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Dear John,

I have an issue with one of my roommates. Three of us signed a one year lease about six months ago. A few months later one of my roommates invited her boyfriend to live with us. There's only three of us are on the lease. I'm trying to decide what the right thing to do is right now. Her name is on the lease, his is not. He pays half of her share of the rent, so he is paying to live here, but I think that's the wrong amount. If there are three of us, we each pay 33%. If there are four we should each pay 25%. Right now we have two paying 33% and two paying a little over 16%, so they literally pay half as much as we do. I spoke with my other room mate. We can't really afford the rent on our own. That would be 50% each and we just can't make that work. We are looking for a different place at the end of this lease, but that's almost six months from now. Do I bite my lip and leave well enough alone? Do I ask them to adjust the amount we all pay? Do I ask the boyfriend to move? I'm a bit stuck here. Any help would be wonderful.


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February 25

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SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by

According to a new study, the average American attempting the “Dry January” challenge this year only lasted ten days before giving up and consuming alcohol. Results show that seven in ten respondents (69%) have given the challenge a shot at one time or another – and it usually doesn’t work out. (

A new study finds that kids can easily just lie to bypass age restrictions guarding social media accounts. This has been a nightmare for parents. Researchers from Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software, name close to all major social media platforms as severely lacking in proper age verification protocols. (

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A Lane County man stole guns and other tactical gear from an FBI agent’s car, but got busted trying to sell one of the firearms to undercover officers. 29-year-old Michael Stuart Fancher allegedly broke into a special agent’s car while it was parked outside of the agent’s home, taking numerous items including a rifle, pistol, magazines, ammunition, body armor, tactical gear, and personal belongings. Surveillance video from “multiple neighbors” showed a male carrying items away from the car, making numerous trips. Another person, believed to be a female, was also involved. Authorities identified Fancher as a suspect and, on February 8th, undercover agents communicated with him “about buying the rifle from him in exchange for cash and two pistols.” Fancher allegedly told law enforcement that he had recently bought one pound of methamphetamine too. Fancher, who has previous convictions for possession of a stolen vehicle and unauthorized use of a vehicle, now faces charges of felon in possession of a firearm and theft of government property.(


Disney Plus has slapped an “offensive content” disclaimer on “The Muppet Show.” (

Netflix has announced that they’re producing their own Britney Spears documentary. (

The new Batman movie has been delayed yet again after the Batman Stunt Double contracted coronavirus.

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The NASA Perseverance Rover continued to transmit images from Mars over the weekend. (

The tech industry is buzzing with rumors that Apple could replace the iPhone with wearable glasses that project images in front of the viewer’s eye. (

The back seat of your car may tell women everything they need to know about you before they ever get in. According to a survey, women often interpret a cluttered back seat as evidence that a man has certain personality traits, including disorganization and irresponsibility. The back seat crud test is said to work equally well for men and women. In both cases a sloppy car could mean a sloppy lifestyle, according to those who know.

The world’s fastest roller coaster will soon take thrill seekers for a three-minute ride around a massive track while achieving unprecedented speeds of 155 miles per hour. Called Falcon’s Flight, the amusement ride is under development at the Six Flags Qiddiya in the Middle East, which is set to open in Saudi Arabia in 2023. The roller coaster is planned to have a 2.5 mile-long track that takes riders around curves, loops and a vertical cliff into a 525-foot deep valley. Six Flags Quiddiya will be home to 28 attractions — but Falcon’s Flight will be the centerpiece of the park.

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Angelina Jolie is selling a painting by Winston Churchill given to her by Brad Pitt.


Dateline.... POLAND

After drunkenly crashing his car, a guy in Poland fled the totaled vehicle, leaving behind his prosthetic arm.

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A Dutchman has gone viral for skating on a frozen canal while half-naked — and plunging in after the ice cracked. In a video seen almost seven million times on Twitter by Tuesday morning, the unidentified man wore just tight black shorts as he glided across the Keizersgracht canal in Amsterdam. His feet suddenly sank under a section of cracked ice, turning him into a flying Dutchman as he shot forward, crashing through the rest face-first. Soon, it wasn’t just the ice cracking up but also those watching him, with the clip posted Sunday capturing his audience whooping and laughing as he raised his head to show that he was safe. After initially looking dazed, the skater joked about his “face-plant” — and gave a bow after he was finally pulled to safety on a thicker chunk of ice by another skater. A slew of accidents recently led Prime Minister Mark Rutte to caution his nation, while conceding that “skating on natural ice makes the heart of many Dutch people beat faster.” (

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A Delta Airlines passenger disrupted a trip to Boston by trying to open a cabin door and assaulting a flight attendant while the plane was in the air. The unidentified man allegedly tried to open the main cabin door on the Sunday afternoon flight from Atlanta. “I saw the stewardess in first class, it seemed like she jumped back. I learned she had been hit,” another passenger, Mark French, told the outlet. “I stuck my head up and pulled off my headphones, and she was yelling, saying, ‘He’s trying to open the door.’” French said two officers wearing badges then tried to intervene. French added that they were able to eventually handcuff the man with zip ties. “Basically, the remainder of the flight, he was just screaming, ‘Let me out of here, this isn’t my home,’” he said. The airline confirmed that law enforcement met the flight when it landed at Logan Airport “due to a disruptive customer on board.” Massachusetts State Police said they were aware of an alleged assault of a flight attendant, but that the FBI was handling the case. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Two Rivers in Nashville, TN ….. GOLF COURSE

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'If I Can Do It, Anyone Can': Man Who Spent Half His Life In Prison Graduates College With Honors