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Dear John,

I always give a gift to my children's teachers. This year, we purchased a bunch of gift cards. We intended to give $20 gift cards to each of the teachers and had a couple of $100 gift cards for our bosses at work. But one of them was mixed up and the second-grade teacher got a $100 card by mistake. Now I don't know what to do. We have three kids and teachers talk. What if they find out one of them got $100, and the others just $20. Is it okay to say we made a mistake and ask for it back? My husband says we need to replace the $20 gift cards with $100. But we can't really afford that. What do I do?

Signed – Don't Wanna Be A Re-Gifter

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December 24

National Eggnog Day

Christmas Eve

SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by

A study (University of Vermont) found that SUVs topped with Christmas trees have 26 percent more aerodynamic drag than treeless SUVs. It’s probably not something to worry about since you’re typically not hauling that new tree across the country!

A survey out of England shows the top unwanted Christmas gift is the homemade knitted sweater.

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A 22-year-old Florida mother was arrested for making her two-year-old son vape marijuana so he would sleep better. (

A report says there are 40 million Americans driving drunk or drugged.


Dakota Johnson was wearing a giant diamond ring while she was shopping in West Hollywood Tuesday, sparking rumors that she’s engaged to Chris Martin. (

86-year-old Oscar winning actress Sophia Lauren says she feels like she’s 20. (

Real Housewives of Chicago” star Braunwyn Windham Burke confessed to beating her husband in their home. (

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What would a kid do to get everything on their Christmas list? In a survey nearly 7 in 10 kids said they’d be willing to clean their rooms daily for a year. But only 23 percent of kids would eat spinach for a year to get their holiday toys. Nagging works! Asked about the most persuasive technique their child uses to get the gift he/she wants for Christmas, the top response for parents is their child asking them repeatedly for the gift. Similarly, when kids are asked what they think is the best way to ensure that they get the toy they want for Christmas, the most popular response was to keep telling Mom or Dad over and over and over again.

A survey finds the average person will spend over four hours looking at screens on Christmas Day: an hour or two on our phones and computers; two hours watching TV; an hour or more playing on game consoles.

Hard plastic casings, plastic bindings and wire ties send many reaching for box cutters or knives on Christmas morning. About 6,000 Americans end up in the emergency room each year because of packaging-related injuries.

A survey finds 71 percent usually lose sleep over all the money they’ve spent on gifts for their children. Two-thirds of those parents say they spend a lot on their kids because they can’t stand the thought of their child being the only kid at school without the latest gadget or accessory.

Parents of young children will be getting a rude awakening on Christmas Day, as their excitable kids get up at 6:44 AM. Unsurprisingly, teenagers are least likely to be up before their parents, with just 15 percent waking up before 7 AM.

77-year-old Mick Jagger bought his 34-year-old girlfriend Melanie Hamrick a mansion in Sarasota, Florida for Christmas. (

America could be facing a cookie shortage this Holiday Season after Pepperidge Farm announced that the company has been unable to meet demands for its popular Milanos and Chessman Cookies. (

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Each season the U.S. will manufacture about 1.2 billion candy canes, enough to circle the globe three times.


Dateline.... BELGIUM

Seventy-five people became infected with COVID-19 after Santa visited a nursing home in Belgium. (

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A Florida woman has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her sister with a pointy Christmas ornament. 55-year-old Shirley Rogers was arguing with her boyfriend in her Oxford home when her sister stepped in to try and calm her down. The arrest report says that Rogers pushed her sister, grabbed a beaded cone-shaped Christmas decoration, and then stabbed her on the left side of her torso. The sister escaped Rogers and called the police. When cops arrived at the home, Rogers’ boyfriend was gone. It’s unclear if the sister received any medical treatment. Cops have not identified Rogers’ sibling. Roger has been charged with one count of battery. She was booked into Sumter County Detention Center in Bushnell where she’s being held without bond. (

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Two women wound up in a knock-down, hair-dragging battle over a PS5 game console at a North Carolina Walmart this week, leaving both apparently bruised and empty-handed. The two women exchanged punches over the hot ticket item at a Walmart in Charlotte on December 13th. Video of their confrontation has since gone viral. A woman with long braids can be seen shouting at another woman with a black hoodie, “What the f–k are you gonna do?” At one point, a man in a motorized scooter and a woman in a red mask try to intervene but the woman in braids continues to shout. The women then get into a fistfight in the electronic section, ending with the woman in braids being knocked down flat on the ground. Cops responded to the scene but the women left the store before officers arrived — apparently without a PS5. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

A Santa Rosa man dressed up as the Grim Reaper and went to the beach to scare people away ….. FLORIDA (

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Orlando Police Officers Donate And Deliver Christmas Gifts To Hundreds Of Kids In Need