timothy Cook said. The zoo is not actually home to monkeys, but black and white ruffed lemurs do live on an island that sits in the middle of a pond. (


This new game show, hosted by Adam Scott and produced by Ryan Reynolds, features four-member teams tackling oddball challenges, like “Don’t blink,” “Don’t Look Back” and “Don’t Play Ball in the House” to win cash... on ABC TV.

There’s a trailer out now for the next Bill & Ted movie.

We’ll see new movies in theaters beginning July 1.

Tom Hanks’ war drama Greyhound will make its global debut on July 10, exclusively on the seven-month-old platform Apple TV+. Apple won a bidding war to air Greyhound, which was previously set for a Father’s Day theatrical release.

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A new survey finds the average person will act spontaneously about 18 times per day. And the study (by OnePoll) found those who considered themselves a “spontaneous person” were 40 percent more likely to consider themselves a happy person. Not only that, but they were also 38 percent more likely to feel content and satisfied with their life.

The internet — and especially TikTok — loves challenges. Five years ago people were posting photos of themselves reaching one arm behind their backs, around their waists, and toward their belly buttons to see if their fingers could touch their navels. People were saying a “scientific study” from the U.S. suggested that people who pass the test have good bodies, while those who failed have to lose weight. The mysterious U.S. study didn’t seem to exist.

The average person will consume nearly 70,000 snacks in their lifetime. The average person will enjoy 21 nibbles between meals every week — a total of 1,095 a year.

Duchess Kate Middleton has hired a new private secretary.
People know about food waste, and say they care about the problem, but they underestimate their role in the accumulating waste. According to a survey, roughly 75 percent of 1,000-plus respondents claimed they wasted less than the national average. The reality is around 40 percent of the U.S. food supply is thrown out.

An elderly guy in Italy got a talking to by police after his landlady, age 58, complained he kept writing love letters to her even though she had rejected him.

A study by the University of Buffalo found that Coronavirus lockdowns have led to a surge in childhood obesity. (


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Scientists have partially revived disembodied pig brains. In April 2019, a team at Yale was able to restore partial functionality to the brains of decapitated pigs for 10 hours or more after the animal's death. Neuroscientist Nenad Sestan, who participated in the experiment, explained that the result might allow us to "better understand how brain cells react to circulatory arrest" and "test whether some cellular functions can be restored in the brain after death."


Dateline.... HOLLAND

Dutch clubs re-opened this weekend with party-goers required to dance on individual chairs so they don’t get too close. (

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Two British brothers were nabbed for burglary when one of the robbers got stuck trying to break into a department store. UK police arrested the men after the older brother got himself stuck trying to fit his 238-pound frame through a 2-foot hole in the side of the department store.

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A Mexican senator was caught getting topless on a government Zoom conference unaware that her camera was on. 66-year-old senator Martha Lucia Micher started getting changed during a May 29th meeting with members of the National Regeneration Movement political party, the Bank of Mexico, and journalists. Screenshots from the meeting originally meant to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic were leaked by an unknown attendee. Senator Micher apologized for the incident after it did the rounds on social media and she was mercilessly trolled by creeps and perverts. According to local media, parliament has stated that they will take legal action against those who publish photos of the incident on social media. Fellow party member Martha Tagle wrote: “I will investigate and sanction those responsible for taking and leaking these photos. The violence to which you were subjected cannot go unpunished.” (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

An Orlando Detective was busted for possessing illegal videos after he turned in his laptop as evidence against a criminal ..... FAKE NEWS

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Parents Of Toddlers In Viral Hugging Video Speak Out