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July 14th

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According to a new survey of 2,000 women, 60% of women have called out of work because of painful period cramps. The survey asked women about the level of support they receive while menstruating and over half of them said it feels like “no one takes their pain seriously.” (

A new study claims that Crocodiles can grow their tails back if they get cut off. (

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A Louisiana man said divine guidance directed him to go to an Ouachita Parish prison to try to get his family out, authorities said. Shortly after midnight on Saturday, a deputy with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint at the front gate of the Ouachita Correctional Center. According to an arrest report, deputies were pointed towards a car in the parking lot that belonged to 35-year-old Bobby Koch. When they approached Koch, he allegedly got out of the car and said, “God told me to come here.” When officers asked Koch if he was intoxicated, he replied that he had gotten high on methamphetamine before arriving. He then reportedly said that God told him to go and get his family out of the prison. After handcuffing Koch, officers searched his vehicle and found a backpack with a suspected bag of meth, which he said he owned, authorities said. Koch was then escorted inside OCC and booked on one count of drug possession.


New letters believed to be written by Bruce Lee appear to reveal that the late action star was involved in the trade of illegal drugs. (

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker made out like crazy at UFC 264 in Las Vegas. (

Bill Cosby has been banned from the Comedy Cellar in New York City following his release from prison. (

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A video has gone viral of an unhinged woman duct-taped to a chair aboard an American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte, North Carolina. Her lawyer says she suffered a psychotic breakdown. The video is pretty intense with her screaming at everyone. (

Rapper Juvenile continues to catch heat from fans for his pro-vaxxine song, Vaxx That Thang Up. (

Britney Spears sent a box of toys to her Sister Jamie Lynn's Kids. (

Music Mogul Scooter Braun has separated from his wife, Yael. (

A groom in Romania found himself a new bride within 24 hours after his fiancĂ© got cold feet and took off. The groom called up his old girlfriends, convinced one to marry him and didn’t tell anyone until she walked down the aisle.

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Pluto technically isn't even a year old. Pluto was discovered on February 18th, 1930. It is the farthest (dwarf) planet from the Sun, requiring it to go a much farther distance than we are used to on Earth. It takes 248 Earth-years for Pluto to complete one rotation of its own around the sun. This places Pluto's first birthday since its discovery on Monday, March 23, 2178. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... CHINA

Chinese researchers are proposing to deflect asteroids from hitting earth by shooting rockets into them. (

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A man who was being hunted by North Carolina cops this weekend stole a TV news car then crashed head-on into a police cruiser. 19-year-old Marcus Brown was one of four men on the run from cops in rural Pittsboro on Saturday when he approached a reporter and photographer from WRAL — and offered a wad of cash for a ride to a gas station. “We said that those were both news units and he couldn’t ride with us because he didn’t have a station ID, that was really an excuse to hope that he would get away from us,” reporter Keenan Willard said in a broadcasted segment. “He seemed to agree, he started walking away,” Willard went on. “And he just lunged into my car, jumped in the front seat and peeled out of there up Highway 64, just took off. We were both in shock.” But a nearby cop gave chase and Brown found himself in his second car chase of the day. This one only lasted five minutes before he slammed the news car head first into a police car. The four men ran from the vehicle after a chase, causing a lockdown of the area and sparking a large police presence in the region. All were arrested Saturday and Sunday. Brown was charged with stealing the car, fleeing, and possession of a weapon of mass destruction.(

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A woman who was charged with literally crashing her ex-boyfriend’s funeral is in more legal trouble. 28-year-old Blair Rebecca Whitten previously spray-painted a statue of Jesus, the Fargo City Prosecutor’s Office said in a report. She was charged in May for a raucous incident at the funeral of her ex-boyfriend Colin MacDonald, who reportedly passed away in his sleep after complications from a minor surgery. Whitten ran over gravesites and attempted to run people over, according to mourners cited by police. “She knew she wasn’t welcome and what she did instead of leaving peacefully was try to run somebody over and run somebody else over, which was me!” Gericka Charbonneau, MacDonald’s girlfriend at the time of his death. Whitten had allegedly been told to keep away from the funeral because she posted harassing messages on social media after MacDonald died. Police said that she insisted that she caused no trouble after the funeral and left after being confronted by others at the scene. That incident was back on May 5th. She pleaded not guilty to one count of reckless endangerment. It turns out that according to prosecutors, Whitten is the person who spray-painted black the face of a statue of Jesus at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fargo in the early morning of April 17th. She is charged with one count of misdemeanor criminal mischief. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Blue Ridge in Ball Ground, Georgia ….. REHAB

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A Bathroom Chat Led To Two Coworkers Saving Each Other's Husbands