Show Notes for Thursday, July 15, 2021


Dear John,

My neighbor has been a little flirty since I moved in a few years ago. I've always just been polite and never led him on at all. His wife is a wonderful woman and has become a bit of a friend. We don't hang out or anything, but she's very nice. Over the weekend she was gone for a few days and her husband was more flirty than ever before. He even tried to get me to come over saying “she's gone for the weekend so you can stay over if you want”. I didn't join him. I actually went to visit my mother to get away from the whole awkward thing. My mom said I should tell his wife what happened. I'm not sure what to do since nothing really happened. But it could have if I would have been even remotely interested. Should I say something to her? Maybe she knows. I would feel really bad to be the one who would break up a marriage, but it's not really anything I'm doing. What do you think?

Signed – Uncomfortable Neighbor

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Researchers in Cape Cod are developing a model that will allow them to predict when Great White Sharks will attack. (

A survey says doing household chores is a far better way to woo a woman than giving chocolate or flowers. Just under half of the females surveyed said helping around the house was the way to their heart, admitting they’d be more impressed if their partner did the ironing rather than taking them for a weekend away or a romantic candlelit dinner.

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31-year-old Californian Bridgette Frank was arrested on a felony bad check charge and for failing to appear in court in a separate misdemeanor case. Frank, who lives in Covelo, a small Mendocino County town that includes the Round Valley Indian Reservation, was released from custody after posting $8,500 bond. Now as for her t-shirt…. Frank--whose rap sheet includes convictions for drunk driving, assault with a deadly weapon, child cruelty, and narcotics possession--appears to be wearing a t-shirt that aspires to be a bootleg Louis Vuitton product. However, the name of the French fashion house has been rendered as “Loius Veitone.” A Google search for “Loius Veitone” returns no results, indicating that Frank’s shirt is likely the butchered product of an overseas counterfeiting operation, not some ironic take sold by a fashionista. (


Sir Richard Branson became the first billionaire to fly into space aboard his Virgin Galactic Rocket Plane Sunday. Branson took five employees on the voyage and they were able to experience weightlessness for a few minutes. (

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier vowed to fight again after Saturday Night's Fight in Las Vegas. (

A soccer match in New Zealand was disrupted by a sea lion.

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A wanted car thief in China avoided arrest for a couple of days until he surfaced to catch the latest episode of his favorite TV show. After a series of car thefts, police had been looking for the 17-year-old for some time. They caught him when he came out of hiding to visit an Internet cafe where he was watching a video stream of his favorite TV show.

CareerBuilder surveyed a bunch of managers to find some of the weirdest excuses people have used for being late for work.

There was a stranger sleeping in my car.

I was drunk and forgot which Waffle House I parked my car next to.

I passed out after getting 10 vials of blood drawn.

Lost my bra somewhere in my room.

You may have eaten ostrich and alligator jerky, but you’ve probably never had earthworm jerky. It’s a real thing and you can buy it on Amazon. The product description is pretty basic: “Unique. Edible. Good source of protein.”

A car thief in China was found nearly dehydrated after he accidentally became trapped in the BMW he was trying to steal. The car’s owner alerted local police after he received a phone call from the thief pleading to get him out of the sweltering vehicle. The suspect was so weakened by the oven-like interior that police had to take him away in a wheelchair.

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Cows kill more Americans each year than sharks do. While sharks account for about 53 bites per year, only one of those ends up being fatal. Cows, on the other hand (or hoof), kill around 20 people per year. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... JAPAN

Japan is set to place Tokyo under a state of emergency that would last through the Olympics, fearing an ongoing COVID-19 surge will multiply during the Games. The Games already will take place without foreign spectators, but the planned six-week state of emergency likely ends chances of a local audience. Back in January, Florida offered to host the Olympics instead if Tokyo backed out. (

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A New York man who hasn't made a mortgage payment on his Long Island home in over twenty years has dodged eviction yet again. Per the New York Post, Guramrit Hanspal was saved from being kicked out on the streets yet again last week when a judge agreed to delay his case because his lawyer claimed a co-counsel had been hired just the day before the hearing. Records show Hanspal has avoided eviction multiple times over the years by filing lawsuits and bankruptcies. The 52-year-old reportedly hasn't made a single mortgage payment since 1998, when he made his very first. As Yahoo News notes, the pandemic has added to Hanspal's arsenal of loopholes and technicalities thanks to a backlog of cases in housing court. The home was foreclosed on years ago and is currently owned by Diamond Ridge Partners, the company that most recently took Hanspal to court. An attorney for Diamond Ridge Partners told the judge last week that Hanspal has pulled the last-minute attorney trick around forty times. In addition to suing him, the company has reportedly also previously offered to pay Hanspal $20,000 just to get out, though it seems he prefers to stay put. (

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A Georgia man was arrested after allegedly trying to sell duct-taped iguanas for $10 each in a parking lot. Dayniel Del Toro Mendez, a pet shop owner, is accused of capturing the reptiles in Florida before taking them back to the city of Norcross and trying to sell them from his SUV off Jimmy Carter Boulevard. “The iguanas were tied up,” Gwinnett County police officer Hildeshi Valle told the outlet. “Their legs were tied with duct tape in a non-ventilated area, which could cause them to die,” Valle said. Mendez was charged with 22 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. “I guess it was his impression that it wasn’t an illegal act,” Valle told the news station. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Harmony Hill in Colts Neck, New Jersey ….. GOLF COURSE

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Strangers Unite To Save People From A Building On Fire In Sweden