Show Notes for Thursday, September 09, 2021


Dear John,

I had a friend move into a spare room over the summer. When she went back to school and moved out, she removed some things that didn't belong to her. I asked her about the items and she said it was a simple mistake, but when I asked for them back she said she had sold them. First of all, WHO DOES THAT? There were a few small things I don't really care about, but there was a table that was given to me by my grandmother. It fit so well in the guest room, so I have always left it in there. I was shocked to see it was gone. I looked all over before reaching out to her, but I couldn't find it. When I asked, she mentioned her boyfriend packed some of my towels and that table. I understand that was an accident, but why would she sell my stuff? That was not an accident! She offered to send me the money for the items. I'm not really sure how to respond to her. I'm pretty upset that she would do that at all! Any advice?

Signed – Fuming Roommate

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September 9

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According to a new survey of 2,000 American women over the age of 30, women feel most confident and comfortable in their skin at age 32. Additionally, 45% feel more settled in their life and 35% are more likely to embrace the changes in their looks as they grow older. (

Dating apps like Bumble and Tinder are developing video features that will allow users to interact more without meeting in person during the pandemic.(

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The naked woman who recently was found skinny-dipping in a stranger’s pool has copped a plea to a pair of misdemeanor criminal charges. 42-year-old Heather Kennedy pleaded no contest to trespass and resisting charges in connection with a bizarre July incident at a residence in Port Charlotte. A judge sentenced Kennedy to time she had already served in the Charlotte County jail and fined her $320. Kennedy was arrested after 69-year-old James Clark called 9-1-1 upon returning from a doctor’s visit to discover "a naked white female in the pool." Kennedy was still in the water when sheriff’s deputies arrived at Clark's home. After being coaxed out of the pool, Kennedy struggled with deputies as they attempted to handcuff her. Days after being released from custody for the July 19th pool incursion, Kennedy was arrested for breaking into a truck. Along with burglary, theft, and criminal mischief counts, Kennedy was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and introducing contraband into a correctional facility. The latter two charges stemmed from the discovery by jailers of a methamphetamine pipe inside Kennedy’s vagina. (


Whoopi Goldberg has announced that her dream is to be the next ‘Doctor Who’. She’s currently being celebrated as this year’s International Icon at the Edinburgh TV Festival, where she spoke about her 40-year career, saying: “I wanted to be Doctor Who and I still do. I think it would mean an evolution into being American and I don’t know that that’s correct for Doctor Who.” She added, “There are certain things that are blatantly all English. Doctor Who is like that to me. It’s like Marmite. It’s very English and needs to stay that way.”

Imagine Tom Cruise aboard a helicopter and landing right in your back yard – literally. A family in the U.K. got a surprise treat when Cruise landed in their field, then let them go for a ride. He’s in Europe filming the latest “Mission: Impossible” movie and was supposed to be shooting in Birmingham, U.K. The nearby airport was closed and Cruise, who was traveling by helicopter, needed a place to land. Alison Webb was asked if her field could be used to land a helicopter for an unnamed “VIP who was running late.” When the helicopter arrived, none other than Tom Cruise emerged. Webb said that he immediately walked over to her children and “elbow bumped” them…”Then he said if the kids would like, they could go up in the helicopter.”

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Bud Light is releasing a variety pack of new hard seltzer flavors like “Pumpkin Spice hard seltzer” and “Toasted Marshmallow hard seltzer” to help you celebrate the fall. (

A new report claims Prince William and Princess Kate are considering moving their family into Windsor castle. (

An 83-year-old grandmother is opening up about an affair she had with John F. Kennedy when she was a 20-year-old college student and he was a 40-year-old Senator. (

History buffs in New York recently staged a reenactment of the Revolutionary War “Battle of Brooklyn,” which included demonstrations of cannons and muskets being fired into the air. (

Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian after she welcomed their first two kids — and it’s the inspiration for his new song “Hurricane.” (

Kanye West is claiming that he and Kim Kardashian are back together, but insiders say it's not true.(

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Bananas are slightly radioactive. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... JAPAN

The United Nations is urging Japan to investigate the damaged nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Power Plant. (

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Police are investigating after a taxidermy rhinoceros head was found on the sidewalk in Aspinwall. Cameron Taylor was walking his dog when he stumbled upon the head. Officer Mike Broker with the Aspinwall Police Department confirmed that one of their officers was flagged down Saturday night regarding the rhinoceros head. Aspinwall Police took custody of the head, which they say appears to be authentic. Police say they are in the process of contacting the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to find out what the legalities of possessing such an item are. Pittsburgh's Action News 4 is trying to learn how the head had gotten to the sidewalk. “The police officer actually showed us video footage of the guy [who left the dolly there],” Taylor said. So far, nobody has come forward to claim the head and police are unsure of to whom it belongs. (

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Oakland High and Middle schools in Murfreesboro were locked down after a nearby neighbor reported hearing gunshots. Murfreesboro Police tell us a neighbor heard what they thought were gunshots followed by screams. The neighbor called 9-1-1 out of concern. Police arrived on scene shortly after the call to find another neighbor nearby celebrating at a gender reveal party. However, the expectant father was found to have shot multiple rounds into the air upon hearing the news of a baby boy. The screams the neighbor heard were from the mother who was also excited upon hearing news of a baby boy. The expectant father has been charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm within city limits. (

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Rogue Valley in Medford, Oregon ….. REHAB

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'I've Got The Boy': Police Find Missing 3-Year-Old Boy In Australian Bush