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A new study reveals that men also appear to have a biological clock when it comes to fathering a child. The study of almost 4,300 adults undergoing fertility treatment discovered the probability of a live birth is 33% lower if the father is over 50 years-old. (

A study found eight in 10 adults are creatures of habit — eating an identical breakfast every day, sticking to the same style of clothing, and even insisting on using the same mug. Four in ten go to bed at the same time each night and 56 percent sleep on the same side of the mattress every night.

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Whiles mums the word for many drug dealers, not everyone can keep their mouth shut. A Denver man’s apartment was raided after suspicions that he was illegally selling psychedelic mushrooms. The kicker is that the man likely ratted himself out. Although psychedelic mushrooms are now legal in the Mile High city, their sale and distribution by average citizens is not. Instead of keeping his business operation quiet, Kole Milner did interviews with various news sites that ultimately led to the discovery of his real identity.


An American idol contestant has lost custody of her son and had her newborn baby taken away by child protective services. (

Paw Patrol: The Movie” hit theaters this weekend. Kim Kardashian voices one of the dogs in the movie. (

Jennifer Hudson has stated that the ill-fated 2019 film “Cats” was “misunderstood.” (

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Boston dynamics have released a video of robots performing parkour. (

A cat home alone in Germany apparently turned on the vacuum cleaner, frightened itself half to death and wound up being attended to by emergency services. Police said a neighbor heard the cat’s cries — not to mention a vacuum left running for hours — and feared there’d been a terrible accident. Authorities sped to the scene but found only the cat and the machine.

The Carnival cruise line has launched the worlds first rollercoaster at sea. (

Vegan and meat-loving parents alike are outraged over a Scottish cafe using an image of Peppa Pig to peddle a bacon sandwich. The chalk-drawn sign at Gordon Street Cafe in downtown Edinburgh shows the beloved kids’ TV character, a plus sign, and a piece of bread — implying the anthropomorphic British cartoon character is on the menu. (

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Germany uncovers 2,000 tons of unexploded bombs every year. During World War II, the Allied forces dropped over a total of 2.7 million tons of bombs on Germany. Due to certain defects in their delay timers, a large number of bombs never exploded—around 10 percent, or 200,000 tons. As they've been discovered in years since, it's routine for German citizens to be evacuated from buildings or sectioned off on streets, while bomb experts handle the devices. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... CANADA

A Canadian man has been charged with landing a helicopter in a Dairy Queen parking lot, after a passenger got a craving for ice cream Mid-Flight. (

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An ill-timed joke over an ex-wife’s cooking led to a bullet flying between brothers. About 9:00 p.m. on June 25th, Bay County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a domestic violence report involving gunfire in Bangor Township. Dispatchers advised the deputies that a 47-year-old man had run to a house and asked the resident there to call 9-1-1 as someone had shot at him. This man flagged down deputies as they neared. He ended up telling them that his younger brother, 43-year-old Andrew C. Phelps, had been the one who shot at him. The man elaborated that they had been hanging out in Phelps’ garage and he made a joke about Phelps’ ex-wife cooking. “They began to argue and the next thing he knew, Andrew pulled a 9mm handgun from an unknown area and fired one shot at him,” a deputy wrote in his report. Deputies went to Phelps’ house and used a PA system to call out to him. Phelps eventually came out and surrendered. On being arrested, Phelps said he wanted a lawyer. (

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An Ankeny man accused of making a false bomb threat over his McDonald's order pleaded not guilty to a lesser charge. 42-year-old Robert Golwitzer Jr. was arrested on June 28th and released from the Polk County Jail Sunday after posting bond. Records show he appeared in court last week and entered a not guilty plea. Ankeny police told KCCI that Golwitzer was unhappy with his order from the McDonald’s. Police said he called to complain about his order, specifically, not receiving dipping sauce with his chicken McNuggets. According to police, Golwitzer mentioned the store blowing up and someone punching an employee. Arrest records show Golwitzer admitted to officers that he had made the threat over the phone. He originally faced a felony charge of making a false report of explosive or incendiary device but is now charged with second-degree harassment in the case. His trial date has been set for October 4th. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Sage Lakes in Idaho Falls, Idaho ….. GOLF COURSE

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Olympian Maria Andrejczyk Auctions Off Medal To Pay For Young Boy's Surgery