Show Notes for Thursday, May 20, 2021


Dear John,

Not sure what to do. My best friend's boyfriend was hitting on me, so I told her and she was mad at me. We have not talked for about three weeks, which makes me sad. Today I looked on a dating app I'm on and her boyfriend is on there. I looked at her fb page and she just posted a photo with him last night. I already got a screen shot of his page on the dating app, in case he deletes it, but should I even say something? Last time I mentioned that he was flirting with me she quit talking to me.... I want to say something, but I also don't want to push my friend away any more than I already have. Any idea on what I should do?

Signed – confused friend

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A new study has found a high level of toxic chemicals in American mothers' breast milk. (

A study from Tufts University found that people who have consistently weird dreams are usually trying to get through a tough time. (

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A Garden State cop was busted for running a meth lab out of his house. 50-year-old Christopher Walls, a longtime member of the Long Branch Police Department, was arrested after his coworkers were called to his house Saturday night because of a domestic disturbance. Someone in the house tipped off cops to the cop’s Walter White-like activity and found the ingredients and equipment for making meth in the basement and a shed. Walls had books related to making meth, explosives, and poison. The officer was a 19-year veteran of the Long Branch department. Police also found a stash of six guns, high-capacity magazines and ammo in an unsecured safe that could’ve been accessed by a child living in the house. Local police worked with state police in the investigation. Walls is facing six charges related to the meth production as well as a second-degree child endangerment charge and firearm possession during a controlled-dangerous substance offense. He faces a maximum of sixty years behind bars if convicted of all the charges. (


A new report claims Ellen DeGeneres will be ending her daytime talk show.(

Ellen DeGeneres continues to face criticism after announcing she is quitting her show and sitting down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss it. Ellen hosted her show for nineteen seasons and she beat everyone in the ratings the first eighteen years. (

Ellen DeGeneres insists that her toxic workplace scandal and sinking ratings had nothing to do with the end of her daytime talk show. (

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A year after leaving their royal duties to move to Los Angeles, Madame Tussauds has now decided waxwork models of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan now belong in the attraction’s Hollywood zone and not with the other members of the House of Windsor. (

Prince Harry says that because he's being watched all the time his life is like living in a zoo. (

After a one-year suspension due to the Coronavirus, KFC is bringing back the famous slogan “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!” (

Photos of a rare and disgusting Anglerfish washing ashore on a California beach are going viral. (

A new viral video shows a dog singing along with its owner as she plays violin. (

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Humans are just one of the estimated 8.7 million species on Earth. Human beings may dominate the planet with our sprawling cities and far-reaching technology, but we are, in fact, just one species among some 8.7 million that live together on planet Earth. One 2011 study published in the journal PLoS Biology estimated that "the various forms of life on the planet included 7.8 million species of animals, 298,000 species of plants, 611,000 species of mushrooms, mold and other fungi, 36,400 species of protozoa, and 27,500 species of algae or chromists." And it's worth noting that the researchers did not venture to put an estimate on the number of bacteria. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!
Dateline.... CHINA

Groups alleging human-rights abuses against minorities in China are calling for a full-blown boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The Beijing Games are set to open on February 4th, 2022, just six months after the postponed Summer Olympics in Tokyo are to end. (

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The bride wore white — and her ex? Green. In a desperate attempt to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, a woman in Germany faked an elaborate wedding to get revenge on an old flame. A TikTok video of her envy-inducing antics has gone viral, with more than 1.8 million views and thousands of gobsmacked comments. 24-year-old Sarah Vilard revealed her rock bottom moment to the tune of Gnarls Barkley’s 2006 hit “Crazy,” showing pictures of herself holding hands with a groom-for-hire, wearing a long white dress. “Yup, I’m crazy,” she captioned the video. Vilard, who lives in Frankfurt, Germany, split from her former beau in 2019 and hatched envy-inducing plan shortly after. She rented out Frankfurt’s Villa Kennedy and rounded up her friends to play the roles of bridesmaids. She posted the pictures to her Instagram, where she was certain her ex would see. The crazier thing was: Vilard was “satisfied” with the results, she told Jam Press. “He found out through Instagram and texted me the next day and freaked out because he thought I was cheating on him while we were together,” Vilard said. She then blocked and deleted him from her social media and her life. (

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Police had a good lead after they say a man stole someone’s identity to purchase a brand-new Ford Explorer – a photo of the suspect posing next to the vehicle at the Kansas City, Missouri dealership where he bought it. Police shared a photo of the unidentified suspect in the Stolen KC, a Facebook group for broadcasting local thefts, saying that they were investigating the July, 2020 crime and asked for help identifying the man. It took just a few hours for officers to make a break in the case, nearly 10 months after the purchase from Thoroughbred Ford. “Thank you so much, we have already identified the suspect!” Kansas City police wrote. “Turns out he is in custody already on the Kansas side on different charges.” Police did not reply to requests for more information on what charges he faces. Kansas City police officials said they have turned over the case to local prosecutors. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

White Sands in Tampa, Florida ….. REHAB

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94-Year-Olds Find Love During The Pandemic