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Dear John,

I'm a high school teacher. My daughter just started dating a boy who I'm not a fan of. He was my student a few years ago. He was always in trouble and getting others in trouble. He treated the girls in our class terribly. My daughter said he's a great guy now and wants me to give him a chance. It's been difficult to say the least. I don't know how to help my daughter avoid being hurt by this boy. I know it is possible that he's changed somehow, but I think he's really good at convincing people to do what he wants. I'm afraid that my daughter is going to become a victim. I hope I'm wrong. What should I do to help? I'm afraid that my disapproval is almost making her want to hang out with him even more. Any ideas?

Signed – Concerned Momma

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August 19

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A new survey finds that nearly half of Americans feel nervous to go out in the real world without masks or the face-softening filters made popular on social media and video conferencing platforms. 48% of respondents have taken steps to “rethink” how they look in virtual meetings, including washing their face more frequently and wearing heavier makeup than usual. (

A new poll of over 1,000 Americans finds 51% are not in favor of celebrities Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s bathing habits, saying it’s an absolute must to shower regularly. Meanwhile, 31% argue it’s not necessary to shower daily. (

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While using the laser sight on a friend’s 9mm handgun to play with a cat, a Wisconsin woman accidentally shot the weapon’s owner in the leg. As detailed in a criminal complaint, 19-year-old Jashanti Pleasant was inside a friend’s Kenosha apartment when she removed the handgun from a nightstand drawer. The gun had been placed there by 21-year-old James Daniels. Investigators say that Pleasant, who had been drinking brandy, picked up the Smith & Wesson gun and “turned on the laser sight and was pointing it at the floor to get a cat to chase it.” While playing with the firearm, Pleasant discharged the weapon, striking Daniels in the right thigh. Daniels, who was standing in a doorway when hit, stood “in shock for a second and then he asked Ms. Pleasant if she had shot him,” according to the witness quoted in the complaint. The bullet traveled through Daniels’s leg and struck the stove. During police questioning, Daniels reportedly admitted bringing the gun to the residence, but claimed he had removed the magazine. Pleasant told cops that she thought the 9mm’s magazine had been removed before the gun “accidentally went off.” Pleasant was arrested for causing injury by the negligent use of a weapon. Daniels, who is also facing a felony gun charge, has been free on bond in a pending criminal case that bars him from possessing a weapon. (


The sequel “Don’t Breathe 2,” which involves a blind veteran using his military training to save a young orphan from a group of kidnappers, is now in select theaters. (

In the new movie “Free Guy” Ryan Reynolds plays a bank teller who realizes that he’s a background character in a video game. (

Jennifer Hudson plays Aretha Franklin in the new biopic “Respect.” (

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Tweets aren’t always sweet — sometimes they’re just “pointless babble.” Actually, they are 40% of the time, based on a study of 2,000 random tweets over two weeks. The researcher deemed 811 tweets as babble, compared to 751 (38%) as conversational, 174 (8%) as moderately interesting and 117 (6%) as self promotional.

Thousands of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards from China have been seized by Customs and Border Patrol officers in Tennessee in the last year. Officers at the Port of Memphis have intercepted at least 121 shipments totaling 3,017 of the “low quality” cards being sent from Shenzhen.(

You can change your life for the better in one minute. This is according to Gretchen Rubin, author an co-host of the Happier podcast. Here’s Rubin’s tip: Anything you can do in less than a minute, do without delay. Some examples of tasks you can do in less than a minute: put that dish in the dishwasher; return the document back to the folder where it came from; stick your coat in the closet when you come in from outside. Rubin said a lot of people have told her the one minute rule has massively transformed their surroundings.

Got a bigger project you’ve been putting off? Try the 15 minute rule:

Step 1: Pick one task or activity that you’ve been procrastinating on

Step 2: Set a timer for 15 minutes

Step 3: Work for 15 minutes on this task until the timer rings

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Dateline.... JAPAN

According to reports, over two million were told to evacuate their homes amid torrential rain in Japan. (

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A Los Angeles Dodgers ball girl might have made the play of the game when she tackled a fan who had run onto the field mid ballgame. The Dodgers were winning convincingly 6-1 against crosstown rivals The Angels, when a streaker stormed onto the field, leading security on a wild chase across the diamond and outfield, out-juking some staff to wild cheers from the fans. But not so fast... As the fan approached the foul line, a ball girl tackled him, forcing him to flip over the wall, prompting a huge “OHHH!” from the crowd. But then video shows the fan– trailed by a swarm of security close behind — run into foul territory in right field, where he was presumably trying to make his escape over the wall and back into the stands. The video shows that he was immediately apprehended. Sports fans on social media loved the play, likening the take down to a football tackle and suggesting a team sign her up. “This #Dodgers ball girl is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need,” tweeted LA sport journalist Michael Duarte. “Ball girl sent him over the wall like this was arena football,” said Brian Floyd. (

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Police in Broward County arrested a martial arts instructor after receiving reports of hidden cameras placed in the restroom of his academy. According to Pembroke Pines police, 64-year-old Robert Franco was arrested on Friday. Investigators said a 17-year-old female student of Franco’s noticed two hidden cameras inside of picture frames on a shelf in the bathroom of his business, “Master Franco’s Taekwondo Academy.” The incident in question took place on July 29th at approximately 3:40 p.m. The student took pictures of the hidden cameras and then confronted Franco, who police said immediately destroyed the frames and cameras. According to police, the student called her father and told him what happened, and he quickly came to the academy and called 9-1-1. Authorities arrived and began their investigation. Several days later, an arrest warrant was issued for Franco. He surrendered himself to the Broward County Jail on Friday. Authorities believe the cameras had been in the restroom since March of this year, which is when Franco took over the academy. Franco is facing multiple charges of video voyeurism. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Bandon Crossings in Bandon, Oregon ….. GOLF COURSE

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'He's A Superhero': Man Finds 3 Lost Rings Within Minutes Of Searching