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Dear John,

I have been getting friend requests from an ex girlfriend. I have deleted them, but I get another one not too long later. I'm happily married. I have no interest in my ex. One of my co-workers said I should accept the request to see what she wants. Another said I should block her. What say you two? Would Heidi be OK with you accepting a friend request from an ex, even if it's just to find out why she keeps reaching out?

Signed – Happily Married

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July 8th

National Freezer Pop Day

National Chocolate with Almonds Day

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A new report claims New York City is considering creating a 24-hour party district. (

The average adult will spend a total of 416 days of their life in the bathroom. Men will spend 373 days using the bathroom — around 23 minutes a day — and women will use them 456 days — typically for 29 minutes a day.

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A passenger who allegedly charged the cockpit of a taxiing plane at Los Angeles International Airport told authorities he smoked “a lot” of crystal meth prior to the frightening incident. 33-year-old Luis Antonio Victoria Dominguez whispered to a passenger next to him on Friday’s United Airlines Flight 5365 that he planned to jump out of the plane as it readied to depart. “I’m serious,” the woman recalled him saying. Victoria Dominguez, of La Paz, Mexico, then allegedly dashed to the front of the plane and banged on the cockpit door, trying to get inside. After not breaching the door, he opened an emergency exit door and hopped out of the plane, breaking his right leg. Victoria Dominguez had arrived at LAX hoping to get to Salt Lake City, but he didn’t have a connecting flight planned. He instead visited a hotel in downtown Los Angeles, where he downed several beers and used $20 to buy “a lot” of crystal meth, according to an account he gave FBI investigators. Airport police took Victoria Dominguez into custody before he was taken to a hospital. He now faces up to twenty years in prison for interfering with the flight crew. (


Hollywood producer and director Richard Donner, who was best known for his work on the "Lethal Weapon" franchise and "The Goonies," died yesterday of undisclosed causes. He was 91. Donner's career in film and television spanned six decades. His directing credits include 1978's "Superman," 1985's "Ladyhawke" and 1988's "Scrooged."

The Voice” coaches Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton married in Oklahoma over the Fourth of July holiday during a weekend wedding in Oklahoma. The two singers announced their engagement in October after meeting as judges on the singing competition show. Shelton was previously married to Miranda Lambert. Stefani divorced her former husband Gavin Rossdale in 2015.

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The creator of “Goat Yoga” has created a Goat Hotel in Texas where guests can sleep overnight in a goat barn. (

A United Airlines flight from Maui to Newark, New Jersey was delayed after a bird got on the plane. (

Police in California have arrested a 27-year-old man on federal charges of illegally transporting tons of illegal fireworks following an explosion that rocked a Los Angeles neighborhood last week. Special agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives arrested the suspect Saturday on charges of transporting explosives without a license, which carries a statuary maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison. Last Wednesday, police attempted to seize about 10 pounds of the fireworks inside a bomb disposal trailer but they blew up, destroying the truck and injuring 17 people, including 10 law enforcement officers.

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Dateline.... CHINA

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned that any country that attempts to “bully” China will “face broken heads and bloodshed” during a defiant speech marking the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party. (

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The Florida Highway Patrol announced Friday that the man who was captured in Mexico earlier this week and believed to be a Polk County man who had been on the run for fourteen years is actually a completely different fugitive. The FHP announced the arrest of a man who they believed was Brian Dale Andrews. According to troopers, the man was arrested and returned to the United States after he had identified himself to Mexican authorities as Andrews, who has been wanted in Polk County for fourteen years in connection with a deadly DUI crash. But troopers said the United States Marshal’s Service confirmed that the man they had in custody was, in fact, another fugitive named Ernest McBride. McBride has warrants out from Arkansas and Missouri. Despite similar physical characteristics, troopers said fingerprint comparisons proved the man they had taken into custody was McBride, not Andrews. FHP Troopers continue to search for Andrews. Anyone with information on his whereabouts are encouraged to contact the FHP. (

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A 25-year-old Florida man who was charged with attempted murder after shooting at police officers from his balcony, claims he thought he was in a video game. Kyle Raymond was arrested Sunday after firing at two police cars that responded to his Boca Raton apartment building after 911 calls about an “unstable” man screaming in the parking lot. Raymond fired 13 rounds from a .40-caliber Sig Sauer P229 handgun from the balcony to the street below, hitting one cop car’s tire and piercing the other’s roof. Several other guns were found inside his apartment when officers served a search warrant. “He believes someone poisoned him,” an officer wrote in the affidavit. “He believed that he was being controlled in a video game. He believed that his actions were being controlled by someone else.” Another officer specified that Raymond thought he was inside a game “similar to ‘Grand Theft Auto.’” Raymond was charged with with two counts of first-degree attempted murder of law enforcement officers and unlawful discharging of a firearm.

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Dobson Ranch in Mesa, Arizona ….. GOLF COURSE

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Movie Fans Raise Over $90,000 To Fund Brain Surgery For Injured Stuntwoman