Show Notes for Friday, January 08, 2021

Today we visit with Elaine Culotti. She is in season two of Undercover Billionaire which airs every Wednesday at 8pm ET on Discovery Channel and streaming on Discovery+.

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January 8

National Argyle Day

National Bubble Bath Day

National English Toffee Day

National JoyGerm Day

National Winter Skin Relief Day

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A new survey by The National Literacy Trust says video games might help improve children’s mental well-being, literacy, and communication skills. (

A study published in the journal “Psychopharmacology” found that cocaine use leads to unsafe sex. (

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According to a criminal complaint, a Pennsylvania man charged with narcotics distribution claimed to police that he did not sell methamphetamine, but instead gave it away for free to those who came to his storage unit and asked for the drug. 56-year-old Mark Hiles was arrested Saturday for allegedly selling drugs from a storage unit several blocks from his home in Altoona. Hiles, free on $50,000 bond, faces a pair of felony drug charges and three misdemeanor counts. According to police, Hiles and 25-year-old Tyler Bartley were collared after investigators found them inside Hiles’s storage unit, which “appeared to being used as a residence.” In a post-arrest interview, Hiles was asked about the foot traffic to and from his storage unit. Hiles explained that “his friends stop by to see him because they know he has methamphetamine.” “The Defendant denied selling methamphetamine for money, but stated he would provide methamphetamine to users for free when they asked.” Hiles’s rap sheet includes multiple drug convictions, for which he has served several years in state prison. (


Actor Bradley Cooper took a shot at The Oscars, saying that the awards season is “meaningless” and “devoid of artistic creation.” (

A new report claims Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton barely spoke when the couples reunited to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. (

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Laurie Laughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade says she wants to keep the vibes good in 2021. Laurie Laughlin finished her prison sentence last week.

Rapper Lil Tijay was busted for gun and weed possession in New York City. (

A video has gone viral of a bulldog surfing off the coast of San Diego. (

An Oklahoma man was jailed for giving his two-month-old daughter a sip of Smirnoff Ice so she’d go to bed. (

Drivers who were seen on video blocking traffic by making donuts in the center of an intersection led to more than a dozen arrests Friday night in Miami Beach. (

A well-known stereotype is that husbands and wives should never hang wallpaper together if they want to stay together. According to a survey, when redecorating, the number one thing husbands and wives disagree on is color.

A study says sedentary lifestyles are making children less fit — even among those who are not obese.

Research shows that if you feel younger than your actual age, you’ll live longer.

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Peanuts aren’t technically nuts

They’re legumes. According to Merriam-Webster, a nut is only a nut if it’s “a hard-shelled dry fruit or seed with a separable rind or shell and interior kernel.” That means walnuts, almonds, cashews, and pistachios aren’t nuts either. They’re seeds.


Dateline.... RUSSIA

A prominent Russian scientist who was working on a COVID-19 vaccine was found dead with a stab wound after plummeting out his window in St. Petersburg. Russian police say they are investigating Kagansky’s death as a possible homicide. (

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A Florida man was arrested after crashing into a woman’s vehicle and claiming to be a Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy. According to an arrest report, 26-year-old Krishna Aravinthan claimed to be a law enforcement officer to the victim and tried to stop her as she was driving. Aravinthan allegedly rammed the victim’s moving vehicle with his own. He reportedly claimed to be a Hillsborough County deputy multiple times and said he rammed her vehicle to try and “stop her crime of driving reckless.” The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office confirmed nobody by the name of “Krishna Aravinthan” is employed by the agency. He is now charged with falsely impersonating an officer.(

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An Iowa State Patrol Trooper reportedly stopped a driver on Interstate 35 after clocking him at 114 miles-per-hour as heavy snow was still falling during a snowstorm. In a Facebook post, the Iowa State Patrol wrote, “The excuse?! “In a hurry trying to get back to college in Minnesota!” The post also said this incident happened as first responders were busy helping motorists that had been stranded during the storm. The Iowa State Patrol reported high numbers of service calls during the storm. Between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. the Iowa State Patrol assisted with 91 crashes and helped 372 drivers. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

A Fort Walton Beach woman told police she punched her neighbor’s dog because Jesus told her to do it ….. FAKE NEWS

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Doctor Forgives $650,000 Worth Of Medical Debt For His Cancer Patients