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December 22

National Date Nut Bread Day

Forefathers Day

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Who are we buying gifts for this holiday season?

A majority of adults say they plan to buy Christmas gifts for family members (75%)

54% will buy for a significant other (only 54%?)

37% plan to purchase a present for a friend

31% will buy a holiday surprise for their pet

Around 10% plan to shell out for coworkers (13%) or neighbors (10%)

A new survey found that undergoing surgery on the surgeon's birthday leads to a higher risk of death. (

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Greenwood, Louisiana police say officers found a bag of marijuana inside of a Christmas toy donation box Wednesday afternoon. Greenwood P.D. made a post on Facebook, sharing a photo of a small bag that allegedly contained marijuana inside of it. “I guess it’s the thought that counts,” GPD said in a Facebook post with a picture of the not-so-festive find. “Marijuana is not a good gift to put in the toy donation box for Operation Santa Claus!” Greenwood P.D. has been collecting toys through Operation Santa Claus for local families in need who have kids for more than thirty years. No word on whether this is the first time they’ve received a “donation” like the stash discovered Wednesday. Whoever donated this weed must’ve grown up with different versions of famous Christmas characters. I bet they loved Rudolph the RED-EYED Reindeer and Frosty the GROW-man. (


Leaked audio captured Tom Cruise screaming at crew workers who broke social distancing guidelines on the set of the new “Mission Impossible.” (

Zac Snyder says his Director's cut of “Justice League” could hit theaters in 2021 and will be rated R because Batman drops an F-Bomb on screen. (

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A George Michael super fan has purchased the late singer’s London home for $25 million dollars. (

Robin Thicke’s fiancĂ©e, April Love Geary, has given birth to their third child. (

Cardi B tweeted a video that shows her twerking upside down on her boyfriend Offset for his birthday. (

Brooks Nader, who won Sports Illustrated’s 2019 Swimsuit Model Search, was seen cavorting with her husband in Miami. (

Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband, Scott Borgerson, wrote a letter to a Judge requesting bail in which he described her as a “wonderful and loving person.” (

Jake Paul insulted Conor McGregor’s wife in a YouTube Video in which he dared the MMA fighter to sign a $50 million dollar contract to box him. (

Former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez has invested $650 million to develop twenty hotels around the world in the coming years. (

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In an informal study by a writer/blogger (Jamie Todd Rubin), we now know which keyboard key get the most, uh, love from our fingers. Care to guess? It’s the backspace key. In the study, the backspace key made up 8.8 percent of all keystrokes, or about 9 presses for every 100 keystrokes made.


Dateline.... RUSSIA

Russia is dealing with a surge in upstart media companies that are running stories critical of Vladimir Putin. (

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A Manatee County, Florida, woman has been tossed in jail after confessing that she stashed a man’s body in a trash can as a part of a mortal scheme to collect his Social Security checks. This shocking news about the body in the trash and the alleged Social Security fraud is according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. Forty-eight-year-old Michelle Haney is the alleged fraudster. Before his death, she was living with 39-year-old Christopher Leonard, who received Social Security benefits and whose corpse she would treat like it was nothing but trash. She didn’t call the authorities to report his tragic demise, which apparently was due to natural causes. While Leonard’s Social Security checks kept coming in, Haney stashed his body in the closet for three weeks before ultimately placing his rapidly decomposing remains in a 55-gallon trash can and taking it to a neighbor’s house for safekeeping. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Haney has been charged with abuse of a dead human body for stashing Leonard in the trash can. More charges are expected, presumably stemming from her fraudulent use of his Social Security checks. (

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An Illinois dental practice has been sued by eleven employees after a hygienist allegedly hid two cameras in the work bathroom. One camera was discovered October 22nd in a unisex employees’ bathroom of the national dental chain Aspen Dental in Crestwood, and it was turned over to the police department. That same day, 25-year-old dental hygienist Armani Alexander “admitted to placing the camera” in the bathroom and was arrested. The office assured the workers that they swept the premises and didn’t find any more cameras. Yet on October 26th a second camera was discovered in the same bathroom. Lawyers for the workers — who include dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and a marketer — say the cameras were first placed in the bathroom sometime in September. Aspen admitted that a background check for Alexander — who had only been with the company for two months — “was flagged for criminal activity.” The workers have brought claims of negligent hiring and supervision against the practice. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

A Marion County burglary suspect wearing nothing but boxers hit a cop in the face with a bible ….. FLORIDA (

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Church Pays Off $5 Million of Iowans' Medical Debt For Christmas