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June 2
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A survey shows 88% of workers have lied for a boss or supervisor.

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A Knoxville woman was arrested after officers said she was yelling obscenities while wearing nothing but a bandana around her neck in the Fort Sanders area Tuesday night. According to court documents, officers responded to a home on Laurel Avenue where they found Catherine Foran standing on a porch that did not belong to her. Officers said Foran was completely nude except for a bandana around her neck and that she was allegedly screaming obscenities at passersby. Foran allegedly told officers her boyfriend had invited her over for "sexual favors" but then he denied her. Officers reported that Foran was able to escape her handcuffs as she was being taken into custody, but was quickly re-cuffed. Foran was booked into the Knox County jail on charges of public intoxication.


The trailer for Unhinged has been released. The story follows Russell Crowe as a road-raged maniac determined to show a mother who honks at him what a bad day really is. The poster design frighteningly reminds us, “He can happen to anyone.” Unhinged is currently scheduled for theaters in July.

Even though the critically-acclaimed Planet of the Apes trilogy only drew to a close in 2017, a reboot is already in the works following Disney’s acquisition of the rights as part of its Fox takeover. Director Wes Ball has provided an update, saying his Planet of the Apes won’t be a full-blown reboot of the franchise but will pick up where War for the Planet of the Apes left off and continue the story of Caesar’s legacy.

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In 2021 a new automaker will release a new all-electric pickup called The Endurance.

Jack Rico is only 13, but he now has four associate’s degrees from Fullerton College in California and will be continuing his education at the University of Nevada on a full scholarship. Jack plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in History, though he admits he’s “still trying to figure it out…”

In Denmark two unidentified men broke into a home and began hauling stuff out to their car. A passerby noticed what was going on and confronted them, insisting that they return the stolen property. When they refused, he simply snatched the keys to their car. They called the cops to report that someone had taken the keys to their car. Officers quickly realized what was going on and placed the burglars under arrest.

An Oregon woman who took up sewing face masks when she was laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic said the money from her efforts scored her a $127,000 lottery jackpot. Lorna Hewitt told Oregon Lottery officials she was laid off from her job at a restaurant, so she took a part-time job at a grocery store. Hewitt said she started sewing face masks for her co-workers at the store, who insisted on giving her money for them. Hewitt used some money from her side business to buy a lottery ticket and won $126,789.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry contacted the LAPD after drones flew over their California home.

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The word "Hipster" goes all the way back to the 1930s. While "hipster" is used these days to describe someone who tries (perhaps too hard) to be stylish and trendy, the term is actually much older. According to, the word was originally used (along with the similar "hepster") in the 1930s to refer to someone in the jazz scene.


Dateline.... GERMANY

A Bolivian Orchestra has been trapped inside a “haunted” German Castle that’s surrounded by wolves for seventy-three days because of the Coronavirus. (

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Firefighters responded to a fire that broke out in San Jose Sunday after midnight this past Friday (May 23rd). The fire reportedly took place at a porta potty yard. Fire crews arrived at the scene and found at least twenty porta potties on fire. This is the second porta potty yard fire in the South Bay in less than a week. Investigators have deemed the fire “suspicious in nature” and continue to investigate the incident. Luckily, no injuries were reported. (
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A North Carolina nurse said she’s treating patients who have attended “Coronavirus parties” in an attempt to catch the deadly bug and hopefully develop immunity. “Over the last few days, we have heard from a lot of patients and the community that they’re unafraid of getting the virus,” Yolanda Enrich, a nurse practitioner at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center, told an NBC affiliate. “People are actually out and about trying to get the virus, so attending gatherings, parties trying to maximize their chances of exposure.” Ernich said younger patients have told health care workers they’re hoping to develop antibodies so they no longer have to take precautions while they’re out in public. Though health experts have not yet determined whether coronavirus antibodies actually deliver immunity. “We’re really concerned about this trend,” Enrich said. “They can spread the virus around the community and hurt our vulnerable populations that will have serious health implications.” Gov. Roy Cooper and state health officials are sounding the alarm on the idiotic concept. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me
A St. Petersburg man was fined $500 for telling police his name was “Ben Dover” ….. FLORIDA (
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Teens See Plane Crash In Water, Rush In To Rescue Passengers