Show Notes for Thursday, October 15, 2020


Dear John,

16 years ago when my very soon to be wife and I decided to buy a house, we felt we were old enough to bypass the starter house and find our forever home. We moved into an old house that had been beautifully maintained and didn’t need any immediate work. Over the last 16 years, we’ve done a lot of work to make it ours and personalize it. Then, about a year ago, some drug dealers moved in kitty corner. Even after several busts by the police and a shooting there, they never shut down for more than a couple weeks. The good neighbors keep moving away because of it. The house next door was turned into an air bnb rather than trying to find someone to live in it, so we never know the neighbors there. In the last two months, I’ve had around $800 of stuff stolen from my driveway. I’ve found meth and needles in my yard. An unresponsive man that was being chased by the cops during a warrant serve was found next to my shed. I’ve got a daughter that I don’t really want to be around this. At what point do we give up on our forever home and move? My daughter goes to private school so that isn’t an issue, but we’ve grown close to our home. I’ve talked to the mayor and police chief, but have never really gotten any answers. Any advice?


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Fully 64% of women say that there are some things they confess only to their girlfriends and never to their significant others or their mothers. The survey (by Harris) also revealed that when girls gab, they enjoy talking most about relationships, personal issues, and sex.

A YouGov Poll found that 56% of voters expect to see violence no matter who wins the election. (

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If you want to smuggle something, surrounding it in something pungent is a good way to cover the smell, so some heroin smugglers in Germany had a pretty good plan when they surrounded their drugs in pickled garlic and cucumbers. Police uncovered 725 pounds of heroin in a truck carrying the pickled garlic and cucumbers.


Kim Kardashian revealed that Kanye West had Coronavirus back in March and it was very challenging to take care of him. (

SNL is being mocked for a lousy re-enactment of the fly scene from the Vice Presidential debate during the show’s cold open. (

Netflix has been indicted in Texas for its sexual depictions of children in the movie, “Cuties.” The producers are looking at ten to twelve years. (

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Officials in NAPA Valley wine country believe that wild fires have destroyed 80% of the Cabernet supply. (

U.S. Health Officials are planning to open travel between the U.S. and London in time for the holidays. (

Apple has added a green warning dot to the iPhone to let users know if an app is spying on them through the camera. If the light comes on, that means some company is spying on you. (

The Board of Elections says that over 5.5 million Americans have already voted in this year’s election. (

A trial date has been set for the Oklahoma City Corrections officers who forced inmates to listen to “Baby Shark” for eight hours straight. The guards were charged with cruel and unusual punishment. (

Over 1,500 birds flew into the tallest skyscrapers in the city of Philadelphia last week. The tally includes, pigeons, warblers, and cuckoo birds. (

It’s the must-have power tool of autumn: the electric or gas-powered leaf blower. A real time-saver, right? Not so, says fitness researcher David Powell. Powell says a typical homeowner saves no more time using a leaf blower over a good, large leaf rake — and raking is better for you since you’re burning calories and working a dozen or more muscle groups.

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A study finds 35,450 American men injure themselves each year while cooking.


Dateline.... RUSSIA

Russia successfully tested a hypersonic missile on Vladimir Putin’s birthday last week. (

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A North Carolina man wielding a machete left satanic messages written in blood on a sorority house at East Carolina University on Sunday night. Officers responded to calls of a man armed with a machete walking in an area of Greenville in apparent distress. The man appeared to have harmed himself and was using his own blood to smear messages on nearby vehicles and the sorority house. “I think it was just cuts, lacerations,” Captain Chris Sutton of the ECU police stated. “Nothing severed but enough to transfer blood onto a couple different surfaces where the individual wrote different messages believed to be satanic in nature and some of the verbiage from some of the things he was saying was also believed to be sadistic in nature.” Officers de-escalated the situation and disarmed the man. Police later identified the man as 25-year-old Patrick Canter. Canter, who is not believed to be a student, is facing charges of injury to real property. (

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Authorities in Utah shared photos of a car that “decided to go for a swim” when its owner got out of the vehicle to take some photos next to a reservoir. Wasatch County Search and Rescue said the owner of the car had pulled the vehicle onto the ramp at the Deer Creek Reservoir to take some photos of the car with the water in the background. The photo op went wrong when the unoccupied car rolled down the ramp and into the water. “The owner of the car had gone to the ramp at the State Park boat ramp to take pictures of his car,” the search and rescue team said. “So, when the car decided to go for a swim, the owner was out of the car.” The team shared photos of the vehicle submerged in the reservoir before being fished out. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

A Florida man was arrested for hitting a deputy in the face with a bible. FLORIDA (

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Idaho Man In Viral 'Dreams' Video Is Gifted A New Truck From Ocean Spray