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A survey by the Drizly alcohol delivery company found that sales of cheap liquor have gone up by 600% during the lockdown. (

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A California man was arrested in Birmingham, Alabama with nearly 500 pounds of marijuana and other drugs. Birmingham police on Tuesday announced felony charges against 39-year-old Ryan Hammer. The arrest took place April 16th, however authorities said they initially withheld the information because of the sensitive nature of the investigation. The investigation, led by the department’s Narcotics Division, yielded 482 pounds of marijuana, 7,659 grams of liquid THC, 173 THC edible candy packs, and $9,000 in cash. Hammer is charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance, trafficking marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was booked into the Jefferson County Jail April 17th and released two days later after posting $260,000 bond. He has a court date set for August. (


Israel deported the son of CBS owner Shari Redstone because he violated the country’s quarantine rules to visit his model girlfriend. (

TV insiders are predicting that the NFL will have its highest ratings ever if the season kicks off on time because of the shortage of professional sports. (

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A re-reading of the Mayan Calendar is now predicting the world will end on Father’s Day. The re-reading is based on the fact that the world’s Gregoria calendar is eleven days longer than the Julian Calendar, so if you subtract eleven days a year for the 268 years since we switched, you’d lose 2,948 days, at which point it’s 2012 in Mayan time. (

The 24-Hour Fitness chain has filed for bankruptcy after lockdowns shuttered gyms across the country. (

A CDC study has regulators urging Las Vegas casinos to stop using cash to slow the spread of germs. (

Three NYPD Cops were briefly hospitalized after drinking Shake Shack milkshakes that may have contained bleach. (

Seven of the nation’s largest airline carriers are going to ban passengers who refuse to wear masks during flights. (

Ford plans to unveil a new Bronco on July 9th, which happens to be O.J. Simpson’s birthday. (


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Eating your offspring may be a sign of good parenting in some species. The thought of any creature devouring its babies may be horrific to us, but for some animals, such as certain fish, reptiles, and amphibians, that's not the case, according to 2019 research published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. Among these creatures, sacrificing some of their young via cannibalism may be a way to help their other offspring survive when overcrowding becomes a problem.


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A Royal Insider says Prince Charles has become a lot nicer since he caught the Coronavirus. (

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A traveler says he was left “humiliated” after KFC refused to serve him at a drive-through while he was riding a horse and cart. 55-year-old Ian Bell made it as far as the kiosk window last week only for a manager to come out and say he would have to leave for the health and safety of other customers. He said he doesn’t understand, as his horse “Jon Jon” is as “good as gold,” adding: “Horse and carts were around long before motor cars.” Photos show Ian and Jon Jon, a seven-year-old Irish Cob, pitched up outside the KFC restaurant in Carlisle, Cumbria, which is in England. Bell sad, “In the end I had to go to McDonald’s for a Big Mac. No one there batted an eyelid, they didn’t say anything to me at all, they just served me my food.” He also added: “I think my treatment from KFC has been downright disgusting and discriminatory against people who use horse and carts.” (

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A judge in Florida pretended to be her son’s lawyer following his arrest for allegedly shooting someone. The son is now charged with attempted second-degree murder. Circuit Judge Barbara Hobbs of the Second Judicial Circuit of Florida essayed contrition in a filing with Florida’s Judicial Qualifications Commission submitted late last week. “Judge Hobbs admits that, in the early morning hours on July 30th, 2019, she informed law enforcement at the Tallahassee Police Department that she was her son’s lawyer after being told that only his lawyer could have access to her son during the period of interrogation and that she was a sitting circuit judge at that time,” the judge’s answer to ethics charges notes. The incident led to those charges because the judge quickly turned herself in following the acknowledged misstep. “She acknowledges that she should not have presented herself as her son’s lawyer and regrets her conduct,” the filing continues. “Judge Hobbs self-reported her conduct to the Judicial Qualifications Commission.” (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

A Broward County Sheriff was charged with DUI after hitting a Metro bus in his cop car ….. FAKE NEWS

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Senate Just Passed The Great American Outdoors Act Allocating Billions To National Parks And Public Lands