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Dear John,

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. My whole family is going to join us, except for my younger brother's family. His wife and my wife got in an argument over politics about six months ago. They've both kind of dug in their heels on this. My wife said she would welcome them with open arms and promised to avoid any political talk. My brother said they wanted to stay home this year and claims it has nothing to to with that spat. I feel pressure from the rest of my family over this, especially my older sister. I'm not sure what to do. We've been a pretty close family and this is going to be the first time we have not all been together. Last year we were at my brother's house with everyone else. I feel like we are somehow being blamed for this, but it really has nothing to do with us. Any advice on how to make this Thanksgiving not seem too weird?

Signed – MiddleChild

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November 19

National Carbonated Beverage With Caffeine Day

National Play Monopoly Day

Great American Smokeout

National Rural Health Day

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A new study found that a black market has emerged across the globe for negative COVID-19 tests that travelers can use to get into countries with strict protocols. (

A study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports found that scientists have discovered two new forms of marsupials in Australia that are tiny, gliding members of the possum family. (

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A 33-year-old Ocala woman was jailed Thursday morning after a Marion County sheriff’s corporal spotted her vehicle veering across lanes of traffic and a bicycle lane before almost hitting a curb. The corporal stopped a woman named Kristina Leigh Taylor. He reported that Taylor had driven in the bicycle lane before veering to the right and hitting a curb. He also reported that she drove about a quarter of a mile before stopping after he activated his emergency lights. The corporal reported that Taylor “was slow and sluggish to respond and appeared to be in a daze.” After being placed into the back seat of the deputy’s patrol vehicle, Taylor said she “didn’t want to get another charge” and admitted that she had “a sack of weed” between her panties and her pants. After arriving at the Marion County Jail, the deputy, who is a certified drug recognition expert, determined that Taylor was “under the influence of cannabis and unsafe to operate a vehicle.” She was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (


The Jonas Brothers have a surprise cameo on the Netflix show, “Dash and Lilly.” (

Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Guidice says she's “very happy” dating her businessman boyfriend. (

Ryan Cabrera got engaged over the weekend to his longtime girlfriend, WWE Star Alexa Bliss. (

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Google is going to start limiting how many high quality photos people can store in the cloud beginning next month. (

The CDC is suggesting that Americans who host Thanksgiving should serve the meal outside to avoid people mingling in close confines indoors. (

The Census Bureau is reporting that the U.S. Divorce Rate has hit a fifty-year low.(

Royal Caribbean is looking for human guinea pigs who are willing to ride their ships while they test the new Coronavirus safety measures. (

Richard Branson's “Virgin Hyperloop,” which aims to transport passengers at hypersonic speeds, conducted its first test with humans on Monday. The Hyperloop uses magnets to pull travel pods through a tube at six-hundred miles per hour and can get you from New York to D.C. in 30 minutes.(

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One in four adults has a stuffed animal in their bed.


Dateline.... VANUATU

The Pacific nation of Vanuatu has recorded its first case of Coronavirus after a citizen who repatriated from America tested positive this week. (

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A British mom allegedly faked ovarian cancer to collect around $60,000 on GoFundMe — which she then blew on lavish vacations, pricey meals and “heavy gambling.” Nicole Elkabbass’ trial opened in Canterbury Crown Court with prosecutors describing the online fundraising page that the 42-year-old is accused of using to swindle good Samaritans. Called “Nicole needs our help treatments,” the page tugged on heartstrings by describing Elkabbass as a “beautiful daughter” and “loving mum to her 11-year-old son” who needed cash to pay for life-saving medical procedures, prosecutor Ben Irwin said. The allegedly bogus fundraiser even included a photo of Elkabbass looking frail in a hospital bed — which was actually taken after a 2017 surgery to remove her gallbladder. The alleged sick scammer is facing fraud and possession of criminal property charges. As the trial continues, her defense attorneys are expected to argue that Elkabbass honestly believed she suffered from the disease.(

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A Central Florida firefighter’s mission to “catch 'em all” ended with him stealing $165 worth of Pokémon cards from Walmart. Police said 30-year-old Polk County firefighter Joel Strickland was caught on surveillance video switching barcodes on packs of gaming cards at Walmart. Records show he took the barcode stickers from lower-priced Pokémon cards and placed them on more valuable packs then took them to the self-checkout. A loss prevention officer confronted Strickland before he could leave the store and then called police. He is now facing a petit theft charge. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

A Naked man started a house fire while baking cookies on his George Foreman Grill ….. FLORIDA (

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Meet The Hero Who Saved A Little Girl From Being Kidnapped