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February 23

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A study by San Diego State University found that married couple are having sex sixteen fewer times per year. As a whole, the study found that even single people are having a lot less sex. (

If you want to keep trim, forget the diet books and gym membership — you may be better off just brushing your teeth more often. In a survey of the everyday habits of nearly 14,000 people, researchers in Japan found that those who managed to stay slim tended to brush their teeth after every meal. Overweight men sometimes went more than a day without brushing their teeth, according to the study.

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New details about last Friday’s false report of a hostage situation have been released. According to court documents, Pocahontas County dispatchers notified West Virginia State Police that a man was reportedly holding two people hostage at a residence in Bartow. They said the caller, Steven Warner — who owns the residence — gave permission for any law enforcement to enter the property. After they arrived, police entered the two-story residence and found two men and a woman inside. According to court documents, they were arrested “due to exigent circumstances.” When questioned by investigators, the three people denied being held against their will or being threatened in any way by other area residents. Police then cleared the scene. Investigators later went to Warner’s home to gather more information. He answered the front door with a tire iron in one hand and a pipe wrench in the other. Warner was patted down by troopers. Investigators found a small plastic bag containing a white powdery substance. Warner admitted the substance was methamphetamine, which he used that morning. Warner was arrested and charged with False Reporting of an Emergency and Possession of a Controlled Substance. (


Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley closed her Instagram page in 2016 following backlash from the fanbase, and after more than 4 years, she still has no intention of returning to social media platforms. Ridley says, “I have managed to separate my personal life well from my professional life, partly probably because I’m not on social media. The statistics that link them (social media sites) to anxiety are terrifying. I have friends completely addicted to their phone who have suffered with this problem.” The British actress also clearly stated that despite the temptation being there, she’ll definitely steer clear of it for the time being: “I don’t want to go back, but sometimes I think about it. But the truth is that no, I won’t be returning.”

A new season of ABC’s The Bachelorette is expected to begin filming this spring and spoiler king Reality Steve has revealed the network’s pick for the lead. The blogger shared the scoop via his Twitter page late Saturday night. The Women Tell All special taped a few days ago, and it seems that this big reveal was done as a part of that. Reality Steve says: “(SPOILER): At the Women Tell All taping this past Thursday, Katie Thurston was announced as the next Bachelorette. Katie gets eliminated on Monday’s episode during her 1-on-1 with Matt.”

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Michigan State Police are investigating the death of a man at a baby shower. During the baby shower (in Genesee County) a small cannon-type device was fired in the back yard to celebrate the baby’s pending arrival. When the cannon was fired by the home owner, the cannon itself blew up causing metal shrapnel to strike three parked cars and the garage where the baby shower was being held. A 26-year-old man standing nearby was also struck by the shrapnel. News reports didn’t state if the cannon firing was tied to a gender reveal, but… it probably WAS!

A man in a Nashville suburb was shot and killed as he tried to enact a “prank robbery” for a YouTube video late Friday. Timothy Wilks died after David Starnes Jr. shot him. Wilks and a friend had been carrying butcher knives when they approached a group of people, including Starnes, in a parking lot. Starnes told police he fired in self-defense. Wilks and the other person were pretending to rob the group for a video, but Starnes was not in on the gag. No charges have been filed.

An Italian shoplifter was caught after a store duped her into believing she’d won a prize. The meat market put up an image of the thief taken by security cameras under the heading ‘Lucky Shopper’. When a woman told the manager she was the lucky shopper in the photo, she was busted.

An Australian weatherman helped recover a body from the Gold Coast sea during a live broadcast on Friday. Luke Bradnam, a reporter for Australia’s Channel Nine, had just finished reporting on the dangerous surfing conditions when a person on a boogie board attempted to alert him to a body in the water. Bradnam at first thought there was a swimmer in distress and jumped in the water. The rescue turned into a recovery mission. The victim was a 32-year-old male who’d gone missing the day before, along with a female companion.

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7 billion pennies disappear every year.



A guy in the UK was banned for life from visiting his favorite corner bakery. At least once a week the guy would return after taking a bit out of a baked good, complaining it was stale. The baked goods were made overnight."

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Police Scotland, responding to a reported break-in, found a man in the road with a broken hip. An x-ray of the man’s hip was wide enough to show some of his stomach contents: “thousands of dollars worth of loot.” Detectives theorize the unidentified suspect heard the police coming, swallowed the jewels he was stealing to hide the evidence, and then slipped as he escaped out a second-story window.

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A DoorDash delivery driver stiffed a customer in Coral Gables. Surveillance video shows the driver appearing to stage a delivery. He snaps a picture of the food left for delivery before picking it up and putting it back in his car and driving off. Fe Zamora said she saw the picture of the food, but it was never to delivered to her. She contacted DoorDash to find out what happened. “Oh, my God, are you kidding me? Who does this? We were in disbelief,” Zamora said. “I am hoping that he has a very good excuse, like his family was hungry or something. It was a tab of 60 bucks,” the customer said. In a statement, the company stated: “This inappropriate and illegal behavior is never tolerated on the DoorDash platform, and the Dasher involved has been immediately removed. We have been in touch with the customer and fully refunded the order.” (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
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Beachway in West Palm Beach, Florida ….. REHAB

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Service Dog Gets Sendoff Party After Comforting Hospital Staff During Pandemic