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September 1

National Chicken Boy’s Day

National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day

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A new study found that taking a daily power walk will decrease your chances of an early death by 30%. (

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A convenience store owner in Jacksonville, Florida has a rather uniquely Floridian problem: people won’t stop heating up pee in his store’s microwave. The microwave, which is generally reserved for heating up gas station food, is instead being frequently used to heat urine because the convenience store happens to be around the corner from a drug testing facility. People come into the store to warm up the “clean” pee they got from friends, or whomever, in order to make it seem like the pee is theirs, and fresh, thus allowing them to pass their drug tests. This happens so frequently, in fact, that the store’s owner, Parul Patel, had to put up a sign on the microwave in order to prevent it.(


This will make some of you feel old: the kid who played Kevin in the Home Alone movies turned 40 last week. Macaulay Culkin was paid $110,000 for the first Home Alone. For the second he was paid $4.5 million.

For years, Netflix subscribers have wanted a the option to randomly select something to watch instead of spending hours aimlessly scrolling through their library. Now the streaming service may end up giving the masses what they want. Netflix is currently testing a “shuffle” feature that will pick something for you to watch at random. It’s not completely random, because it will pick something based on what you’ve been watching and what you like.

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Scientists are on the verge of developing a breathalyzer test for the Coronavirus. (

In India, a man was busted for painting toenails. The man would sneak late at night into the bedrooms of unsuspecting and sleeping victims and paint their toenails a red or pink color. But it’s not women the man was victimizing — it was men.

Fish are catching on to the tricks of anglers and getting harder to catch. A New Zealand experiment found trout that are constantly exposed to fishermen develop strategies for staying out of sight and avoiding the bait. The same study found that fish caught once remember to avoid the same ruse and usually stay away from being caught again for at least a month. Researchers say fish in remote areas that get swamped by anglers on a yearly basis are the most likely to develop learning skills. They also say catch and release policies add to the fish’s ability to avoid capture.

Typically road rage results in one driver’s car dinging the other driver’s car. At the next level you have a driver or drivers getting out of their cars and going at it. At the Idaho level of road rage you have two guys fighting, taking it down to the ground, head-locking, then wrapping it up with a handshake before each gets back into their car and drives off.

McDonald’s is adding a new Chicken McNuggets flavor. Spicy Chicken McNuggets will hit US restaurants on September 16 — for a limited time. It’s the first new McNugget flavor in the United States since the item was introduced to the US menu in 1983.


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It is illegal for a single woman to skydive on a Sunday in Florida.


Dateline.... NEW ZEALAND

“Mittens The Cat” is a finalist to be “New Zealander Of The Year” in a vote that pits her against the country’s Prime Minister and its Health Director.(

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A Maine man is accused of beating another man with a Bible while trying to steal his SUV in Bangor. Police charged 27-year-old Benjamin Parker with robbery and assault on Sunday. According the BDN, the victim pulled over his vehicle on West Broadway in Bangor and left it to take pictures when another man, later identified as Parker, allegedly jumped into the driver’s seat and tried to steal it. When the victim tried to stop the suspect from driving off, police said Parker allegedly used a Bible to hit the victim. The victim told police he was able to push Parker from the vehicle. He then allegedly ran off. Police said they later found Parker behind a house. Police also said they recovered the Bible allegedly used in the assault. Parker was taken to the Penobscot County Jail where he’s being held on $900 cash bail. (

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A group of thieves behind the burglaries of nearly thirty homes in Florida couldn’t have been easier to find: They carried out the heists while wearing ankle devices that pinpoint their locations. The burglars “committed these crimes while already on pretrial release for previous crimes and while wearing court-ordered GPS ankle monitors,” said Hollywood police spokesman Officer Christian Lata. More than $150,000 in cash, an AK-47, a Smith & Wesson handgun, cellphones, iPads, jewelry, designer handbags, ammunition, blank checks, fraudulent debit and credit cards, and a stolen vehicle were among the items seized by authorities. The three men, who were arrested Friday, face charges of burglary, grand theft and racketeering. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

A Key West Mother was busted for drunk driving after pulling up to her daughter's school car wash ….. FAKE NEWS

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Man Buys Entire Flower Truck For Senior Center Residents To Make Their Own Bouquets.