Show Notes for Thursday, April 15, 2021


Dear John,

I'm not sure if I'm a terrible mother or not. I love my kids, but I think I need them to move, or I need to move. My husband passed away a few years ago. My kids all grew up and moved away, but in 2020 I had my son move back home temporarily, then his sister moved back home in January. It's been great to get to see my kids more, but I think they should be moving on. They both have jobs where they can work from home. They make a good living. They both have money saved up. I think they were worried about me being alone, but I feel more alone right now than I did before. I end up spending time in my room or in the yard. My friends don't like to come over because they feel like they're interrupting “family time”, but there really is no family time. My kids are either working, watching movies or playing video games. I said something last month and we did spend a little time together, but it took a week to get back to normal. I think it would be better if they lived in their own places and we got together like we used to. Would it be wrong of me to ask them to leave? Does this letter make me sound like a bad mom?

Signed – BadMomOrNot?

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A Bankrate survey found that it’s cheaper to have a DUI on your driving record than it is to add a teen driver to your insurance policy. (

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Each day we share stories about people doing dumb things under the influence, but ADDICTION IS NO LAUGHING MATTER! If you or someone you know needs help, we're here! Learn more at

An allegedly tipsy trespasser downed tequila, then hopped a fence at the National Counterterrorism Center in Virginia — mistaking the fortress for a hotel. Jatinder Singh was busted on March 14th at around 5:00 a.m. trying to book a room at the McLean complex after climbing a security fence, a federal affidavit said. “Defendant responded that he was there to rent a room,” the court docs say. Singh, who was “noticeably unsteady on his feet and exhibited slurred speech,” later ‘fessed up to downing tequila that night and said he tried to retreat to the anti-terrorism mecca “seeking a meal and a place to stay,” a CIA officer wrote in the affidavit. Singh, who lives in Pottstown, Pa., was charged with trespassing and released from federal custody the same day. His next court date is May 27th. He admitted to The Post that he’d been drinking and hopped the fence to the federal property — but didn’t realize where he was. “I didn’t know that was federal property,” he said Thursday. “I was just looking for help. I just see the building with the lights.” (


CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin says the network has a gender equality problem. (

The second trailer for Disney's upcoming “Cruella” was released, and it dives even farther into the twisted villainess' world than ever before. (

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Do you like your pickles wrapped in cheese? How about popcorn with beans? What about ice cream on meatloaf? In a survey of Americans, these are just a few of the surprising food combinations some of us love. Research revealed mayo and peanut butter sandwiches, and cookies dipped in guacamole also made the cut. The survey found the most popular weird food combo Americans love is the dipping of French fries in their chocolate milkshake.

Here’s a fact that should remind us to stay humble: There are probably 2 billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy. Researchers say they focused their maths on Earth-size planets within the habitable zones of their stars — that is, orbits where liquid water can exist on the surfaces of those worlds. We live in a solar system that is in one of the arms of the large spiral galaxy called the Milky Way. The sun and its planets (including Earth) lie in this quiet part of the galaxy, about half way out from the center.

More than ever before we are ordering groceries for pickup and delivery.

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Kids ask 300 questions a day. A 2013 U.K. study from online retailer observed young children and recorded the questions they asked the adults around them. The children tended to turn to their mothers for answers, and these moms could end up answering an average of nearly 300 questions per day, or one question every two-and-a-half minutes, the study found. The moms reported that the hardest questions they were asked included "Why is water wet?" and "What are shadows made of?"


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Dateline.... ARGENTINA

Argentina’s President has tested positive for the Coronavirus even after being vaccinated. (

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A man in Vienna who was fined £425 for breaking wind loudly in front of police has had his fine reduced to £85 after an appeal. The unidentified culprit was fined for “offending public decency” after farting provocatively at police on June 5th, 2020. The man successfully challenged the hefty fine by arguing his flatulence was a “biological process.” He also claimed that breaking wind should be seen as a right under freedom of expression, even if he had done so deliberately. Freedom of expression in Austria is not limited to communication and can take other forms, such as noises, according to the administrative court. However, the sound or communication must have “communicative intent,” which, the court said, was not the case with a fart. The judge decided that wind, though a communication, was a “form of expression that transcends the boundaries of decency.” The court branded the man's actions “ridiculous” but concluded the culprit only had “average” culpability for the fart and as it was his first offence, reduced the fine. (

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What noise? A pair of Florida sheriff’s deputies responding to a party-noise complaint appeared to back down a little too quickly when told their boss was among the guests. The uncomfortable encounter between the deputies and party guests in Parkland was caught on the body camera footage of the officers and obtained by The Sun-Sentinel newspaper. When told by some attendees and the homeowner that Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony was in the backyard of the home, whooping it up with the crowd, one deputy started to walk away. “You guys do whatever you want. Have a nice night,” the deputy said, according to the paper. No action was taken by law enforcement because the city’s noise ordinance didn’t kick in until 11:00 p.m., officials said. The sheriff is not seen on the body camera footage, and his presence at the party wasn’t officially confirmed. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Carlton Oaks in Santee, California ….. GOLF COURSE

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Musician Couple Hosts Virtual Concerts To Raise Money For Food Pantry