Show Notes for Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by

Scientists have discovered a new invasive creature in Florida. It’s actually a new species of mosquito called “Aedes scapularis.” (

New research shows that digital books can harm the learning skills of young readers. Researchers found overall that early readers are less likely to understand picture books when they read the digital version. (

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Michigan Police arrested a Canadian man who was found in the Detroit River with 185 pounds of Marijuana strapped to his body. This is the second time in the past year he’s been caught trying to smuggle marijuana across the American Border. (


Disney’s live-action remake “Peter Pan & Wendy” has officially started filming in Vancouver. (

Following reports that Pepe Le Pew was scrubbed from “Space Jam 2,” it has been revealed that there are no plans to bring him back in any other Looney Tunes projects. (

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Heinz is releasing a new line of combination sauces, including a mix of tartar sauce and ketchup called “tarchup.” (

A North Korea propaganda website is likening the K-pop industry to “slave-like exploitation.” (

Thousands of revelers are already trying their luck against social distancing by packing the Las Vegas Strip as capacity restrictions begin to ease — with photos showing crowds packed shoulder-to-shoulder in the gambling hotspot. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed a “Roadmap to Recovery” ruling that allows casinos to increase capacity from 35 percent to 50 percent as of last week. (

After agreeing to try the Vegan lifestyle, a woman claims her vegan boyfriend broke-up with her because she was sneaking out of the house to eat meat so often that he thought she was cheating. (

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A chef's toque contains 100 folds. Most diners are too busy looking at their food to look all that closely at what the preparer is wearing, but the toque—the traditional hat worn by chefs—actually contains exactly 100 folds. This is not just a nice, round number: it is said that these folds represent the number of ways to cook an egg, though an investigation by Bon Appetit failed to track down where that saying originated.


Dateline.... CHINA

China’s capital and a wide swath of the country's north were enveloped last week in the worst sandstorm in a decade. Skyscrapers in the center of Beijing appeared to drop from sight amid the dust and sand. Traffic was snarled and more than 400 flights out of the capital's two main airports were canceled before noon. (

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An assistant principal in Florida and her 17-year-old daughter were arrested Monday for allegedly hacking into school computers to rig a homecoming queen election. 50-year-old Laura Rose Carroll is accused of using her privileged access to the Escambia County School District’s internal system to cast sham votes for her daughter. The teen, who was named Tate High School’s 2020 homecoming queen last fall, also allegedly took part in the fraud. Agents began looking into the matter in October, when hundreds of votes for the school’s homecoming court were flagged as fraudulent, with 117 of them originating from the same IP address. Investigators found that Carroll, an assistant principal at Bellview Elementary School, and her daughter had allegedly accessed the FOCUS accounts of several students. FOCUS is the school district’s student information system. Evidence showed that a total of 246 votes had been cast from accounts accessed by computers inside the mom and daughter’s Pensacola home or from Carroll’s cellphone. (

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A Florida man who claimed to work in the rap industry was sentenced to seven years in prison after running a scheme to scam hotel stays and luxury services. 29-year-old Aaron Barnes-Burpo of Crestview, Florida claimed to have ties to the hip hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. Barnes-Burpo has been ordered to pay almost $300,000 in restitution to 19 businesses as well as serve three years probation after his prison term, according to court records. He plead guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. 52-year-old Walker Washington of Augusta was also part of the scheme. He has plead guilty and is awaiting sentencing.(

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Cobbs Creek in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ….. GOLF COURSE

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Man Donates 120 Gallons Of Platelets, Helps Thousands Of People