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March 2

World Teen Mental Wellness Day

National Banana Cream Pie Day

National Old Stuff Day

National Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss Day)

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A study by the University of Helsinki found that singing in a choir boosts brain function and gives people an increased sense of togetherness. (

A new OnePoll survey of 2,000 Americans finds that the top trait people look for in a potential partner is whether or not they’re a good cook (63%). Surprisingly, this tasty quality edged out other options like “someone I can trust” and “someone who makes me laugh.” (

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Parents who bought a toy for their daughter from an El Mirage, Arizona, thrift store found more than 5,000 fentanyl pill inside. The parents, who weren’t named in the news release, cleaned a glow worm toy at their north Phoenix home and discovered a sandwich bag inside with more than 5,000 pills. Phoenix police said the parents contacted them and handed over the pills. “Great job parents! Remember, please inspect all opened and used items for your family’s safety,” police wrote on Facebook. Sergeant Mercedes Fortune of the Phoenix Police Department commended the parents for checking the toy before giving it to their child. “It might not just be pills or anything illegal, but it might be something sharp or might be something else that could hurt the kids,” she added. (


Director Zack Snyder recently announced a release date for the trailer for his upcoming zombie film, “Army of the Dead.” (

The “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” house is on sale for $1.4 million. (

New York City movie theaters will be allowed to open at limited capacity this Month. Movie theaters will be allowed to open again on March 5th albeit with tight restrictions. (

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Dunkin' Donuts is now selling wedding merchandise including a branded veil and ring bearer pillow. Other Dunkin’ wedding merch includes satin robes for your honeymoon. (

In Germany a man broke into a car late one night. He was hard at work trying to pry out the car’s in-dash screen but it turned out to be an exhausting job and before long he was sound asleep. And that’s how the cops found him, still clutching his screwdriver. They woke him up and arrested him.

Dairy Queen has canceled “Free Cone Day 2021,” its annual first day of spring freebie, amid COVID-19. Many restaurants have changed or canceled giveaways during the pandemic to prevent crowds. (

An Alaska woman got the scare of a lifetime when she went to use an outhouse and was bitten by a bear living in the toilet. (

Russia has reported the world’s first known case of a new form of bird flu.(

Customs and Border patrol agents at the southern border say they intercepted a smuggler carrying 200-pounds of undocumented bologna. (

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About 25 percent of the population sneeze when they are exposed to light.


Dateline.... JAPAN

Over 1,000 people attended the annual “Naked Festival” in Okyama, Japan despite the ongoing pandemic. (

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A 25-year-old Indonesian woman claims her newborn daughter was fathered by “wind,” according to the Times Now news in India. The new mom, identified as Siti Zainah, reportedly said she gave birth to a 6.4-pound baby just an hour after becoming impregnated by a “gust of wind” in the West Java province. According to the Times Now report, Zainah was in her living room when a breeze passed through. “After afternoon prayer, I was lying face down, and then suddenly I felt a gust of wind enter my vagina,” local media reportedly quoted Zainah saying. She said that 15 minutes later, she started feeling what were apparently labor pains and went to a medical clinic, where a healthy baby was delivered. That clinic’s director, Eman Sulaeman, reportedly speculated that Zainah was already pregnant, but didn’t know until she gave birth. A law enforcement official put out a statement intended to make sure the community was aware the “confusing news” was being looked into by authorities. (

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Two Florida women aged 34 and 44 dressed up as “grannies” – wearing bonnets and gloves – in a failed attempt to pass as old enough to be eligible for coronavirus jabs. WFTV, an ABC-affiliated TV station in Orlando, reported that the pair had valid vaccine cards after having their first shots, but were denied their second ones. It quoted the Orange County health officer Dr Raul Pino as saying: “I don’t know how they escaped detection for the first time, but they came with the gloves, the glasses, the whole thing, and they are probably in their 20s.” Their real ages emerged later, a WFTV reporter said. According to the station, the two women were turned over to police. Officers said they were asked to issue trespass warnings and no other action was taken.(

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Compass Point in Sturgis, South Dakota …. REHAB

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Furniture Store Owner Provides Shelter And Warm Meals To Texans Without Power