Show Notes for Thursday, September 24, 2020


Dear John,

My son is getting picked on in school. I've called the school about it but they don't really do anything. My son is singled out on a regular basis by the same kid. I'm not sure what to do. I have friends that have told me to call the police and press charges. I think that may be a little bit too much. I'm looking for other options. I have been calling around to other schools in the area to see if we can move in the middle of the year. Something needs to happen. I was picked on as a child and it still haunts me. This is no way for my son to get his start in school. He is only in kindergarten right now and it's already happening. Any ideas?

Signed – MadMomma

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September 24

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A recent study by The University of Sussex finds that snackers have a hard time realizing they’re full while focusing on other things, such as television shows. (

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It didn’t pay to pull a fast one! A man left behind a winning lottery ticket in Georgia when he fled during a traffic stop on Interstate 75, according to the Cherokee County’s Sheriff’s Office. “To the suspect who ran on foot from our deputies on a traffic stop this morning on I-75, you left a winning $100.00 lottery ticket in your vehicle,” the agency wrote Monday on Facebook. They added the scratch-off ticket was waiting for him if he wants to swing by the sheriff’s office. “Yes he will get his lottery ticket back, but we are keeping his methamphetamine,” the agency wrote. (


Following a report earlier this week that The Batman was resuming production after a COVID-19-triggered shutdown, Warner Bros. has officially confirmed it. Although it’s not yet known whether Robert Pattinson is also on set after testing positive for the coronavirus earlier this month, it does seem that things are rolling again on the much-anticipated picture. The Batman will focus on Bruce Wayne’s early days as a crime fighter in Gotham City, with the Riddler understood to be the main villain.

Reese Witherspoon, Neil Patrick Harris and other celebs get help cutting down on clutter in this new unscripted series. Organizing duo Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit help one regular family and one celeb in each episode.

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A researcher says that the most common regret older people have about their lives is that they spent too much time worrying.

Australian researchers found that a drowsy brain may as well be drunk when it comes to performing complex tasks like driving. The study found reaction times were slowed to the extent of a blood alcohol level of .05 after staying awake for 17-19 hours. The longer the subject stayed awake, the more their performance plummeted, eventually reaching the same level of impairment as legal intoxication. While memory and problem solving were not much affected by sleep deprivation, the ability to maintain attention to detail during a monotonous task was. Researchers said that while there’s no ideal amount of daily sleep we need, 7-8 hours is a good average — and teens need even more.

Should you be taking some cold showers? Researchers had subjects add a cold shower at the end of their regular hot shower routine to measure its effects on heath and other lifestyle factors. They found that cold showering significantly reduced the number of sick days that the subjects took during the study (though not the number of illness days). The authors hypothesize that this was caused by the invigorating effect of the cold shower, which some subjects compared to a jolt of caffeine. In fact, the subjects enjoyed the cold showering so much that the majority of them continued to do it even after that phase of the study ended.

Scientists say that the North American bird population has drastically dropped by 29% since 1970.

Research shows that just since 1970 the amount of life in the sea has been reduced by half.

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A puck is used in the game of ice hockey game, the first puck was made out of frozen cow manure


Dateline.... GERMANY

Germany has confirmed the first case of African swine fever on its territory, after a wild boar cadaver found in the eastern state of Brandenburg tested positive. Luckily, African swine fever but doesn't affect humans. But sadly, it’s usually deadly for pigs. (

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As of this month, Luke Angel is ten years into a life sentence. Back in 2010 the British man — who was 17 at the time — got in trouble with the FBI when he drunk-emailed Barack Obama. Angel became upset after watching a TV documentary about 9/11, leading him to compose an expletive-laden email aimed at the president. After the FBI contacted local British police, they visited Angel at his home and took his picture, then informed him that he would not be able to enter the U.S. — ever.

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An Alaska dentist has been sentenced to 12 years behind bars for doing a stunt while working on a patient. Seth Lookhart was sentenced in an Alaska court on dozens of charges that stemmed from actions that ranged from Medicaid fraud and removing a patient’s teeth without their permission, to performing a tooth extraction while balancing on a hoverboard. He was convicted back in January on charges of reckless endangerment, illegally practicing dentistry and medical assistance fraud. After he gets out of prison he won’t be allowed to practice dentistry for at least a dozen years.


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

After 13 years, Opa-locka, Florida, has overturned a ban on saggy pants. The Opa-locka City Commission voted this past week to repeal both the original 2007 legislation and a 2013 ordinance that said women, not just men, could receive civil citations for wearing pants that exposed their undergarments. After the ordinance went into effect, signs were posted around Opa-locka which read: “No ifs, ands or butts … It’s the city law.”

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'A Match Made In Heaven': Teen Swimmer Becomes Blind, Trains For Paralympics With Guide Dog