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July 13th

National French Fry Day

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National Delaware Day

Cow Appreciation Day

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A new survey conducted by Cinch Home Services finds that Millennials consider themselves to be the most “adventurous” cooks. Unfortunately, the survey also found that millennials also cook the fewest number of meals at home. Additionally, Millennials overwhelmingly failed when researchers tested their knowledge about cooking and kitchen safety. (

A new survey claims 1 in 6 men don't have any close friends. (

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A Wyoming man who asked a sheriff's dispatcher why he hadn't been arrested soon found himself in handcuffs. The 62-year-old man called the Campbell County Sheriff's Office on Thursday to ask why he hadn't been arrested after deputies raided his house the previous day. Asked why he should be arrested, the man said meth use, Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds said. The man also told a dispatcher ten young men were following him. Nobody had raided the man's house or was planning to arrest him, Reynolds said. After the call, a deputy spotted the man driving and followed when he pulled off the road. The man allegedly told the deputy he had used methamphetamine a day and a half before and was still high. He did poorly on sobriety tests and was arrested for driving under the influence of a controlled substance.(


Several celebrity mothers have started a new trend of posting photos of their postpartum bodies just days after giving birth. (

Megan Fox recently discussed her resurgence in Hollywood after speaking out against the industry in the past, as she stated “It is a little bit like being a phoenix, like being resurrected from the ashes.” (

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According to a new report, staffers at the popular audio and media streaming provider Spotify are “outraged” by the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” (

A video of a mother bear nursing her cubs on the side of the road in Tennessee has gone viral. (

A new report from a military newspaper claims the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan has left an army of digital Pokémon abandoned at their posts.(

A California Zoo is administering Coronavirus vaccines to its animals. (

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The cast of Friends still earns around $20 million each year. When the show came to an end, the cast of the popular TV show Friends negotiated syndication rights for themselves. That means they receive a percentage of the revenue (two percent) from reruns airing across all broadcasting companies. Since the much-loved TV show still pulls in around $1 billion of revenue, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry all make major dough each year for doing, well, nothing—$20 million is the estimate. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... CANADA

Canada’s government began lifting travel restrictions from countries including the U.S. — the first tentative step toward a return to normalcy along the world’s longest land border between two countries. (

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An Arizona man is wanted after he intentionally struck a police officer with a pickup truck during a traffic stop and then stole an ambulance. Scottsdale police believe 34-year-old Matthew Thomas Crook was driving the white pickup truck with a female passenger when the vehicle was pulled over just before 10:00 a.m. in Scottsdale. After coming to a stop, the driver "intentionally reversed into the officer’s motorcycle" before speeding away. Police said the suspect vehicle then struck an uninvolved vehicle and drove away from the scene of the collision. The hit-and-run victim was not injured. Officers located the pickup truck and pursued the vehicle into an apartment complex, where both suspects jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot. Moments later, officers learned the suspects had stolen an ambulance from an unrelated medical incident nearby. The ambulance was later found abandoned. Crook remained on the run and was wanted on multiple charges, including aggravated assault on an officer and theft of an emergency vehicle. He was described as a 6-foot-6 inch White male, and weighing 330 pounds. Authorities asked anyone with information about Crook to call the Scottsdale Police Department. (

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A Maine man tried to pay his $200 bail with counterfeit cash and bought his way back into jail on a new charge. Michael Deschesne tried to pay a bail commissioner with two phony $100 bills, but the bogus Benjamins got him slapped with a forgery charge and locked up for a few extra hours. Deschesne was already having a bad day – police found him walking home around at 5:00 a.m. after “an argument with a female friend.” The cops were on a call about a theft from a motor vehicle and found Deschesne had nothing to do with it – but they did arrest him on an outstanding warrant for an unrelated theft. Afterward, Deschesne tried to post bail with the counterfeit money and was returned to jail. Later the same day he was able to post $100 in “authentic U.S. Currency.” (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Murphy Hill in Glastonbury, Connecticut ….. REHAB

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Two Boy Scouts Rescue Drowning Woman From Missouri Floodwaters