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A study (McGill University) found that women make “weak signals” during online dating, requiring men to make the first moves when they’re trying to court someone. Researchers believe this shows that traditional dating habits and social norms still persist. The study looked at 50,000 online dating accounts and found that women don’t like to share personal messages with their potential partner and will instead rely on “weak signals” to indicate that they’re interested, like a swipe or friend request acceptance. The offline ‘flirting’ equivalents would be, say, a suggestive look or a preening bodily gesture such as a hair toss to one side or an over-the-shoulder glance.

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A sloshed traveler who downed three-quarters of a bottle of vodka before boarding a Ryanair flight headbutted a flight attendant after being told to wear a face mask, according to a report. 24-year-old Daniel Hendry refused to wear a covering on the flight from Tenerife to Manchester in the UK on January 29th. “F—- off! I’m going to punch you — going to smash your head in!” the boozed-up covidiot yelled before striking a male flight attendant and trying to hug a female crew member, the Manchester Magistrates Court heard. The captain was unable to divert because airports had been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so he decided to accelerate the plane and land in Manchester twenty-five minutes early. A fellow passenger captured the initial altercation with Hendry, as well as his arrest on the plane.(


Octavia Spencer has just signed on for the film Spirited, which will costar Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. Spirited is a musical inspired by A Christmas Carol. Academy Award winner Spencer will play a co-worker of Reynolds’ Scrooge surrogate, with Ferrell set to portray the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Let the record show that Natalie Portman is not pregnant — and also that she doesn’t stand for people basing their guesses on the look of women’s bodies. The Oscar-winning actor responded to a report that said she “seemingly” had a baby bump. Natalie Portman both denied the pregnancy rumors and asked that the publication that reported them “do better.” She shared on Instagram: “Hey. So I’m totally not pregnant… But apparently it’s still OK in 2021 for anyone to speculate and comment on a woman’s body shape whenever they want? Do better. @nypost.” Portman is not pregnant now, but she does already have two children with her husband, choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

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In another sign that 2021 will be better than 2020, Peeps will be back for the Easter season and the treats have even been spotted back in stores. Peeps took Halloween and Christmas 2020 off and didn’t release any themed shapes for those holidays due to the effects of the pandemic. But, as planned, they’ll be heading back to stores in time for Easter. They tweeted earlier this month counting down to Easter, and even showed production revving up for their favorite holiday. Some specialty Peeps have even been spotted back in stores and online retailers, including Peeps Party Cake and Hot Tamales. What is available near you will vary.

Here’s an interesting question in this age of COVID: “If I hold my breath when I walk past people, would that help stop me from getting coronavirus if they have it?” Here’s what the science says. Experts agree that the chance of contracting COVID when you pass strangers is very low to begin with, but holding your breath might be extra insurance. Dr. Julian Tang, a clinical virologist, recommends not just holding your breath but, once you’ve passed the person, blowing the air out because “it’s a physically robust way of avoiding inhaling any aerosols.” Because the virus spreads principally through aerosols, avoiding inhalation around other people may help protect you.

Twitter user Alexander James shared this bit of marital advice and it’s gone viral: “Some years back my wife and I got into the habit of asking each other ‘Do you want comfort or solutions’ when the other was having a bad time. That one sentence can save us from an argument 9/10 times.”

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Someone robs a convenience store every 20 minutes in the U.S.


Dateline.... ENGLAND

A 6-foot-wide home billed as “possibly the skinniest house in London” is being listed for sale with an asking price of $1.3 million. The listing agency says the 1,034-square-foot home, which boasts five stories, is comparable to the living quarters on a “luxury yacht.” The narrow home originally was a hat shop and converted into a home by a fashion photographer.

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A man in Turkey has had a friendship with a swan for 37 years. Retired postman Recep Mirzan found Garip, a female swan, 37 years ago. Mirzan and a group of friends were taking a shortcut in their car when they noticed the swan, with a broken wing, in an empty field. Mirzan immediately took the swan in to protect her from predators and kept her in the car until that afternoon, when he was able to take the swan to his home. Since then, Garip has lived on the man’s farm. Garip follows Mirzan whenever she is out of her pen, accompanying him when he is doing his chores around the farm or for his evening walks. Mirzan named the swan “Garip,” which translates as “bizarre” but is also used to describe those who are down on their luck. Garip spends most of her time out of her pen and has never tried to run away from Mirzan’s farmstead. A widower with no children, the 63-year-old Mirzan says Garip has been loyal to him and chose to stay at his side.

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A Florida man who threw a large rock through the window of a Wendy’s after discovering that the fast food joint was no longer selling one of his favorite treats has been convicted of two criminal charges, but has been spared jail. In a deal with prosecutors, 21-year-old Dustin Tyrrell pleaded no contest to criminal mischief and throwing a missile into an occupied building. While the felonies carried a combined statutory maximum of 20 years in prison, Tyrrell was sentenced to four years probation. Tyrrell was also ordered to stay away from the Wendy’s in Key West and have no contact with the restaurant’s owner or his family. He’ll also be paying $4,300 in restitution for damages caused to the eatery. As detailed in an arrest report, Tyrrell repeatedly threw a rock at the window until it passed through the glass into the crowded restaurant. When a passerby asked why he targeted Wendy’s, Tyrrell reportedly replied, “They don’t sell Cinnabons anymore!”

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Inverness By The Sea in Galveston, Texas ….. GOLF COURSE

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Anonymous $2 Million Donation Pays Colorado Symphony Salaries Through Summer 2021