We try to produce a family friendly radio show... these stories were carried on 

other shows, but we choose not to air them. I know there are some who want 
to hear this... so here you go. Some funny... and DISTURBING stuff we didn't 
put on the radio! ;-) 

According to South Carolina police, a birthday weekend threesome came to an abrupt end Friday when the 19-year-old celebrant pulled a male acquaintance “off the other woman by his genitals and threw him to the floor” of a La Quinta Inn room. Responding to a 9-1-1 hang-up call from the hotel, cops spoke with the birthday girl, who said that she had invited a 19-year-old male friend to spend the weekend with her in Myrtle Beach. The woman, named Mary Jane, told police that her friend Jahiem had arrived in Myrtle Beach before her and “had been spending time with another woman before she got there.” And, a police incident report notes, “that’s what started the whole argument.” Mary Jane reported suffering injuries to her “forehead, pinky finger, and pinky toe” during the scrum with Jahiem. The report does not address whether Jahiem was injured by the genital yanking. No charges were filed against either Mary Jane or Jahiem, who were “asked by the hotel to vacate the premise.” (

A 30-year-old man in China has had a whole fish removed from his rectum after he had allegedly sat on it by accident. Gruesome footage shows medics removing the dead blue tilapia from the patient's body at a hospital. Reports from local media did not specify the fish's size, but the species usually measures 12-16 inches long. The incident is believed to have taken place at the Zhaoqing First People's Hospital in Guangdong province of southern China. Doctors made the shocking discovery during an X-ray scan after the 30-year-old man had gone to the hospital for severe abdominal pain. The anonymous patient claimed that the fish slipped into his rectum after he had accidentally sat on the creature. The man eventually came to the hospital after failing to remove the fish from his backside himself. The medics had to surgically open the man's belly to remove the dead fish from his rectum because the fish was “quite big.” (

A patient who rammed a two-foot mobile phone charger cable up his penis for sexual gratification tried to fool doctors by claiming he had swallowed it. The 30-year-old arrived at his doctors in Guwahati, India with the unusual ailment. He told the medics that he had ingested the wire, prompting them to launch a fruitless search. It was only when X-Ray on the operating table was taken that it became clear the wire was in the 30-year-old’s urinary bladder. Stunned surgeon Walliul Islam said: “We could have done away with the surgery if he had told us the truth.” He added: “The patient came to us with severe abdomen pain and told us that he consumed a cable by mistake. “We examined his stool and conducted an endoscopy as well but couldn’t find the cable. When we operated him, there was nothing in his gastrointestinal tract.” Dr. Islam said the embarrassed patient had a habit of inserting cables and “other stuff” through his penis for sexual pleasure. (

A study by New York Health Officials found that people should be wearing face coverings during sex. (

A Reddit article about a woman who went to the hospital after her cat scratched her vulva has gone viral. (

A Gay Porn Actor is running for Mayor in a small Florida town. (

A Judge has rejected a plea deal for a thirty-four year old woman who had sex with teenage boys in a hot tub. (

A wildlife photographer caught a rare picture of a Humpback Whale’s massive ten foot penis off the coast of Australia.(

New York City’s hottest sex club is exploring new ways to conduct orgies in the age of social distancing. (

A gamer and self-proclaimed sex addict is suing Twitch, claiming the video gaming platform has too many “scantily clad” players that caused him to masturbate and hurt his penis. The suit claims Erik Estavillo of San Francisco is following 786 of the female gamers because he has little control over his addiction. The complaint, filed June 15th in Santa Clara County court, seeks $25 million in damages. A spokesperson for Twitch dismissed the legal action as “frivolous” and having “absolutely no merit.” Estavillo has been known for being litigious and has unsuccessfully sued other companies in the past, including Nintendo and Microsoft. Estevillo's lawsuit devotes the bulk of its fifty-six pages to displaying images of female gamers from the site, which he calls on Twitch to permanently ban. His complaint also details how he came to hurt himself when he resorted to a Fleshlight- branded sex toy to masturbate while gazing at the females on Twitch. (

An Egyptian Belly Dancer was sentenced to three years in prison for posting sexually suggestive videos to TIK TOK. (

A new lawsuit claims the Church of Scientology tried to silence rape claims against Danny Masterson. (

Porn Star Ron Jeremy has plead not guilty to three sexual assault charges. (

A giant penis-shaped wood carving planted on a front lawn on ended up in an arrest on Thursday in Wilton, New York. WNYT Channel 13 reported that the homeowner was arrested by State Police for allegedly displaying a seven-foot phallic symbol that he created from a pine tree. The statue has since been taken down. Wilton Supervisor John Lant said he’s happy it’s gone. “I got a lot of calls and emails,” Lant told the Times Union Friday night. “I know he says it’s his First Amendment right, but the troopers must have found something to make him take it down. A lot of residents were not happy. I’m really glad it’s down.” The troopers charged the man with a public display of offensive sexual material (

Florida has seen a rise in new Coronavirus infections — but lap dances in Miami strip clubs are allowed to jiggle on. On Monday, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez posted changes to a June 4th emergency order that allowed strip clubs and other entertainment spots to reopen as long as the county approved their Coronavirus operating plans. The apparent changes included language that required dancers and customers to maintain ten feet of distance during performances, leading many to think lap dances were now banned in the Sunshine State’s hardest hit county. It turns out the ten-foot rule was part of the original order and lap dances have been allowed ever since because Miami, known to be a haven for strip clubs, does not consider the intimate, topless sessions to be a “performance.” (