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July 7th

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Two new studies suggest that using public transit increases your chances of dying from Coronavirus. (

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University of Alabama students recently partied around campus — despite knowing they were infected with the Coronavirus. Tuscaloosa Fire Chief Randy Smith said he discovered that “students or kids” with “known positives” had been attending parties in the county and city over the last few weeks. Local outlet WBMA reported that some of the partiers were students at the University of Alabama. The fire chief made the revelation during an agenda briefing for a Tuscaloosa City Council meeting, where lawmakers later passed an ordinance mandating that people wear masks in public places. Smith said he believed the information to be a rumor at first — but that doctor’s offices and even the state confirmed it. There have been 1,986 reported COVID-19 cases in the county and thirty-eight deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. (


Former “Vanderpump Rules” star Stacy Schroeder is expecting a baby with her fiancee Beau Clark. It’s worth pointing out that this is their FIRST child. (

Disney+ has dropped on us a second full trailer for Hamilton. Featuring a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, R&B and Broadway, Hamilton takes the story of American founding father Alexander Hamilton and delivers a musical that has had a profound impact on culture, politics, and education. Filmed at The Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway in June of 2016, Hamilton hit Disney+ July 3.

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Nearly 60,000 pounds of chicken nuggets have been recalled for possible rubber contamination.

Do you ever feel your significant other loves their dog more than you? A survey of dog owners shows that you might not be imagining it. A poll of adults who have dogs discovered that one in three would choose to keep their pet over their partner if they were forced to choose. Four in 10 admitted to showing Fido more affection than they show their loved one.

Pop Quiz: The website YourTango says if you place this under your tongue before bed, you won’t wake up tired. Is it a lemon wedge; a raw almond; Himalayan sea salt; or peanut butter? It’s the sea salt. 

Amazon is paying $500 million in one-time bonuses to front-line workers.

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Scientists can identify the brain waves that signal someone is having an angry dream. Scientists are getting better at decoding our dreams. A 2019 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience included the fact that researchers had identified brain activity patterns that predict states of anger during dreams. Pilleriin Sikka, the lead author of the study from the University of Skövde, explained, "Previous studies have shown that frontal alpha asymmetry is related to anger and self-regulation during wakefulness. We show that this asymmetrical brain activity is also related to anger experienced in dreams. Frontal alpha asymmetry may thus reflect our ability to regulate anger not only in the waking but also in the dreaming state."


Dateline.... SERBIA

Tennis Star Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena have tested positive for Coronavirus after throwing a wild party at a Serbian night-club. (

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Walkers are relieving themselves in the grounds of Queen Elizabeth's Scottish residence. Employees at Balmoral Castle, which the Queen frequently visits for holidays throughout the year, have complained about wet wipes being left on the estate and urged people not to use the spot as an outdoor toilet. Most public facilities are closed in the United Kingdom due to the country's lockdown, but people are allowed to exercise and socialize outside, leading many to seek quiet public places if nature calls during a day out. “Disappointed to see so many wipes discarded on the Estate today. Next to paths and monuments. Please remember there are no public toilets open for miles around at the moment,” staff at Balmoral wrote. (

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A Texas attorney is facing charges for allegedly egging the car of a judge — an admitted act of retribution over a stay-at-home order amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Eric Yollick, an attorney based in The Woodlands, has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief in the March 27th incident that occurred as Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough left his office in Conroe. “I threw one egg at Judge Keough’s car,” Yollick told The Post in an interview. “I did this for all the right reasons. Mark needed to get this message because he wasn’t listening to people.” Yollick said he threw the egg at Keough’s Lexus SUV over the judge’s “unconstitutional” stay-at-home order in late March, which ran through April 17th, according to Keough’s office. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

A Key West man was busted for stealing groceries in an Elvis Jumpsuit ….. FAKE NEWS

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Afghan Interpreter Who Saved Multiple US Lives Becomes US Citizen