Show Notes for Thursday, October 22, 2020


Dear John,

My mom is upset with me. The other day I bumped into her at the grocery store. She asked me where my 9 year old daughter was. When I told her I left my daughter home watching a movie while I went to the store, she freaked out on me. I explained that she has a phone and can call if there's any issues, but my mom was still very upset. I don't understand why. My daughter is very responsible and I trust her. I wouldn't leave her home all weekend, but I think she's OK to be home for 15 minutes while I run to the store. My mom wouldn't even return my call later that evening. Now I'm not sure how to make her happy. Any ideas? Do you think 9 years old is too young to be home alone for a few minutes?

Signed – Am I A Bad Mom?

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October 22

National Make a Dog’s Day

National Nut Day

National Color Day

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A study by Tommy John found that if you don't change your underwear everyday you can develop a urinary tract infection and other forms of bacteria. If you're wondering, Tommy John is a men's underwear brand. (

A survey of people who cook found that 64 percent have had a major mishap in the kitchen. Our top kitchen mishaps:

Burned food – 67 percent

Burned a pot/pan – 54 percent

Over boiled a pot – 52 percent

Set off the smoke detector – 48 percent

Used too much salt – 44 percent

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A 57-year-old woman in China thought she was sober enough to swim with friends after guzzling nearly half a liter of booze. She waded into the water and that’s about all she remembers. When she woke up the sky was dark and she was floating on the river with wooden sticks and garbage tangled in her hair. The woman was miraculously unscathed after drifting 10 hours while passed out drunk. Eventually a boat tossed her a buoy and she was rescued.


Taryn Manning says she's never agreed to appear on “Dancing With The Stars” because she doesn't want to be perceived as a "has-been." (

Bella Hadid was seen out to dinner with Jack Nicholson's grandson, Duke, sparking rumors they're a couple. (

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South African track star Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee known as “Blade Runner,” is begging the family of his ex-wife to forgive him for shooting her. Pistorius is still appealing his murder conviction. (

A 65-pound-alligator-snapping-turtle has been roaming the streets of a Washington, D.C. suburb. (

The Mayor of Anchorage, Alaska admitted to engaging in an inappropriate messaging relationship with a local TV News Reporter. (

The NYPD is warning that violent crime is rising on the New York City Subway. (

A female student crushed an ATM in Ukraine. The machine did not return the girl’s card after she put in the wrong PIN code three times. The bank said that the decision of the electronic device to hold the card infuriated the young girl and she started boxing the poor machine. As a result, the bullet-proof glass of the machine broke and the receipt printer went haywire.

Walmart is going to spread out its Black Friday Deals over three weekends in November to reduce crowd size. (

Postal Inspectors have launched an investigation after several bags of undelivered mail were found outside the home of a Postal worker in Pennsylvania. (

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A poll of adults finds many, many of us don’t know the names of the bones in our body. For example, one in four don’t know the thigh bone is called the femur. Fewer than one in four can correctly identify the two bones in the lower arm as the radius and the ulna. Almost one in three have no idea the body’s smallest bone is in the ear.


Dateline.... CHINA

Police in China arrested a man who used his chainsaw to cut a hole in his boss’ office door and then destroy his furniture. The disgruntled employee managed to buzz through the desk, an armchair, a coffee table and a lamp before police arrived.

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A Domino’s delivery man in England was caught on a doorbell camera rubbing a pint of ice on his crotch before giving the frozen treat to his customer. Jonathan Terry of Buckinghamshire, England, fell victim to the disturbing act after a recent order from the pizza chain that included a tub of birthday cake-flavored Ben and Jerry’s. “It felt quite disrespectful and very vile,” Terry told a local news outlet. “My housemate said he felt violated — he was not happy,” Terry told the outlet his girlfriend alerted him to the incident after he retrieved the frozen treat from his freezer. “About twenty minutes after we received the delivery, we went to get the ice cream out and I had a call from my girlfriend,” Terry said. “She said ‘I hope you haven’t eaten the ice cream that Domino’s have sent you.’ She then told me to go and look at the Ring doorbell footage.” Terry said Domino’s offered him complimentary coupons after he complained, but he refused. A Domino’s spokeswoman, Rachel Townsend, told Fox News that the company is investigating the incident. (

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Two people were arrested, accused of “obviously racing” at speeds of more than 100-mph on the Skyway Bridge in Florida on Sunday evening. A Florida Highway Patrol trooper said he saw the two cars “traveling at high rates of speed, in and out of traffic, and trying to pass each other.” He clocked a 1991 Eagle Talon going 108-mph and a 2013 Subaru Impreza going 117-mph in a 65-mph zone. Video of the incident released by the Florida Highway Patrol shows both cars speeding close to other vehicles. They both face charges of reckless driving and racing on the highway. Both cars were also seized for thirty days. The Florida Highway Patrol said it has seen an uptick in speeding ever since the Coronavirus pandemic emptied out the roads. (

I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

A Sarasota woman was arrested for abusing 9-1-1 after she called five times to report that her pizza was late ….. FAKE NEWS

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4-Year-Old Starts Making Christmas Care Packages For Children In Need After Having Bad Dream