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A study found most people lie on first dates. But they differ on what they lie about. Men are most likely to lie about how wealthy they are, typically bumping up their incomes by about 20 percent. Men are also most likely to lie about their previous relationships and their occupations. Women lie about their jobs but are more likely to lie about their ages — typically shaving four years off the actual number.

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A 40-year-old Long Island man went to a local medical facility and realized he forgot something when he returned home. He called up the place. Normally, such a call wouldn't be problematic -- except the thing the man allegedly thought he left behind at the East Garden City happened to be cocaine. Jose Espinosa called the medical group when he got home and described the “lost property.” An employee found the “described property” and called the police. Police said that Espinosa was arrested on two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance after an investigation. It wasn't immediately clear if the Franklin Square man had retained an attorney.(


Vin Diesel is starring in a new Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots movie.(

Mattel is teaming up with a horror movie studio to produce a movie about the magic 8-ball. (

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A married Mississippi Biology Teacher was arrested after videotaping herself having sex with a teen student. (

Authorities found five dog tags inside the stomach of a massive 12-foot-long alligator that was killed in South Carolina, sparking concerns it ate the pets.(

Researchers say many viewers don’t understand what they are told on TV weather forecasts. The researchers (University of Washington) said only half of people understand basic terms like “20 percent chance of rain.” Many think “a 20 percent chance of rain” means it will rain over 20 percent of the area or for 20 percent of the time period covered by the forecast.

Outside Online says our deadliest national park is Grand Canyon, Arizona — with a death count of 134 since 2010.

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A driver in the UK suffered a broken nose after a frozen sausage was thrown through an open window of his car. After the sausage assault, the man managed to stop his car without hitting anyone else.

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A man was busted for a complex fraud scheme spanning all of Southwest Florida. 38-year-old Brent Michael Acord allegedly stole another man’s identity and used it to open an online credit account. Then in August of 2020, he entered a Naples area John Deere dealer with a fake license, false credit cards and documents showing John Deere credit approvals and bought two generators. He returned to the store the following day and purchased another generator. The total combined value of the three generators was nearly $8,000. Detectives said the case included multiple jurisdictions and multiple identities being compromised in a “systematic and complex scheme.” Acord was arrested on similar charges in September 2020 in connection with a criminal case in the City of Sarasota. He is accused of stealing a different victim’s identity and using it to purchase a vehicle for more than $20,000. He was also arrested in December 2020 after he used the same victim’s identification to purchase a $30,000 powersports vehicle from a business in Punta Gorda. He was booked into the Naples Jail Center on Collier County felony warrants. (

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A Florida woman is behind bars after investigators say she broke into an Interlachen home where three children were sleeping and helped herself to coffee and eggs. The Putnam County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post that deputies were called to the home on Saturday morning after the homeowner said a woman broke into her house and was drinking coffee. The homeowner had gone to work that morning, leaving her three children age 16, 10 and 7 asleep. When the 16-year-old woke up, she called her mom around 9:00 a.m. and told her there was a woman in the kitchen. The homeowner returned from work and found Wendy Kaufman inside the home “actively drinking coffee.” She had also made herself eggs for breakfast. The homeowner told Kaufman to leave, and she told the woman she would not go “without her daughters,” referring to the children in the home. However, Kaufman has no family connection to the homeowner. Kaufman went outside and waited on the porch for deputies to arrive. She was arrested and charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling. (

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The Reserve at Orange Lake in Kissimmee, Florida ….. GOLF COURSE

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