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A survey of adults in a relationship found clothing, shoes and underwear are among the gifts men rarely get right when buying for a loved one. However, women aren’t perfect either. The research found that women are more likely to tell a partner if they don’t like what they’ve been gifted. They are also far more likely to drop hints about what they want. The worst gifts received from their significant other: Mop; shoehorn; vacuum cleaner; toilet seat; air freshener; nail clippers; bag of rice; windshield wipers; energy tablets; can opener; tape measure; salad spinner.

Researchers from eight European countries concluded that a Mediterranean Diet promotes healthy aging in adults. (

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Police in Florida reported that, after punching a cab driver in the face on November 29th, an intoxicated Florida Man jumped out of the taxi and began dancing in the street and screaming, “I’m Rick James, b---h.” According to an arrest affidavit, 50-year-old Paul Kijek exited a St. Petersburg bar around 4:15 a.m. on Sunday and “was kept from driving by multiple witnesses due to his level of intoxication.” When police subsequently arrived at the Back Bar, they called for a taxi, which Kijek entered. However, Kijek began yelling at the driver and then allegedly punched him in the face as the car pulled out of the parking lot. Kijek then jumped out of the vehicle and “began dancing in the street” while screaming “you white mother f---ers” and “I’m Rick James, b---h.” He was then arrested for battery and disorderly intoxication, both misdemeanors. He was not cited for what was surely a terrible Dave Chappelle imitation.(


A new report shows that Hollywood’s star studded “Times Up” organization spent the bulk of its donations on executive salaries and spent very little to help victims with legal bills. (

The $1.75 billion dollar Quibi streaming app has shut down just eight months after launching with some of the biggest names in Showbiz. (

George Clooney made headlines by telling CBS he's used a Flowbee to cut his hair for years. (

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New York City dropped out of the top ten most expensive zip codes in the U.S. for the first time ever. (

Pandemic” was named the 2020 “Word Of The Year” by Miriam Webster.(

Apple's leading manufacturer, Foxconn, is in talks to make iPads and MacBooks in Vietnam. (

Social Media is calling for a boycott of NIKE because of an anti-racism ad in Japan that some say depicts the country unfairly. The big complaint is that the Nike commercial shows girls getting bullied at school, only to be cheered when they excel at football. (

Particularly when you’re older, you are 14 percent more likely to die on your birthday than on any other day of the year. Particularly when you live in certain geographical areas, you are 13 percent more likely to die after getting a paycheck. And particularly when you’re human, you are more likely to die in the late morning — around 11AM than at any other time during the day. (From a new study published in the Annals of Neurology.)

One fun way to find a Christmas tree is to cut your own in a national forest. People can purchase Christmas tree permits through a website that allows them to go to the listed national forest of their choosing and chop down their own trees. The permits help maintain the forests’ overall health by thinning out the densely populated stands of small-diameter trees. Not only is the practice environmentally conscious, but the trees are also affordable.

A Los Angeles County Supervisor was seen dining outdoors just hours after she voted to ban the practice last week. (

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You only need a nurdle on your toothbrush. A nurdle is a tiny dab of toothpaste.


Dateline.... TAIWAN

In Taiwan, a man robbed a jewelry store, getting away with a couple of gold rings. Fearing he had been spotted, he decided to hide out in the attic of his apartment building until things cooled off. Surviving on bread and bottled water, he waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, he became a victim of his own funk. He told the cops he wanted to surrender because his body odor had become unbearable. He said the jeweler could have his rings back, what he really wanted was a nice hot bath.

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We’ve all had bad days behind the wheel. Maybe your project car breaks down miles from home, or maybe you get into a little fender bender. But a man from Northampton, Northamptonshire, England is here to challenge all of our bad car days. He managed to get his Renault Megane impounded a mere thirty seconds after purchasing it. As reported by the Northampton Hub Specials Twitter account, the man apparently drove the car off the lot and almost into the front bumper of a police car. During the traffic stop, police learned the man decided to take a chance and did not have insurance. That poor decision led to him losing his sweet Renault Megane only seconds after purchasing it.(

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A man was arrested after refusing to wear a face mask on a Delta Air Lines flight that was heading from Salt Lake City to San Francisco. 44-year-old Joshua Colby Council, was rushing to board his Delta fight at Salt Lake City International Airport around 10:40 p.m. Wednesday when a gate agent stopped and asked him to put on a face mask. Police said that Council refused and continued to board the plane. Once he was on board, the captain and flight crew also asked Council to wear a mask, but he became hostile and continued to refuse. He also refused to leave his seat when airport security tried to escort him off the plane. Only when all the other passengers got up and walked out did he finally leave the plane. The incident delayed the flight for forty-five minutes. Council was booked into Salt Lake County jail on a disorderly conduct charge.(


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me
Seminole County man who was naked from the waist down was arrested after breaking into an elementary school and spreading feces throughout the school ….. FLORIDA (

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Parents Were Overwhelmed With Emotion: Mystery Woman Pays Off $16,000 Worth Of Layaways At Toy Store