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Dear John,

We have not traveled in a long time. We're planning a little trip now and everyone in the family wants to go somewhere different. I'm kind of sad about something my son said while we were discussing options. He said “It doesn't matter where I want to go, it's gonna be wherever you and dad want to go anyway” My husband and I talked about this tonight and My husband thinks our son is manipulating me by saying this. I don't really think he is, but it did make me think about the last few times we made a decision as a family. We were the ones who ultimately decided. I think it's time to let the kids pick something. What are your thoughts on this? How do we make this fair for everyone in the family?

Signed – Maybe Manipulated Mom

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June 10

National Egg Roll Day

National Ballpoint Pen Day

National Iced Tea Day

National Black Cow Day

National Herbs and Spices Day

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A new study finds that one in five people have actually banned a board game for causing problems on “Game Night.” Out of those who’ve brought down the banhammer, it’s Monopoly that stands out as the most debated — and most forbidden — board game of all time. (

According to a new survey, more than 41% of board game arguments end with the board being flipped or pieces being thrown. (

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An army lance corporal who drove to McDonald’s while three times over the alcohol limit was so drunk she tried to order food from a police officer sent out to arrest her. 33-year-old Kayleigh Marie Goodall, 33, was caught driving “all over the road” after boozing with friends in Richmond, North Yorkshire and heading back to her camp in Catterick Garrison for more drinks. In a drunken haze on May 15th, she decided to drive to a McDonald’s less than a mile from her base. The drive-thru was closed and cordoned off but the corporal still pulled in. When police caught up with her, she attempted to get her fast-food fix from officers, ordering through her car window. Kathryn Reeve, prosecuting, said: “She asked to order food from the police officer before being removed from the car.” Goodall’s breath test gave a reading of 116 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath – more than three times the legal limit of 35. In mitigation, duty solicitor Harry Bayman said a driving ban would mean she would not be able to continue her specialist driving and communication role in the Army. The corporal, who has been in the Army at least ten years, was banned from driving for 27 months after pleading guilty to drink driving. (


The Alamo Drafthouse will open five new theaters after emerging from bankruptcy. (

HBO Max is releasing a new streaming platform for $9.99 per month that will include commercials and exclude theatrical releases. (

Chrissy Teigen is back on Instagram after her cyber-bullying scandal. If you didn’t keep up with the scandal, and good for you by the way, she was accused of threatening several Hollywood actresses in direct messages.(

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A growing number of classic car owners are turning them electric to be compliant with the government’s push to cut emissions.(

An artist has sold what he’s calling the world’s first invisible sculpture, described as a 4-foot 9-inch void of nothingness. (

A video from the Chester Zoo in England is going viral for showing a rare couple of “Dancing Lemurs.” The species is nicknamed the “Dancing Lemurs” because they appear to be dancing when they walk. (

An Instagram model claims that Twitter banned her for being too hot. (

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The Comic Sans font came from an actual comic book. Most adults nowadays who know anything about graphic design steer away from using the Comic Sans font in formal documents. The font was designed by Vincent Connare, who drew direct inspiration from his favorite comic books, including Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' celebrated Watchmen series. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... CHINA

A herd of wild elephants has been wandering through China, destroying farms, trampling though villages, and causing over $1 million dollars in property damages. (

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A Florida man accused of killing an iguana last year wanted a charge of animal cruelty dismissed on the basis of the state's “stand your ground” law. A judge has denied his motion. PJ Nilaja Patterson was arrested after allegedly beating, dragging, and kicking a 3-foot iguana in Lake Worth, Florida, on September 2, 2020. The animal died as Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control was transporting it to be euthanized. Patterson's attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the charge, but Judge Jeffrey Gillen denied the motion. In their motion, Patterson's attorneys Frank Vasconcelos and Carey Haughwout said their client was trying to save an iguana from getting run over by cars. When he brought it to safety, a crowd agitated the animal and it bit his right arm when he tried to move it, according to the motion. It says he then “kicked the iguana as far as he could.” Patterson had to get 22 staples in his arm because of the bite, according to the motion. His attorney maintains his innocence, and in an email to CNN said they will “fight this case until the very end.” (

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Thieves who broke into a Harley Davidson dealership in Tennessee apparently had some trouble getting away with the bikes. Around 3:00 a.m. Friday at the Appleton Harley-Davidson dealership, the thieves rammed one of the bikes repeatedly into a front door to break it. Three of the thieves made it out on motorcycles, but two others did not after one bike got stuck in the door and another was trapped behind it. The two thieves were seen on video running from the scene. The store owner said two of the three bikes stolen were on consignment, while one of them was a custom-made motorcycle. The incident marked the 12th time a Harley Davidson dealership has been targeted over the last several months, although it’s the first in middle Tennessee. The other dealerships are in Illinois, Indiana, Alabama and Kentucky. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation was looking into the burglary. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Silver Sands in Prescott, Arizona ….. REHAB

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Woman Donates Kidney To Husband's Ex-Wife Two Days After Wedding