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October 13

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A study finds that if you study your mistakes in order to learn from them, you’re more likely to make the same mistake. Researchers suggest forgetting your mistakes and only remember your successes.

Guys were asked to rate the qualities they admire most in a woman. Here’s the consensus — in order — from most important to least: personality; brains; beauty; sense of humor; attitude; body; drive; sense of adventure.

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A trucker caught smoking opium while driving on a freeway in Ontario, Canada, was charged and fired by his employer. Police pulled over the unidentified trucker on Ontario Highway 401, among the busiest in North America, late Friday after receiving a complaint that he was driving erratically. “Sure enough, he was smoking opium,” Ontario Provincial Police spokesperson Bill Dickson said. Because the offense resulted in an immediate driver’s license suspension, an officer called his trucking company. The carrier fired the driver on the spot. The trucker faces multiple charges of drug and traffic offenses. Police did not name his trucking company. (


90-year-old Clint Eastwood has signed on to star and direct in a new film called “Cry Macho.” It is unclear when filming will begin but Eastwood has already started scouting shooting locations, entertainment news site Deadline reported. The screenplay for "Cry Macho" -- which has not been officially given the go-ahead by Warner Bros -- was written by N. Richard Nash, author of the 1970 novel of the same name. Scriptwriter Nick Schenk, who worked with Eastwood on "Gran Torino" (2008) and "The Mule" (2018), is also reported to be involved. The story is about a one-time rodeo star turned horse breeder who accepts a mission from a former boss to cross the US-Mexico border to snatch his son from an alcoholic mother and return the child to his father in Texas. Arnold Schwarzenegger had been touted to play the lead role in 2011 but the project was canceled, US media reported. (

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A survey found the most popular vegetable in America is still corn. But the most surprising result of the study may be that a staggering number of adults haven’t eaten any vegetables their entire lives. One in four respondents say they’ve actually never eaten a vegetable at all.

A survey of office workers finds they typically spend around two hours each day dealing with their inbox. However, around half of this time is wasted by accidentally re-reading messages, needlessly checking for updates and sending emails to colleagues when it is easier to speak to them face-to-face. As a result, around five hours per week — or a staggering 230 hours a year — of productivity is lost.

Police in the UK say a man approached a woman in a grocery store parking lot and handled her toes. The man walked up to her as she was loading groceries into her car, complimented her shoes and then reached down to squeeze the digits.

A study revealed farmers get it on more than those of any other profession. A third of those surveyed claim they’re getting busy once a day. Farmers were closely followed by architects and hair stylists. Journalists are the least likely to get it on.

You might remember the big stink American microbiologists caused when they told the world that number two particles from toilet flushes have a tendency to splash up, whirl around in the air, and land on the toothbrushes most of us like to keep on our sinks. The same toothbrushes we put in our mouths twice a day. Possibly you keep your toothbrush in a drawer, or cap it with a plastic cover for this very reason. Well, unless your mouth is exceptionally clean, you are unintentionally providing a much more hospitable environment for your own “rancid bacteria” to grow. But when you put a toothbrush in a drawer, or cover it with a lid, you’re creating a moist environment where bacteria are more likely to thrive. Now we’re talking about the organisms that are already on the toothbrush, and whether or not those are dangerous kind of depends on what’s been in your mouth. University of Auckland associate professor Siouxsie Wiles is a microbiologist and she keeps her toothbrush in a jar on the bathroom sink. She knows all about the toilet particles, so the simple solution is to drop the toilet lid before flushing.

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According to current projections, the global population will reach eight billion in 2023.


Dateline.... NORTH KOREA

Intelligence experts believe Kim Jong-Un lied and continued to build his nuclear arsenal even as he wrote glowing letters to the US saying the opposite. (

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A 26-year-old man dressed as a gorilla was arrested after allegedly threatening people in an apartment building in Fargo early Friday morning. At 12:30 a.m., Fargo police responded to a report of gunshots. When they arrived, officers were told there was a man dressed like a gorilla carrying a machete. The gunshots turned out to be large fireworks and officers learned the suspect threatened people inside the building, saying he was going to blow it up. Police evacuated the building to make sure everyone was safe and then communicated with the suspect for “several hours,” before he surrendered. He was arrested and taken to jail for probable cause terrorizing. (

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An irate Florida barber shot at two clients who confronted him about not keeping their appointments. 35-year-old John Digiovanni of Boca Raton, was arrested Wednesday on two counts of attempted murder after a man told police he shot at him and his friend in the parking lot of the First United Methodist Church. The victims told detectives that Digiovanni had scheduled appointments to cut their hair but didn’t show up for them in the past two weeks. One of the scorned customers reached out to Digiovanni on Monday about making the appointments and not keeping them, prompting the barber to start yelling and threatening him. The men then asked Digiovanni to meet them later that night to discuss what was bothering him before agreeing to meet at the church. Digiovanni hopped out of his car and pointed a gun at one of the men. He then shot at both of his clients before returning to his car. He remained held without bail Thursday at the Palm Beach County Jail. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

An 85-year-old Jacksonville woman was arrested for domestic violence after hitting her husband with a toy pirate ship….. FAKE NEWS

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New Study Confirms Watching Cute Animal Videos Is Good For Your Health